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Flooring protection assembly by hand: easy, lightning-fast, and low-noise installation

Lightweight Ground protection mats during construction are indispensable items in the calculation of every contractor. Therefore, it is advantageous if the soil protection is easy to lay. Moreover, it is helpful if you don’t need a crane truck. Installation by hand is extremely fast and easy. And, it is less time-consuming and less costly.

Easy installation by hand

Our range includes several handy lightweight ground protection mats. Moreover, these ensure optimal traffic flow and subsoil protection. Similarly, some of the floor protection systems can work together with no screws. These include the heavy-duty Remopla or honeycomb Hexagon.

Moreover, this results in edge-free paths and surfaces. Those who use manual floor protection on construction sites also benefit from efficient loading units. Flat Easymats are particularly efficient.



Some construction projects require gentle heavy-duty flooring on the subfloor. Moreover, this flooring should tolerate forklifts or other heavy vehicles and construction equipment. Therefore, you can use lightweight ground protection mats, such as Remopla.

Manual heavy duty flooring Remopla

The slip-resistant rubber sheets are ideal for sensitive ad load-bearing floors. Moreover, these are ideal for tartan tracks or pavements and protect their surfaces from mechanical stresses. Above all, the manual rubber ground protection mats are ready for use in no time at all.

In addition to fast installation, handy cover systems also favor efficient loading units. Therefore, it saves on forklifts and personnel. Reasons for this are small panel sizes or low weight.

Easymats for lighter loads

If fast floor covers are necessary for lighter loads, flat Easymats are convincing, among others. Janitor services or arborists use the highly flexible plastic floor mats as stable bases for lifting work or lifting platforms. They create load-bearing surfaces in house construction or gardening and landscaping.

Moreover, laying by hand is low-noise. This is important in certain inner-city areas. Moreover, lightweight ground protection mats are ideal where you need to reduce noise emissions.


You can screw Easymats into place with the aid of a ratchet. However, screw-free floor protection panels, such as Remopla and Hexagon, do not even require any tools at all. Therefore, they pave safe, pedestrian-friendly paths for vehicles and construction site personnel alike.

Easy installation, maximum stability

Remopla panels have folds at the edges. Moreover, these edges allow them to connect stably. Simple hooking does the job. Moreover, staggered installation increases stability. Therefore, for straight ends, we have matching panel halves available. If smaller gaps remain, we can also cut the cover plates to size to fill the corresponding areas with the blanks.

The ideal choice for sensitive floors

Lightweight ground protection mats are significant when building on sensitive substrates. In such cases, Remopla is the preferred choice. The soft heavy-duty panels are suitable for even, firmer and sensitive floors. They can even cover ice surfaces, sports hall floors, or other indoor surfaces.


Extremely flexible Easymats cope with rugged terrain. When short-term accesses or car parking spaces are required, the robust, lightweight ground protection mats prove to be a particularly fast floor protection solution.

You can firmly bolt these mats in all directions. Moreover, their surface supports optimum traction, as with heavy-duty roads made of Remopla. Similarly, the manual, adaptable floor protection system carries light to medium-heavy loads and is ideal on soft and firm floors.

Easy installation, maximum stability

Hexagon also copes with comparable loads and surfaces. Moreover, you can install lightweight ground protection mats by hand and without screws. They are also ideal on uneven terrain. Like the Remopla system, the hexagonal floor panels can connect effortlessly by hooking them together. Moreover, the honeycomb shape forms asymmetrical surfaces.


We are happy to assist with comprehensive services. Moreover, we offer site layout plans (CAD planning), installation, or final cleanup upon request. If needed, our project managers provide on-site support. Using soil protection on construction sites only after consulting with an expert construction supervisor is remarkably useful. This is helpful when dealing with large construction sites or sensitive soils.

Combinations, extras, and accessories

A combination of lightweight ground protection mats that can be laid manually and by crane truck can also be helpful. For example, smaller trenches on a construction site can work with Remopla panels.

Moreover, we can ensure gentle ascents and descents by ramps that create smooth transitions. We keep such and other components in stock and additional protective underlays. Only when all factors come into account does soil protection in construction lead to a satisfactory result.