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Stable Systems for Safe Event Areas and Construction Sites

Factors such as stability, pressure resistance, quick and easy assembly and disassembly, adaptability, and transport efficiency are essential for crowd control. Our solutions offer all of these and more, including the ability to be combined and special practical functions.

Barrier Solutions for Any Event and Construction Site

We offer various barrier systems for multiple applications, including Temporary Fencing, Crowd Control Barriers, and Police Barriers to entry gates. Our range also includes the mobile bollard system Egida and certified GIGS Stage Barricades that can withstand high crowd pressure. We tailor stable barrier solutions to ensure maximum safety at event locations and construction sites.


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Crowd Control: Frequently asked questions

Crowd Control is equal to a barrier: the idea that might well cross one’s mind for a moment. However, barriers and their designations are diverse. What exactly are the differences? When do I use a crowd control barricade and a police barrier? We help you find your way through barriers and summarize the most important points.


Barriers have to be stable and, at the same time, provide flexible installation options to ensure maximum safety. Crowd control barricades, police barriers, and construction fences are made of galvanized steel, an extremely stable material, or lightweight and solid aluminum. As a result, they all have robust, sturdy, and fire-resistant properties. In addition, they are available in many different dimensions and designs, including gate elements, and in several colors.

GIGS Series: Flexible Modular System

Safety based on a modular principle: All barricade modules of our GIGS series are compatible with each other. Therefore, they provide maximum flexibility in design and a wide range of intelligent barricade solutions. Moreover, the modules are outstanding in their functionality and satisfy many needs.

Combinable with Line-Up Gates

Specific pass-through elements provide supply and maintenance access to the stage area, the FOH, and the delay towers. Other GIGS elements create elevated walk-through areas for the security team. And other special elements create different angles to make a space-saving separation possible. Finally, our solid entry gates allow controlled and safe public entry. Therefore, these make our wide range of barrier solutions complete.


Similar to our other products, we pay attention to materials with robust and durable properties as well as high-quality manufacturing for the barriers. This enables the possibility of long-term use. According to that, our GIGS barricades are particularly sustainable. Aluminum ensures excellent durability and the possibility to recycle 100 percent of the elements at the end of their life cycle.

Efficient Logistics to Reduce the CO₂ Footprint

Moreover, our crowd control barricades include many solutions that offer excellent transport efficiency. For example, police barriers and barricades belong to them as well. There are many solutions for reducing our CO₂ footprints, such as convenient transport racks, low-cost packaging units, and other logistical measures.


  • Robust, durable, and up to 100% recyclable materials
  • High-quality manufacture
  • Long-term service
  • Transport-efficient solutions


Crowd Control makes large events safer, seperates areas and keeps paths free for security and emergency services, as here at the “Rock am Ring” festival.


The fire-resistant and weatherproof barriers are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. In addition to the place of use, it also depends on the loads to which the fence and mesh elements are exposed. We have crowd control barrier systems for various load levels.

Crowd Control for Low to High-Level People Pressure

Increased pressure stability: All GIGS barricades are used at critical safety locations and are exposed to strong forces. Moreover, all barricades are certified and can withstand a pressure load of up to 5-kilo Newtons. Construction fencing, police barriers, and crowd control barricades are more suitable for light to medium pedestrian pressures.


Temporary fencing is often necessary for the construction or event industry. So, finding a quick and simple solution in this context is essential. Moreover, construction fencing or temporary fencing is especially popular in the construction industry. But also at events, fast set-up and dismantling options are of great importance. You can assemble individual mesh fences on top of each other for extra-high screening.

Clamps, Interlocking, or Force-Fit Connections

The barriers can all be assembled and disassembled in a short time. However, they differ in the way they connect. Construction fence elements are installed in the matching and pre-positioned bases and screwed together with clamps. Police and barrier elements can easily be connected with each other by hooks. The GIGS barricades have a particularly stable, force-fit connection. Moreover, the modular construction principle allows adjustment to unusual stage layouts. Similarly, it also applies to the GIGS series of line-up gates. GIGS Security Line-Up Gate consists of only a few individual parts and enables an easy and fast installation.

Comprehensive accessories: Rollers, Covers, and More

You can easily combine individual crowd control barrier systems with each other. For example, you can combine them with the help of multi-purpose adapters to find the perfect solution for every event. We offer a wide range of accessories: practical rollers that transform individual barriers into gates, covers that serve as advertising media, and privacy screens. On request, we will be happy to take care of transport, assembly and dismantling, and many other services.


