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Efficient mobile lighting solution for construction and event sites

Everyone is in the safe spotlight with the Hydro Power Cube. Moreover, the mobile floodlight mast has four spotlights. Similarly, these spotlights effectively illuminate extensive event areas. The system is ideal for open-air concerts, festivals, and outdoor events. Moreover, you can use it to illuminate a wide variety of locations. These include work areas, facilities, and supply roads.


  • The light output of 146,000 lumens
  • Telescopic pole reaching a maximum height of 9 m (29.53 ft) with 360° rotation
  • Wind stability up to 80 km/h (49.7 m/h)
North & South America
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Need temporary lighting? No problem. Our team has the right solution for you.


The predominantly white metal lighting system weighs about 1,161 kilograms (2,560 pounds). With a full tank of diesel, which comprises 200 liters (52.8 US liquid gallons), the system weighs about 166 kilograms (366 pounds). Moreover, the compact unit is 1.33 meters (52 inches) long. Similarly, it is 1.23 meters (48 inches) wide and 2.33 meters (92 inches) high. The fully extended supports are 2.54 meters (100 inches) long and wide.

Product Description

The individually adjustable telescopic mast can withstand winds of up to 80 kilometers per hour (47.7 miles per hour). Moreover, you can extend it to around 9 meters (29.53 feet). This is possible using a hydraulic lifting system. Similarly, the easy-to-operate lighting system comes with four LED spotlights. Moreover, these offer an output of 300 watts. These impress with a luminous flux of 146,000 lumens.

360 degrees rotatable

The Hydro Power Cube illuminates an area of around 3,900 square meters (41,979 square feet). Moreover, you can rotate the mast 360 degrees for optimum alignment. Similarly, we can also take care of professional assembly on request. Furthermore, we can take care of disassembly and transport.

Technical Data
Dimensions (l x w x h)
Telescopic pole reaching a maximum height of 9.00 m (354 in)
Minimum: 1.33 × 1.23 × 2.33 m (52 × 48 × 92 in)
Maximum: 2.54 × 2.54 × 9.00 m (100 × 100 × 354 in)
1,161 kg (2,560 lbs)
Pegs for grounding, fork sleeves for forklift truck
Additional Information
Light quantity: 146,000 lumen
Light action radius: approx. 3,900 m² (approx. 41,979 ft²)
Rotation: 360°
Wind stability: max. 80 km/h
22 per standard truck,
Unloading by forklift truck
Optional Extras

Our offer also includes various accessories necessary for transporting and installing the Hydro Power Cube. For example, we have solid ground nails ready to anchor the mobile plant firmly in the ground.

High level of safety

A high level of safety is a top priority in every respect. Moreover, these are necessary to brightly illuminate sanitary facilities on a festival site or other event areas.


  • eps offers a range of pedestrian and drivable flooring to service all site access requirements.
  • Cable Protectors are available to safeguard equipment and audiences across event sites.
  • Crowd Control Barriers
  • Temporary Fencing
  • eps offers CAD design to help optimize the planning process.


The Hydro Power Cube is well suited for outdoor events, where it can be used to illuminate a wide variety of locations

Hydro Power Cubes: DID YOU KNOW?

All in all, the Hydro Power Cube is easy to handle as the compact shape facilitates transport. Therefore, you can easily set it up, commission, and control it. Similarly, you can also manually adjust the height of the mast.

24 hours of operation – 10 days

The highly robust construction offers a long service life. The lighting can run for ten days with one tank filling and 24 hours of continuous operation. Moreover, an integrated power generator provides an energy source.

External power sources

However, you can also operate the floodlight mast with an external power source. Moreover, it makes it run quieter than the generator’s volume. Similarly, another plus point is that you can transport Hydro Power Cube fully fueled. It would be best to consider that it may be necessary to refuel the system on-site.

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  • The light output of 146,000 lumens
  • Telescopic pole reaching a maximum height of 9m with 360° rotation
  • Approx. 3,900 m² (41,979 ft²) light-radius
  • Wind stability up to 80 km/h (49.7 m/h)
Application Details arrow down

The powerful, transportable floodlight system illuminates escape routes. Moreover, it can illuminate sanitary areas at nightfall and offers favorable working light during the setup or dismantling phase. Therefore, it creates a safe environment. Guests and crew members can find their way around at all times.

You can quickly use it almost anywhere

In addition to this, you can quickly deploy the mobile lighting system anywhere. Moreover, it is ideal for short-term events on sites for other purposes. So, the Hydro Power Cube is perfect when you require rapid setup and dismantling.