The key features of barricades; stability and pressure resistance, quick and easy construction and breakdown, adaptability and transport efficiency. eps offer solutions to meet all these needs and more.

Wide range of systems

We offer a wide range of crowd control systems for light to high crowd pressure and for a wide variety of occasions: from mobile fences, police barriers and crowd control barriers to our GIGS stage barricades and security Line-up gates. Because stable crowd control solutions tailored to individual requirements ensure the greatest possible security on construction sites or at event locations.



In addition to the primary function of ensuring optimum protection for all participants and safely demarcating construction sites, buildings, arenas, marathon routes, political demonstrations, festival sites and other event areas, barricades can fulfill many uses.

Secure pathways and safely subdivided areas

A professionally designed and installed barricade system can create the perfect secure pathway for events such as film premiers, whilst specially designed security gates allow access to only authorized personnel. Event areas can be safely subdivided for parking, camping or VIP areas.


Lightweight mobile fencing allows for areas to be segregated off quickly and cost-effectively. Whether at a construction or an event site, areas can be secured in no time at all, to stop access to areas for unauthorized personnel.

Roadside barriers and queuing systems

Crowd Control barriers are traditionally used as roadside barriers for mass participation events as well as for queuing systems within festival sites or stadiums in areas where crowd pressure is not an issue.


Our high-quality GIGS barricades create a secure barrier line for areas of large crowd pressure, such as music festivals, concerts, sporting events and other mass participation events. All items within the GIGS series have been developed to be compatible with each other, allowing for flexible and intelligent barrier solutions with each individual section offering different functionality to suit the needs of a barricade line.

Special elements for more flexibility

For example, specially designed gates allow for access to the FOH and Delay towers whilst elevated back steps create an accessible platform for security personnel, while special angles and flexible units allow for a multitude of barriers designs whilst still ensuring a safe, secure and controlled system.


All our safety crowd control solutions are either made of galvanized steel or aluminum. Available in different designs and colors with a large range of accessories, such personnel and cable gates, angles and sight extensions.