  • CAD-Drawings
  • Implementation of local approval requirements and administrative formalities
  • Delivery and removal
  • Assembly and disassembly
  • Cleaning


Safety barriers prevent unauthorized persons from gaining access. Furthermore, they create paths around hazardous areas. The main focus is on both of these aspects at construction sites and in the event industry, especially in the area of crowd management. Crowd Control is extremely important in this context. Organized and professionally planned crowd control provides visible orientation, guides people through the admission area, and enables professional access control.

Choose and Combine Systems

Where could the most pressure be generated? Where could crowds of people form? What tasks must the barriers fulfill? You must consider all these issues and options to ensure the appropriate selection and combination of the individual systems. This is the only way to guarantee the best possible crowd control and event safety.

Police Barricades


In comparison with other fencing solutions, police and barrier fencing perform very well in terms of transport efficiency. Both systems are coming on special transport racks. The packaging unit of police barriers consists of 25 elements; up to 550 linear meters fit on a semitrailer. In the case of light crowd control barricades, each packaging unit consists of 20 elements. Therefore, you can plan the order quantities more flexibly.

The Lower The Weight, The Better

Our GIGS barricades are also extremely efficient in terms of transport. The GIGS Straight comes in dollies; 39 dollies or about 390 linear meters fit on a tautliner. It is also useful if barriers – like the line-up gates in our GIGS series – are lightweight aluminum. After all, the lower the weight, the better for transport.

Queuing Lanes and Walkways
Ideal for Delays and FOH Positions
Spectator Separation
Route Demarcation and Safety
Road Closures
Area Creation
Site Access Control
Supports Security Planning
High Attendance Events
Construction Sites


The primary function of crowd control is to provide protection for construction sites, buildings, or arenas, routes for marathons or demonstrations, festival grounds, or other event areas. But barriers also have many other functions. They can also be ideal for creating event areas and professionally protecting parking or camping areas, sanitary, backstage, and stage areas, or other constructions for sound and stage technology.

Walkways for Security and Rescue Services

With a lightweight construction fence, you can realize the classic way of protecting a construction site quickly and cost-effectively. However, other applications, such as separating an event area, are also possible. Besides, police barriers are ideal at demonstrations to separate groups of people. While crowd control barricades withstand medium pressure and perform well in stadiums: They form passages for the security service and emergency services between the pitch and the stands or in the standing area.

Bike Races, Street Festivals, and Gala Events

Furthermore, our medium-high crowd control barriers are suitable for many applications. No matter if in the area of a bicycle race, a street festival, or a gala: These barriers are ideal for smooth visitor traffic and crowd control. Similarly, our high-quality and pressure-resistant GIGS barricades offer increased protection in places with large crowds and high audience pressure – at music festivals or large concerts, major sporting events, industrial events, or other large-scale events. Those who use our GIGS barricades and other barriers will benefit from a safe environment.


Special Crowd Control request? No problem. Our team will be happy to help you.


Would you instead look on your own first? Our checklist can assist you in selecting the right product. Check it out.
  • Where will the construction project or event take place? Is it an outdoor area, a specific street area, or an indoor venue?
  • How large is the construction or event site? How many sections will it require?
  • What stages or other structures will be present? Where are they located, how do they run, and what types of barriers are needed?
  • What are the site conditions that you need to consider? How much space is available for assembly, disassembly, and reconstruction?
  • Do any defined areas, like a Golden Circle, require entry gates?
  • How many visitors and what type of crowds do you expect? How many barriers will ensure necessary security?
  • Are there any defined areas, such as a Golden Circle, that require entry gates?
  • What barrier and entry solutions are already in place?
  • What type of event will take place? How will the audience be formed, and what conclusions can be drawn about their behavior?
  • What access and escape route capacities need to be considered, and what are the requirements for evacuation? Do you need special entry gates or specific GIGS barricade modules for this?
  • Are additional attachments and privacy screens necessary at any points?
  • Where are barrier elements with special functions needed? For example, barricade counters, steps, or cable passages?
  • What is the nature of the subsoil, and is turf or ground protection required there?
  • Can important locations be identified, and are outdoor flags and banners, mobile flagpoles, and mobile lighting systems necessary to improve orientation?