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For the necessary safety for all types of construction site work

Construction site lighting brightens everyday working life. Moreover, construction projects usually require heavy physical work. Therefore, this is often associated with risks. Similarly, floodlights and construction site spotlights are part of the essential equipment.

When the days get shorter, or the weather leads to less favorable lighting conditions, artificial lighting on construction sites provides the necessary safety.

Illuminate large areas

You should sufficiently illuminate construction roads and workplaces. Therefore, falls or other accidents and considerable strain on the eyes are minimal. Moreover, we offer high-intensity LED construction spotlights that evenly illuminate large areas.
The Hydro Power Cube has an integrated power generator. Moreover, it is a construction lighting with a special effect. Therefore, the mobile flagpole shines with Powermoon®.



Construction site lighting can be at night or outside. Moreover, the workplace ordinance provides lighting with different illuminance levels. Therefore, it ensures sufficient light at any time of day and any location.

Moreover, the specifications depend on the location and the activity. Is it an interior work or a winding open-air site? Is there rough earthwork or fine, demanding assembly work to be carried out?

Move safely on the site.

Pedestrians and vehicles can move safely around the site with proper and correct construction site lighting. Therefore, people can quickly find the way to the emergency exit or the restroom, even as dusk falls. Similarly, we are always interested in ensuring safe working conditions. Good lighting conditions are also linked to this.

Compelling technology

Construction site lighting LED: Those who use LEDs for floodlights or other signal lights benefit from compelling technology. Moreover, these lighting systems are usually very robust. When installing them, you must take various factors into account. These factors can be the direction of light incidence, etc. Similarly, you can avoid unfavorably falling shadows or glaring light.


Construction lighting systems provide extensive illumination of construction sites, access roads, or parking lots. Moreover, height is also crucial. Therefore, we offer lighting units with highly positioned spotlights. Similarly, these distribute the light widely and over large areas.

These include the powerful Hydro Power Cube. You can use this as outdoor lighting to illuminate construction sites and access roads over large areas. Moreover, the portable, compact floodlight system has an individually adjustable telescopic mast.

Ideal alignment and easy to operate

You can extend this mast to a height of around nine meters. Moreover, this means you can ideally align it, as can the four 300-watt LED floodlights. With a luminous flux of 146,000 lumens, the easy-to-operate construction site lighting brings light into the darkness. A big plus: The floodlight mast has an integrated power generator. Moreover, it allows the system to run for a long period.


Construction site lighting balloon: The mobile flagpole with Powermoon® ensures bright nights. The light balloon can illuminate construction sites with a luminous flux of 75,000 lumens and an output of 550 watts. Moreover, it can illuminate adjacent areas from afar. Similarly, the dust-proof and splash-proof Ledmoon provides construction site personnel with glare-free and highly uniform light.

Orientation and advertising medium

You can equip the eight-meter-high flagpole and pole light with an appropriately printed flag. Moreover, you can achieve a special advertising effect on your construction site. Similarly, you can also use the lighting balloon as an orientation aid. Moreover, this will mark entrances and exits. Similarly, it will make it easier to find the way to sanitary areas. You can individually design each banner.


The listed lighting systems are easy to transport. Moreover, they are quick and easy to set up and take down. Therefore, they can provide favorable visibility conditions with robust LED technology at any time and almost everywhere.

Even if an appropriate light source is needed at short notice, the mobile lighting technology is ready for use in no time at all. Moreover, you can flexibly position it.

Reach every angle and every target safely

We also offer our construction site lighting for short-term and long-term rental and self-pickup. Moreover, we can take care of comprehensive services. Therefore, we can handle planning and transport, assembly, and dismantling. So, you can reach every corner and every destination safely: Construction site lighting.