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Easy and quick solution for even, sensitive floors

Those who choose rubber ground protection mats have a real competitive advantage on their side. Moreover, you can quickly and easily lay down the material. Similarly, that helps meet tight schedules that are commonplace on construction sites. Rubber ground protection is particularly suitable for flat and sensitive surfaces.

Sturdy and cost-effective

Rubber mats make solid lawns, road pavements, tartan tracks, or even airfields passable and protect them from mechanical loads. Moreover, a durable rubber ground cover proves to be a cost-effective solution. This happens due to the material and the high transport capacity.

The heavy-duty Remopla floor protection system is ideal in many places, such as indoors.



Depending on the subsoil conditions, rubber ground protection mats can withstand high loads of heavy transport vehicles. These are ideal for trackways, access roads, assembly platforms, working and parking areas, and temporary parking lots. Moreover, these are also ideal for various construction sites. Similarly, the durable and transport-efficient rubber mats pave safe paths for trucks, mobile cranes, or forklifts.

Great trafficability

A rubber cover system gives optimum protection to sensitive and load-bearing surfaces. It prevents damage and keeps dirt out. At the same time, rubber floor protection systems that can be laid quickly ensure excellent trafficability.

Excellent protection

Remopla floor protection sheets are also ideal for construction sites. Moreover, these are also ideal for deliveries in paved inner-city areas. You can also use them with preference in the context of dismantling aircraft on a taxiway.


Floor protection systems are ideal for the outdoors. Soft Remopla is ideal for even harder ground. You can install these indoors, such as repair work on ice surfaces or sports hall floors. The small panel size requires efficient loading units. Therefore, a smaller truck is often sufficient.

Can be laid by hand

The rubber sheets have “folds” all around. Moreover, with the help of these recesses, you can join them quickly and easily by hand, without the need for screws. This creates pedestrian-friendly, edge-free, and porous surfaces.

Easy to adjust

The best stability is achieved by staggering laying. For this purpose, we provide panel halves. Moreover, these can help achieve straight ends. If necessary, the slabs can also be cut to size to fill smaller gaps.


Like the construction roads made of plastic, the floor protection made of rubber is characterized by robust and durable properties. Moreover, we use recycled soft PVC with UV stabilizers to manufacture Remopla sheets. The material gives them their smooth texture.


Our Remopla rubber ground protection mats are fire-resistant. Moreover, their nubby surface provides very good traction. We recommend including processes, such as thermal expansion or contraction in cold conditions, in the planning.

For example, it is advisable to avoid laying rubber floor tiles on hot summer days in the cooler evening hours. Moreover, strong rotational movements of heavy vehicles can cause the slabs to slip apart on the form-fitted Remopla flooring.


We offer a comprehensive service from planning, assembly, and dismantling to final cleaning. As a supplementary carpet pad, we provide PE foil. Moreover, laid on top of this as a floating surface, the rubber cover plates move on the sheeting as traffic drives over it. Therefore, it prevents abrasion of sensitive surfaces, such as tartan running tracks or small pavements in pedestrian zones.

Ramps as smooth transitions

We provide various ramps for smooth transitions between the rubber floor and the covered surface. For the soft rubber mats to enable truck trafficable, load-bearing paths and textures, it always depends on the properties of the ground. Moreover, the addition of a second layer of ground protection mats can be a good solution.

Wood and aluminum panels as a supplement

Plywood wood panels can serve as an additional layer for the Remopla system to increase load distribution. If necessary, you can also combine the floor protection solution with our aluminum panels of similar height. Rubber ground protection mats are simple tools that quickly lead to positive results.