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Access and Emergency Exit – All in One

Our multifunctional GIGS IO Gate opens up new possibilities in the event sector. The pioneering GIGS In / Out (IO) Gate has a dual function: transforming from an entry gate into a reliable emergency exit in less than a second. We built this as a security line-up gate. Therefore, it enables controlled and secure audience entrance at any event. However, it quickly becomes an exit gate in emergencies or at show endings. Also, the central sliding handrail unlocks at the push of a button and automatically relocates to the side.


  • You can automatically convert it into a reliable emergency escape route within under one second
  • It saves time and personnel due to its automatic or dual function. Moreover, it eliminates the need to dismantle rigid entry systems
  • It is compatible with the GIGS series and guarantees extreme flexibility, high stability, and safety

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  • USA

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Stadium Shows
Sporting Events
Limited Escape Route Capacities

Special security or line-up issues? No problem. Our team has got for all your needs the right solution.


We use robust and durable aluminum to manufacture our safety gate. The pressure-resistant GIGS IO Gate is 1.09 meters (43 inches) long. Moreover, it is 1.30 meters (49 inches) wide. It also has a comfortable railing height of around 1.18 meters (46 inches). Similarly, it weighs approximately 60 kilograms (132 pounds). The floor plate offers additional security due non-slip features of the diamond plate.

Product Description

We designed this as a Double Line-up Gate. So, this entrance system has a door with two 57-centimeter-wide (22 inches) openings. In its function as an emergency exit, the gate opens to a width of 1.20 meters (47.20 inches). Therefore, it satisfies current safety regulations. Transformation into an emergency exit is easy and requires a single button push.

Guaranteed Handrail Functionality

The entire technology, including the rails, ensures the handrail’s functionality at all times. Gravel, waste, or other dirt cannot reach the crucial components. Therefore, you can say goodbye to blocking. Operation is also ideal on uneven surfaces. This is true even with the highest twists and tensions that can act on the gate. The GIGS IO Gate comes in units of six per dolly. We will gladly take care of transport, assembly, and disassembly upon request.

Technical Data
Dimensions (l x w x h)
1.09 × 1.30 × 1.18 m (43 × 49 × 46 in)
Standard opening of each Line-up Gate: 0.57 m (22 in)
Exit gate: 1.20 m (47 in)
Approx. 60 kg (132 lbs)
Connecting elements, tables
incl. a trash can
5 per dolly
Optional Extras

As an extension, we recommend the GIGS Smart Gate. This gate comes with an integrated ticket scanner. So, this modular turnstile promises fraud-proof information in real-time with contactless, hygienic controls. Moreover, we offer curved elements. These elements securely connect the turnstile to the terminal. They also help you bolt the special entrance and exit gates to each other or other GIGS barricades. Therefore, you can enjoy a secure and stable barrier without any breaks.

Practical Extras: Trash Can and Table

You can combine the gate with all barricades from the GIGS series. This allows a high degree of flexibility and stability. Moreover, these individual barrier solutions can withstand large crowds. Furthermore, we provide table elements, including trash cans, for the controlling admission personnel.



With its practical dual function, GIGS IO Gate saves time and money during event planning


A particular advantage of this solution is that there is no need to dismantle rigid entrance systems. Thanks to its automatic dual function, it can help you during events. This means less time and personnel. Anyone who opts for our high-quality GIGS IO Gate makes a worthwhile investment.

Sustainably Produced in Italy

We sustainably produce the remarkable and highly stable entry gate model in our Italian subsidiary near Udine. Entering and leaving an event area and the associated ticket or bag checks are speedy and secure. Moreover, the system’s pressure resistance and unique properties are a great advantage.

Adaptable Modular Design

The entrance gate also promises maximum flexibility, like all the other components in our GIGS series. Therefore, it functions according to a modular principle. So this allows for adaptable construction and an immense variety of barrier solutions.

Advantages and Benefits arrow down
  • Combination of a controlled entrance and emergency exit all in one
  • Safeguards audience access at any event
  • Automatically convert it into a reliable emergency escape route within under one second
  • It saves both time and personnel without the need for reconfiguration of rigid entrance systems
  • Compatible with the GIGS series; guarantees extreme flexibility, high stability, and safety
  • 100% recyclable materials
Application Details arrow down

The GIGS IO Gate enhances all events as part of the security barrier. It offers dual functionality of a line-up gate and an emergency exit. Therefore, it is suitable for stadium shows, areas, or zones close to the stage. Moreover, it is ideal for the Golden or Platinum Circle.

Optimal Escape Route Capacities

It also proves to be an optimal solution for sporting events in the second security ring of the venues or locations with limited escape route capacities. Regarding safety at events, our GIGS IO Gate sets new standards.