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Transforming inconspicuous venues into unique ones

Some concert locations are only recognized at a second glance. You first see a plain piece of grass. We see a cheering crowd in front of a spectacular stage.

Rental equipment plus service

Moreover, our range of products includes ground and turf protection, barrier and admission systems, grandstands, and seating. Similarly, we also offer various services, such as set-up and dismantling, CAD, and touring logistics.

For smooth operations in every event location

Whether it’s open-air venues, stadiums, theaters, halls, arenas, or clubs, every event location needs an individually tailored infrastructure. Moreover, it ensures smooth operations and high safety standards. Therefore, we know how to do this and what it takes to transform even the most inconspicuous spot into a unique venue.



Some love concerts in the open air, castle gardens or parks, meadows, fields, forest, or beach. Others prefer performances in concert locations, such as trendy pubs. Small or large, indoor or outdoor, urban locations or places in nature: there are far more differences between venues than that.

The decisive factor for the event equipment

As we know, musicians have already made a name for themselves by playing on boats or rooftops, in prison, or at the South Pole. Is a standing concert desirable, or is seating required? In addition to the expected audience size, the artists and their genre also dictate what event equipment is needed. However, the concert location is the deciding factor when it comes to equipment selection.

Worldwide support – even in unusual places

Therefore, we set up temporary parking zones. Moreover, we take care of site security and signage. Similarly, we create demarcated audience areas, backstage, and VIP areas, enabling secure access control. We offer equipment worldwide, even in unusual concert locations.


While a singer-songwriter presents his debut album in a church, a band performs evergreens in a marketplace. A classical concert takes place in a covered arena. Moreover, a well-known rock band performs in an open soccer stadium. Wherever you go, we are there…

Sometimes unnoticed, but elementary

Although we sometimes hardly notice it under the open-air stage, the sanitary facilities or stands for food and merch, floor protection is elementary for concert locations. This protects natural or sensitive event surfaces. Moreover, it optimizes their load-bearing capacity. The nature of the ground and the type of load determine which systems are ideal.

Safe transport and walkways

Floor protection systems, such as our Arena Panels or Remopla, serve as stable substructures. Moreover, these open up transport routes suitable for heavy loads. Turf protection solutions pave safe spectator areas and walkways for concert-goers. Our eps Pro turf protection system also provides parking spaces and supports FOHs and delay towers.


The local peculiarities of the individual venues and increasingly elaborate stage constructions call for flexible solutions. This applies in particular to the enclosure and subdivision of concert locations. The motto from the entrance to the Golden Circle stage area is to adapt barriers optimally to the conditions. Stability and adaptability are two things that go hand in hand with barrier solutions.

For large events with massive crowds

This is completely true for our GIGS barricades. Due to their excellent pressure stability, they are particularly suitable for large events with high crowds. The modular principle promises maximum flexibility. The barricade modules and various special elements open up a wide range of combination options and functions.

Safely control entry and exit

Moreover, barricade fences, police fences, and construction fences extend the design possibilities. Therefore, you can safely control entry and exit. Similarly, in some cases, you can enjoy a contactless system with our entry gates, such as the GIGS IO Gate or the GIGS Smart Gate.


Whatever is necessary, we are there for you. As a global company, we can implement projects quickly, individually, and anywhere. This is possible due to our mobile and comprehensive rental equipment. Moreover, our range also includes cable bridges, banners and flags, lighting, production vehicles, and other site material.

All from one source

If you wish, we can provide everything from a single source. Therefore, we offer customized concepts and equipment, such as transport, set-up and dismantling work, and more. Especially on tours, the tight timing of the individual concert events requires particularly fast set-up and dismantling.

Therefore, it is an advantage to have an experienced team at your side at concert locations. When everyone feels comfortable, the foundation for successful concerts is the best. That’s why we provide all-around care for the crew and guests – at all times and all concert locations.