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Strong, firmly connected panels for even surfaces

Road mats are lightweight. Moreover, these are powerful floor protection solutions. Heavy-duty transport and large construction machinery require heavy-duty floor protection systems. Our in-house HD Panels and Box Panels are ideal for such purposes.

The aluminum panels withstand the heaviest loads. Moreover, these ensure optimum load distribution. Similarly, these offer traction even on unpaved terrain. On top of that, they protect the covered ground.

A strong partner on your construction site

The aluminum panels are much lighter than steel panels. Therefore, they enable efficient transport. Moreover, you can join them in part with positive and non-positive locking and in all directions. Therefore, it helps form a level surface. Aluminum road mats are a strong partner for your construction site.



When it comes to paving safe routes to the construction site for excavators, trucks, or other heavy vehicles, ideal load distribution is key. That’s what our non-slip, fire-resistant aluminum panels offer. They are ideal for soft ground. Moreover, these optimize their load-bearing capacity. Therefore, the softer the floor, the greater the load distribution.

Suitable for heavy loads on soft undergrounds

Our heavy-duty aluminum panels ensure quick and easy access to the construction site. Therefore, these are ideal on meadows, fields, sand, gravel, farmland, and swamp and forest soils. Moreover, they create temporary roadways, working, parking, and storage areas or even temporary parking lots. Similarly, they serve as assembly platforms and crane pads. They also serve as an extension of curves or the expansion of roadways.

For access roads, paths, and assembly areas

Whether it’s access roads for construction site traffic in road building, assembly areas as part of a bridge shifting operation, or access to a wind farm or solar plant, road mats bring heavy transport vehicles and construction machinery safely to their destination. Moreover, you can use them on construction sites of all kinds. In the process, sensitive natural areas are protected in the best possible way.

HD Panel


We make our transport-efficient heavy-duty from cast aluminum. Therefore, it can handle extreme point loads. HD Panels stand for maximum stability. Therefore, these are ideal in the construction industry. They are also the most heavily profiled.

Slip-reducing effect

This increases the anti-slip effect that characterizes all our heavy-duty aluminum panels. Moreover, this is a decisive advantage over panels made of steel or wood. Even on a rough, sloping construction site, our aluminum floor protection creates safe working conditions. HD ground protection panels stabilize shallow areas in streambeds and even damp subsoils with a high gradient passable.

Level, safely passable surfaces

The type of connection is also relevant. The panels of a steel construction road often overlap. Therefore, you can connect the panels of aluminum. In this way, aluminum road mats create level surfaces. These are ideal for safe driving.
You can optimally match HD panels to the requirements. This is because you can lay down the long and narrow sides together. Moreover, the load is transferred evenly along the longitudinal and transverse axes to the direction of travel.


Our Box Panels are highly adaptable in the laying direction. Moreover, the lightly profiled aluminum floor panels are highly durable. Therefore, you can join them with a positive and non-positive fit. In this way, they create load-bearing, pedestrian- and wheelchair-friendly paths and surfaces on yielding surfaces. You can use them in a variety of applications.

From cobblestones to golf courses

Sensitive surfaces are protected in the best possible way. Box floor protection plates are also ideal on cobblestones and asphalt. The aluminum cover system is also ideal on plastic floors. Therefore, it works on tartan tracks in sports facilities or on lawns of stadiums or golf courses in sports fields and landscaping.

The light ones: Neo-Panels

It is also available in a lighter version. This is possible due to retractable screws. Moreover, this Neo Panel is ideal for creating a floor covering free of tripping hazards.


On request, we can take care of installation plans, transport, assembly, and dismantling, including the final cleaning. Moreover, our project managers can provide on-site support. We keep the necessary accessories, curved elements, or other components ready. With the help of ramps, we offer smooth transitions, gentle ascents, and descents.

Additional protection of the soil

We make PE film, geotextile, Enkamat mats, or mats from rubber granules. Moreover, we provide suitable underlays to provide additional protection for the covered soil. Besides, you can combine the aluminum construction roads.

Combinations with other systems

The addition of a soil protection system made of another material, including the comparably high Remopla, can help fill in small trenches, for example. Laying the individual system in multiple layers increases stability and load-bearing capacity. Strong. Stronger. Road mats.