GIGS Stage Barricades offer heavy-duty protection for a wide range of Live Event applications including stages, FOH and delay towers, in addition to protecting against crowd surges.

Made even for the most complex configurations

GIGS Stage Barricades can be easily bolted together in runs or combined with GIGS Security & Emergency Gates, Corners, High Step, and Multicore products to accommodate even the most complex of stage, cable run and crowd mgt configurations. We also offer components that turn standard GIGS units into sturdy, practical concession stalls & bars.

Tested to the highest standards

GIGS Stage Barricades are tested to the highest international standards and have an unrivaled track record, so whatever happens, the show can go on. eps is skilled at working closely with clients to design and build bespoke event Barricade Systems to ensure optimum safety for guests, performers and crew.



At festivals, concerts and other public events, safety and security are the top priorities. Our GIGS Barricade systems reliably ensure safety even under the highest spectator pressure.

Modular system

The barricades can be used flexibly, whether as a barrier in front of the stage, to protect FoH and Delay Tower etc. or in use as crowd control – our modular system protects visitors, artists and technology. When it comes to barricade systems we offer a wide range systems to meet almost any requirement.


The GIGS stage barricade is the standard module of all GIGS barricades and is available in a length of 1.09 m, 1.25 m deep and 1.18 m height with a weight of 40 kg. All our barricades are made of individual, robustly welded aluminum components.

Curves, corners and more

This GIGS basic module is quickly and easily combined with the full GIGS system. By using special system components such as the GIGS Flex curve element, the GIGS Vario and the GIGS Level Piece as well as the GIGS Corner and the GIGS T-Barricade, limitless configurations can be created to meet any requirement.

Compensation for uneven grounds

Curves, angles and bends, height compensation for uneven ground or screenings for separate event areas: all easily achieved with these additional system components.


Furthermore, we have an extensive range of door and passage system components available. The wide GIGS Truck Gate is designed specifically to allow for access for large trucks and emergency vehicles. In addition, our GIGS emergency gate, which can be opened with one hand, ensures swift evacuation of event guests.

Crew access and cable runs

The Multicore Access Gate (MAG) and the Mega Multicore Access Gate (Mega MAG) – extensions of the GIGS Multicore – all include the special feature of an opening in the lower area (approx. 0.80 x 0.15 m). In addition to this, there is a recess for cables and wires that allows for cable runs and crew access from FOH to the stage.


Complementary system components are bolted to the barricade elements in no time at all. With the GIGS Back Step and the Back Step Curve variant, for bends and corners, corridors can be created to allow security teams and performers to have a better overview, or direct contact of the audience area.

Visibility and sales counters

Optimal visibility and additional protection can be achieved with the transparent, elevated GIGS High Fences, a modification of our GIGS Sight Kills, which are suitable for high, opaque screening of backstage or other separate event areas. Our GIGS Bar Top transforms a simple basic element into a sturdy counter for the sale of drinks or merchandise in just a few simple steps. All barricade modules from the GIGS range can be connected quickly, securely and stably.

Individually tailored barrier solutions

Whether on a bumpy festival site, in a large arena or in a prestigious festival hall: our wide range of products and the diverse connection options of our GIGS stage barricades open individually tailored and secure barrier solutions for a wide variety of venues and events of all kinds.