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Good site organization is the safest way to success

Careful site set-up paves the way for safe and efficient construction work. Moreover, before things get started, all the construction site equipment must be in place. This is necessary to carry out a construction project. Similarly, a good and logistically well-organized construction site enables smooth work processes.

Mobile equipment for optimum results

All the individual points must use the construction site infrastructure. This applies to the preparation of the construction site and waste disposal. Moreover, we offer mobile equipment sites for security, site lighting, sanitary systems, or road safety. Similarly, these cover essential areas and guarantee optimum supplies during construction work. Therefore, you can meet deadlines and achieve positive results.



Setting up a construction site is like equipping an office. All the necessary construction site equipment must be available to get the job done on time. Moreover, the precautions for construction site infrastructure depend on various factors. Similarly, these include the type and size of the construction project, the location and surroundings, the construction period, and the weather.

Footprints and access

Each job site and the area presents different challenges. Moreover, this includes road, pipeline, or modular construction. A site layout plan provides a comprehensive overview. Similarly, this makes it possible to determine the location of parking spaces. Moreover, it helps determine accesses that need to be clear or the layout for different traffic routes.

Construction site barriers and lighting

You need to know the exact course of the construction fence. Moreover, you need to know the location of containers, crane pads, and slewing ranges. Therefore, all this can be recorded in the drawing. Similarly, there is a lot that needs to be organized. How many mobile toilets, shelters, and offices are necessary? Is the power and water supply secured? The fencing and illumination of the construction site and regulated access control have special priority.



We are a world-leading company for temporary event equipment. Moreover, we are always concerned with creating safe conditions for employees and visitors. A solid construction fence is an essential part of the construction site infrastructure. Moreover, it means more safety on both sides.

The mobile perimeter protects construction site personnel. Moreover, it protects passers-by from dangerous spots. Similarly, it keeps unauthorized persons away from the construction site. Moreover, it makes construction site equipment accessible for employees and suppliers.

Mobile fences, barriers, and more

We offer high-quality mobile fences. Moreover, we offer barrier fences that offer high stability. Similarly, we carry appropriate devices. Moreover, we offer entry systems that allow access and complete control over construction site infrastructure. Similarly, the construction fences conceal valuable materials and equipment. These fences offer a suitable privacy screen.

Some people invest in customized construction site security. Therefore, it protects their equipment from theft and vandalism. Moreover, it avoids high additional costs. Similarly, it avoids delays with this construction site equipment.


A brightly illuminated construction site deters unauthorized persons from entering the area. In addition to this deterrent effect, construction site lighting provides orientation. Moreover, everyone finds their way around better in a bright environment. Similarly, favorable lighting conditions make the workplace safer. In this respect, mobile lighting systems are indispensable for construction work.

Powerful in the dark

Our construction site equipment includes robust lighting systems. Moreover, it illuminates construction sites extensively. Similarly, it makes work easier when darkness falls. Therefore, entrances and exits, toilets, or other places are easily accessible at any time.

Mobile floodlight mast and balloon light

The Hydro Power Cube is a compact floodlight pole. Moreover, it comes with an integrated power generator. Similarly, it promises a particularly long lighting duration. The flagpole with Powermoon® keeps large construction sites clear. You can use the construction of an individually printed flag and balloon light as a highly visible signpost. This is ideal for sanitary facilities or other locations or as an effective advertising measure.


Moreover, construction site equipment serves the purpose of keeping traffic obstructions to a minimum. Temporary roads ensure viable access and transport routes. However, you must take special traffic features into account. Moreover, if necessary, you must issue traffic regulations. You must protect public paths and areas or detours set up.

Cable ramps and more

Our construction site equipment is ideal for cable protection bridges or water-filled traffic barriers. Moreover, our range includes various aids contributing to traffic safety. Therefore, we also offer our material for shorter or longer-term rental periods. We also offer it for self-pick-up.

Services from a single source

If you wish, you can obtain various services from a single source. Moreover, these include preparing precise site installation plans, assembly and dismantling work, or final cleaning.

If required, our experienced project managers will provide support directly on site. Therefore, we can offer promising construction acceptance results from a professional construction site set-up.