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Aluminum, plastic, or rubber heavy-duty mats and temporary roads

Groundmats are also called access mats or even temporary roadways mats. The terms used for temporary ground covers in the construction segment are many and varied. However, they describe one thing. The cover systems act as excellent helpers on difficult terrain. A ground mat creates a fast, flexible, and stable environment. Moreover, it offers soil-protecting access routes. Similarly, it offers bases for machines and vehicles.

Temporary roadways mats for every type of project

You will need reliable systems to reduce damage to the ground. Moreover, these are essential on construction sites where times are tight. Similarly, groundmats prevent getting stuck. Moreover, these significantly increase work safety.

The choice of material solutions is as varied as the projects themselves. Therefore, you can choose from aluminum roadways, such as Box Panels and HD Panels. You can also choose from composite mats, such as PistEco, Easymats, and Hexagon to Remopla rubber mats.



Many construction managers opt for classic construction roads with backfills. Moreover, they often use these for road construction or land protection. However, long construction and dismantling times and an enormous interference with nature are significant disadvantages. Groundmats offer massive advantages in comparison.

Preserving nature and saving costs

The mobile roadway slabs can absorb highly high loads well, even on soft ground. This happens due to composite systems. Moreover, a ground mat can protect the soil. Similarly, it can conserve the environment. Moreover, these also offer fast and residue-free removal. Therefore, groundmats can save time and money for costly re-naturalization.

Protection for people, machinery, and nature

The soil protection panels offer special protection. Moreover, these are helpful in the great outdoors and especially in nature reserves. Similarly, they also reduce surface damage to cobblestones. Moreover, groundmats reduce damager to other sensitive surfaces on construction sites in city centers.

Temporary ground protection panels provide stability for vehicles. Moreover, a ground mat also offers stability for heavy equipment. Similarly, it guarantees passability in wind and weather on rough, unpaved terrain. Groundmats ensure safe conditions for people and machinery. This happens due to their anti-slip and load-bearing properties.



The type of ground mat most suitable for your construction site depends on numerous factors. Is load distribution or subgrade protection the primary concern? Do I use the ground mat for light equipment? Do I need heavy-duty panels? Do I use temporary roadways on rough terrain? Do I use them as pedestrian walkways in inner-city areas?

Aluminum trackways

Some construction sites are located on rugged terrains such as sand, mud, bog, arable land, clayey soil, or marshland. Therefore, aluminum systems, such as Box Panels, HD Panels, and Arena Panels, offer particular advantages. Moreover, they are friction-locked and form-fitted. Similarly, they are connected in all directions. Therefore, they create a level surface free of tripping hazards.

Their low weight makes them more transport-efficient. Moreover, their surface profiling provides a stable base, especially on inclines. Aluminum panels are an ideal alternative compared to steel panels or even wood. Moreover, you can also use them as heavy-duty roads.

Access mats made of plastic or rubber

Groundmats and driveways made of plastic, such as PistEco or Easymats, are particularly transport-efficient. Moreover, these are flexible. Similarly, you can install these by hand. They are convincing due to their high laying speed. However, they are stably connected. Moreover, they are highly loadable. They are also less susceptible to theft on unsecured construction sites.

Sensitive and load-bearing substrates need protection from mechanical loads. Moreover, load distribution is not necessary here. Therefore, rubber mats, such as Remopla, are particularly suitable here.


The areas of application for mobile construction roads are as varied as the construction industry itself. Regardless of whether aluminum or plastic panels are used, the systems are ideally suited as driveways and access roads suitable for heavy loads.

Large construction sites in the renewable energy sector often rely on ground mats to provide appropriate roadways to wind energy, solar, or biogas plants. Moreover, you can use them as outrigger pads for heavy cranes. The matting solutions are also popular in the power transmission and distribution sector construction or pipeline construction. This is because wet and muddy fields often prevent the immediate use of heavy equipment.

Construction site access roads in rough terrain

In gardening and landscaping, construction planners rely on temporary paving panels. This happens because you can lay down the flexible systems by hand in many projects. Moreover, in classic road construction, the driveable paving panels serve as mobile access roads. Similarly, they also serve as safe transport routes for construction site traffic. Moreover, they also serve as paving/asphalt protection in sensitive construction site areas.

Area protection and solid foundations

Mobile solutions are ideal for surface protection. Therefore, these are ideal for parking and assembly areas, storage, logistics, and worksite areas on construction sites. Moreover, groundmats also guarantee safe construction site operations. Similarly, they provide solid foundations as a scissor lift or crane outrigger pads.


Depending on the type of construction site, soil conditions, and vehicles, you can lay down construction groundmats by truck or by hand.

Installation by crane truck

Aluminum panels (Box Panels, HD Panels) are ideal as heavy-duty floor protection. Moreover, they are also ideal as heavy-duty panels for trucks and construction machines. However, the plastic floor PistEco is also ideal. The heavy-duty panels are installed by truck.

The handy ones

The Remopla and Easymats floor protection systems are easy to install by hand. Both highly resilient and robust systems are in great demand on construction sites in landscaping, house building, arborists, and janitors. Forklift/construction equipment rental companies and lifting platform rental companies rely on their speedy and easy installation.