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Robust, flexible stage barricades: safe barriers for every event

GIGS Stage Barricades offer a wide range of combination options and functions to provide flexible barrier solutions that can withstand heavy-duty pressure. The GIGS Straight serves as a stable base for this purpose. The GIGS System is a modular barrier system with various special parts such as the GIGS Flex, GIGS Vario and GIGS Level Piece Element, the GIGS Corner, and the GIGS T-Barricade. The GIGS Barricade System guarantees maximum flexibility in construction.

Designed for Complex Configurations

GIGS Emergency Gate and GIGS Truck Gate ensure safe access, while GIGS Multicore products can accommodate the most complex stage and crowd control requirements. Our barricade extensions GIGS Sight Kill are sight-proof for additional visual protection and provide more security protection alongside the GIGS High Fence. Our GIGS Back Step is convenient for creating raised areas for security staff and performers. Similarly, our GIGS Bar Top turns barricades into versatile stalls. Moreover, highly stable and multifunctional entry gates – GIGS Security Line-up Gate, GIGS IO Gate, and GIGS Smart Gate – extend the GIGS Barrier System.

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Pressure-stable GIGS Stage Barricades for all stage conditions and every rush of visitors, for example here at the Metallica concert at the ROYAL ARENA in Copenhagen

GIGS Stage Barricades: Frequently asked questions

If you’re in the market for stage barricades, you might wonder which ones suit your needs. Look no further than GIGS Stage Barricades! In this article, we answer some frequently asked questions to help you understand our products’ key features and benefits. In this article, we’ve summarized the key functions of each GIGS Stage Barricade element to help you know how they can fulfill different purposes. We’ll also show you how our barricades can help you create a better environment.


Robust and flexible Stage Barricades are essential for safe music festivals, concerts, sporting events, or other venues. GIGS Stage Barricades are made of robust and fire-resistant materials, primarily aluminum. So this makes them exceptionally stable. Due to statically tested pressure stability, the GIGS Straight Element is the optimal basis for constructing a safety barrier that you can easily combine with other components of the GIGS series.

Curves, Corners, And More

We can use various particular elements such as the GIGS Flex, the GIGS Vario, the GIGS Level Piece Element, the GIGS Corner, and the GIGS T-Barricade to create barricade lines that are adapted to individual requirements and designed to be flexible. In this way, it is easy to implement various courses. These include curves, bends, and angles of all kinds. You can also implement height compensation for uneven terrain or shield separate event areas with additional elements.

GIGS Gates: Passages for Cables, People, and Vehicles

Furthermore, we have an extensive range of gate and passage elements ready. The wide GIGS Truck Gate ensures a reliable supply of visitors and a smooth delivery of various devices, components, and other equipment for event operations. Therefore, this allows emergency vehicles and even large trucks to pass through. However, our GIGS Emergency Gate can open with one hand under strong counter-pressure. So this ensures the accommodation or evacuation of event guests. The GIGS Multicore Access Gate (MAG) and the GIGS Mega Multicore Access Gate (MEGA MAG) – extensions of the GIGS Multicore – also have doors in addition to practical cable passages. These guarantee fast and safe access for security or sound specialists.

Walkways, Attachments, and Privacy Screens

The GIGS Back Step and Back Step Curve elements create elevated walkways for security and artists positioned above the audience area, enabling them to supervise the crowd better or interact directly with them on curved courses. The GIGS High Fence provides a transparent barricade elevation that offers optimal visibility and additional protection. It is a modification of our GIGS Sight Kill and is suitable for privacy-proof screening of backstages or other separate event areas. Additionally, our GIGS Bar Top is a practical and advantageous feature that can transform a simple essential element into a stable counter for selling drinks or merchandise in just a few steps.


We prioritize using high-quality materials in the production of our GIGS Stage Barricades. We use aluminum because it is a durable material that provides frequent and long-lasting use, ensuring our barricades last for years. By promoting multiple and long-term benefits of our barricades, we contribute to a more sustainable future.

Recyclable and Environmentally Friendly

Our aluminum barricades are recyclable to reuse the material at the end of its life cycle. This helps us reduce our CO₂ footprint and take a step closer to achieving our goal of a climate-neutral environment. We aim to be a responsible and sustainable company by prioritizing environmentally friendly materials and practices.


  • Durable aluminum
  • Durability due to high-quality manufacturing
  • 100 % Recycling


GIGS Barricades serve as safe concert barriers and open up escape routes; here at the Robbie Williams concert in the Olympic Stadium in Munich or the Global Citizen Festival in Paris


Aluminum is a lightweight metal and weighs only 1/3 of steel for the same volume. Despite its low density and weight, fire-resistant aluminum is solid.

