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Types of ground mats by material type

Temporary flooring is essentially the red carpet for construction machinery and transport vehicles. Moreover, you can only build large structures and plants with excavators, trucks, and co. Similarly, these are the stars of the construction industry. Moreover, temporary modular flooring creates safe work conditions. These cover many functions. Moreover, these are ideal for subsoil protection, optimized load distribution, and traction.

Aluminum ground protection systems

Our product range includes floor protection systems for any load. Moreover, we also offer a wide variety of substrates and application areas. The difference often lies in the material. Therefore, we make our HD Panels and Box Panels from aluminum. Moreover, these can handle extreme point loads.

Composite and rubber mats

We also create heavy-duty roads with plastic or rubber mat solutions. These include PistEco and Remopla. Moreover, for lighter loads, flexible Easymats or Hexagon are the ideal temporary flooring systems.



Health and safety are a high priority for us. Suitable floor protection increases the load-bearing capacity of the floor. Moreover, it prevents vehicles from getting stuck on the unpaved ground or even from sinking.

Environmentally friendly helpers

You can reduce dust pollution on a site by a construction road. Moreover, soil protection slabs and temporary flooring benefit the environment. Similarly, they prevent land damage, counteract soil compaction, and prevent soiling. Moreover, they prevent damage to sensitive surfaces through mechanical stress. You can easily reduce crop failures. Moreover, you can use them in water protection areas.

Time and cost-saving

Soil protection and temporary modular flooring system ensure trafficability on soft or firm, natural or artificial, level or uneven surfaces. Moreover, it provides load-bearing paths, foundations, and textures with ideal load distribution and traction.

Depending on the system, you can lay it down by a truck or by hand. Those who opt for subsoil-protecting panels instead of backfills have a clear advantage. Similarly, time-consuming and cost-intensive renaturation is no longer necessary. Therefore, there is no need to remove topsoil.


Temporary flooring made of aluminum is much lighter than steel flooring. Aluminum panels are easier to transport. Moreover, you can firmly join them to create even partly seamless surfaces. The profiled material guarantees optimal traction. However, there is an increased risk of slipping on a heavy-duty steel floor or a cover system made of wood. These are often called excavator mattresses or excavator mats.

Heavy-duty construction roads

We develop and manufacture HD Panels and Box Panels. Moreover, these prove to be solid partners on the construction site. Similarly, they are particularly suitable for soft soils. Moreover, you can also use them on rough, sloping terrain. Among other things, they serve as temporary access roads, compound areas, or crane pads. Aluminum road mats are heavy-duty panels. We make these for heavy-duty transport.


Similar advantages to temporary flooring panels made of aluminum also apply to construction site roads made of plastic. Moreover, added to this is pronounced flexibility.

The flexible, weather-resistant road panels such as Easymats, Hexagon, or the heavy-duty mats PistEco, are ideal for asymmetrical surfaces in some cases. Moreover, these can adapt excellently to soft, firm, and uneven surfaces. Similarly, composite mats are less susceptible to theft.

For firm and uneven surfaces

Rubber floor protection panels are speedy and easy to install. Moreover, they protect even and sensitive surfaces such as tartan tracks. Remopla offers that little bit extra. Moreover, the heavy-duty panels are also suitable for indoor use.


Whether a system uses aluminum, plastic, or rubber: the choice of track panels depends on the load requirements and substrate properties. Whether it involves road construction, gardening, and landscaping, pipeline construction, power transmission or renewable energies, civil engineering, or building construction, every construction site has individual requirements for a ground protection solution.

Can be combined with each other

As with plastic ground temporary flooring, we use recycled, recyclable materials to manufacture rubber sheets. In some cases, the different floor protection systems work well with each other. We offer necessary accessories, extra underlays, and components. Therefore, we offer ramps that enable gentle access and exit.

More than just rental equipment

Our range includes a variety of high-quality temporary floor protection panels for long and short-term use. Moreover, you can use these to lay various kilometers. Above all, we offer the expertise of our experienced construction teams, acquired over decades. Moreover, we provide support with comprehensive services such as project planning, CAD drawings, transport, and installation and dismantling upon request. We roll out only the best for you.