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The Mobile Solution for High Visibility Signage

Portable Flagpoles keep all event participants on top of things. The poles point to paramedics or emergency exits with appropriately designed flags. Similarly, they mark assembly points, sanitary facilities, parking lots, or other areas. Therefore, it is easier for guests and crew members to find their way around a sprawling festival site or other venues. The high-quality flagpoles are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.


  • Flagpoles help to bring event spaces to life and help to communicate site information, advertising, or sponsorship
  • Custom design and print services of flags and banners to help create the best event experience
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
North & South America
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Need special advertisement displays? No problem. Our team has the right solution for you.


We offer a white-painted, fire-resistant aluminum pole on a solid steel base. The flagpole is twelve inches in diameter and can withstand a level 8 wind force. Moreover, it features a smooth, dirt-repellent surface.

Product Description

Similarly, we have Portable Flagpoles available in several heights and designs, such as 4.60 meters (177 inches), 8.15 meters (321 inches), and 9.65 meters (380 inches). The weight ranges from 17 to 32 kilograms (37 to 71 pounds). Moreover, we offer a model of the highest, which allows you to raise the flag and features an internal rope guide and a securely locked line attachment.

Rotatable Boom for The Right Staging

All variants have a rotatable boom. Moreover, you can extend it to a length of 1.80 meters (71 inches). In addition to transport, assembly, and disassembly, we also produce flags printed individually or with standard motifs on request.

Technical Data
Anodized aluminum
Dimensions (l x w x h)
Pole heights: 4.50 m (177 in), 8.15 m (321 in), 9.65 m (380 in)
Pole diameter: 0.09 m (4 in)
Flag-hanging rod: adjustable up to 1.80 m (71 in)
Diameter of flag-hanging rod: 0.03 m (1 in)
17 kg (37 lbs), 28 kg (62 lbs) or 32 kg (71 lbs)
Per set: from 89 to 104 kg (196 lbs to 229 lbs) plus 10 dead weight stones à 35 kg (77 lbs)
High-tensile, non-corrosive aluminum, plate finished
Coated white
Flags, mast caps, adjustable base
On a standard trailer
Optional Extras

We provide the accessories for the assembly. These include the appropriate boom, the base with the four spindles, and the concrete blocks. Similarly, these provide weighting. We also offer three open rings and a ring with weight. Therefore, these can connect the bunting to the pole and the pole mount.

Best Upgrade With Mobile Light

Furthermore, we have designs with lighting ready: Portable Flagpole with Powermoon. A light balloon lets the flag and the surroundings shine in a special light. Similarly, this creates perfect orientation points even at night. You can also print suitable flags individually. Moreover, we also offer various standard motifs. Portable Flagpoles: Transportability and the associated flexibility are very popular at events.


  • Custom print banners or flags for signage or branding
  • Range of pedestrian and drivable flooring to service all site access requirements
  • Cable Protectors to safeguard equipment and audiences across event sites.
  • CAD design to help optimize the planning process


Portable Flagpoles are ideal for displaying vertical flags, decorative banners, advertisements, and sponsorship logos


The decisive advantage of Portable Flagpoles lies in their mobility. Moreover, it makes quick solutions possible for short-term events at various locations. Our steel base has practical spindle feet. Therefore, it ensures a high degree of stability.

Orientation Aid and Effective Advertising Medium

In addition, a stable and transportable flagpole opens up a wide range of possible usesfrom orientation aids to effective advertising media. Due to its height, guests can easily see from a distance escape routes, toilets, or other information pictured on the flags. This helps to find one’s way around the event site in the best possible way.

Advantages and Benefits arrow down
  • Flagpoles help to bring event spaces to life and help to communicate site information, advertising, or sponsorship
  • Custom design and print services of flags and banners to help create the best event experience
  • Suitable For Indoor and Outdoor Use
Application Details arrow down

Mobile flags are fast to install and versatile. Moreover, you can use them outdoors and indoors. Similarly, they mark the wheelchair platform at an open-air concert. They decorate the entrance area of an exhibition hall. In addition to this, they prove to be an effective advertising measure at various events.

Signage for event areas of all kinds

Our flagpole has a telescopic boom. Whether with advertising flags or otherwise printed bunting hanging from the extendable crossbar: Portable Flagpoles sign event areas of all kinds.