Capable of Handling Up to 5-kilo Newton Pressure Load

GIGS Stage Barricades can withstand a pressure load of up to 5 kilos Newton. They are robust, weatherproof, and non-corrosive, making them ideal for use in large crowd events held in the open air.


You can install complementary components such as the GIGS Bar Top, the GIGS High Fence, or GIGS Sight Kill attachments on compatible barricade elements in no time. All barricade modules from the GIGS selection can be connected quickly, safely, and stable.

Made in Italy – Installable In a Modular Way

The wide range of combination options for GIGS Stage Barricades also relates to matching Line-Up Gates. Barricade lines can be easily extended by the GIGS Security Line-up Gate, the GIGS IO Gate, or GIGS Smart Gate to ensure optimal access control. By the way: All GIGS modules are developed by eps and made in Italy

For tailor-made and flexible barrier solutions

For each event, we offer a tailor-made and flexible barrier solution. In some cases, barrier systems can easily combine with the help of universal adapters. On request, we will be happy to take care of all the necessary tasks, such as detailed CAD drawings, transport, and assembly and dismantling.


  • CAD-Drawings
  • Implementation of local approval requirements and administrative formalities
  • Delivery and removal
  • Assembly and disassembly
  • Final Cleaning


Our GIGS Stage Barricades have the CE marking. This means that we can guarantee a consistently high level of quality. Moreover, we check the current condition of our products several times a year to ensure this. Every load goes through strict pressure tests at our company.

Certificates for Safe Events

We have certificates for all stage barricades that are used in relevant areas. The certified stage barriers can withstand a pressure load of up to 5-kilo Newtons. So this makes them ideally suited for heavy-duty pressure. Therefore, we recommend them, especially for large events. They significantly impact successful crowd management, a relaxed environment, and a safe event.


The good transport efficiency of the GIGS Stage Barricades shows in the example of the GIGS Straight Element. Several barricade elements are delivered on special transport racks to ensure optimal loading. In this case, approximately 390 linear meters fit on one tautliner.

Advantage During all Operational Steps: Lightweight

Compared to similar barrier systems, which are made of steel, we use aluminum for our stage barricades. This makes them much lighter and transport-friendly. Low weight is an advantage in all operational steps: transport, assembly, and disassembly.

Ideal for Delays and FOH Positions
Spectator Separation
Vehicle Access Control
Privacy Screen for VIP Areas
Merchandise Stands
Information Counters
High Attendance Events
Heavy-Duty Crowd Control Solutions
Supports Security Planning


Fast and easy-to-set up-stage barricades with high load capacity are essential for crowd management. Our high-quality, pressure-resistant GIGS Stage Barricades are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. You can use these as resistance for high-traffic event areas or secure stages, FOH and delay towers, catwalks, or sensitive event areas such as VIP areas. Moreover, these offer the greatest possible protection on almost any terrain. Stage Barricades can be ideal for creating barricade lines that require adaptation to unusual stage layouts.

Escape Routes and Access Areas for Emergency and Security Services

Due to their pressure stability, they are ideal for large events with expected high crowds. Our modular barrier system creates an excellent starting position to keep the audience under control. Moreover, these ensure escape routes and access areas for emergency services, security forces, and other crew members.

Tailor-Made for All Types of Events

Whether on a bumpy festival site, in a large arena, or in a presentable festival hall: Our wide range of products and the various connection options of our GIGS Stage Barricades open up tailor-made and safe barriers solutions for a wide variety of venues and events of all kinds.


Special GIGS Stage Barricades request? No problem. Our team will be happy to help you.


Would you instead look on your own first? Our checklist can assist you in selecting the right product. Check it out.
  • Is the project located outdoors, in a specific street area, or an indoor venue?
  • How large is the event site, and how many barricades and divisions are needed?
  • What stages and other set-ups will be in place, and where will they be located? What barricade modules will be necessary to accommodate curves and angles and to level out height differences?
  • Are there any defined spectator areas, such as a Golden Circle or high-traffic event areas, that require entry gates?
  • Where are raised walkways needed for security and artists?
  • How much space is available for setting up, moving, and dismantling at the relevant locations?
  • How many visitors or crowds do you expect, and how many barricade lines will ensure the necessary security for them?
  • What kind of event takes place? How is the audience composed from this point of view? What conclusions can be made about audience behavior?
  • What about access and escape route capacities and requirements in the case of evacuation? Are modules like the GIGS Emergency Gate, the GIGS Truck Gate, or GIGS Multicore Barricade Modules required?
  • Where are additional barricade tops and privacy screens needed?
  • Where are counters for selling drinks or merchandise needed?
  • What is the nature of the subsoil, and is turf or ground protection required?