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Bring The Most Diverse Concert Formats Safely Across the Stage: Customized Equipment

All concert formats, such as individual shows, tours, performances in small clubs and large halls, and stadiums, have one thing in common: they need an appropriate infrastructure. Moreover, they need a professional team to meet the demands of the artists and concert-goers. Every year, we safely stage several thousand events all over the world.

The key to success

Similarly, decades of experience, motivation, and tailor-made equipment are the key to success. Therefore, our mobile event equipment opens up fast and flexible solutions. Moreover, it ranges from barriers to grandstands and sanitary facilities. Therefore, we can transform any lawn, no matter how inconspicuous, into a unique and safe place for relaxed live music enjoyment.



Concert formats include a solo musician or a band, a choir or an orchestra, a cozy concert in a trendy venue, or a high-profile act on a stadium stage. Therefore, the different lineups, venues, and sizes of events dictate what and how much equipment is necessary.

Infrastructure depends on the music style

Moreover, requirements and selection also depend on the type of music. It makes a difference whether classical music or pop melodies, jazz sounds or heavy metal sounds, reggae rhythms, or electro beats are on the program. Do you want a seated or standing concert? Seating is usually ideal at classical music concerts.

Therefore, careful planning is necessary to ensure a tailor-made infrastructure for concerts and tours. This planning takes into account all factors. Moreover, these factors include local characteristics, musical styles, and individual wishes.

Temporary parking zones, backstage and VIP areas

Concert formats may range from temporary parking zones, backstage and VIP areas, or demarcated audience areas with access control for selected ticket holders. Therefore, we provide individual concert events and concert tours with comprehensive rental equipment. So, it includes turf and ground protection, barriers and entry gates, cable bridges, or lighting.


The right equipment improves the everyday life of musicians and helpers and enriches, especially on guest performance tours. Moreover, it enhances dressing rooms, catering, or other lounge areas. From first aid kits to fire extinguishers and fans, appropriate equipment enables safety standards. Moreover, it also meets the level of quality ideal for all concert formats.

How to speed up the stage construction

Mobile sinks and refrigerators facilitate the work of the catering team. The equipment gets the necessary protection in robust cases on wheels. Moreover, you can also quickly move it and at short notice. Ready-to-use transport boxes with gaffers tape, collection, cable ties, or other consumables accelerate the setup process.

Optimal supply of the spectators

For all concert formats, the following applies: mobile and individually tailored solutions – including the necessary safety measures – guarantee smooth operations and optimal care for the audience and crew members.


To achieve the highest flexibility in setting up concert formats, we offer our GIGS Barricades. The individual modules and special multifunctional elements can come together in many ways. Moreover, the certified stage barricades easily withstand the high personnel pressure of large events.

Additional barrier fences, construction fences, and innovative entry systems include our GIGS IO Gate and GIGS Smart Gate. These open up a wide range of design options and ensure effective site protection.

Safe sidewalks, driveways, and substructures

Similarly, turf and ground protection systems include our heavy-duty Arena Panels, Remopla, or our versatile eps Pro turf protection solution. Moreover, these ensure the load-bearing capacity and protection of the ground. They create safe walkways, driveways, substructures, and parking lots.


Our flagpole with Powermoon® sets entrances and escape routes visible. Moreover, the Hydro Power Cube illuminates the darkness for stage setups. Therefore, our wide range of products also includes production vehicles, flags, and banners that indicate escape routes or serve as visual protection.

Whether smaller club tour or big open airs

You can get everything from one source. Moreover, we also take over various services from planning, including detailed CAD drawings to transport, assembly, and disassembly to final cleaning.

No matter if you want a smaller club tour, a tour on large open-air stages, a one-off acoustic concert in a bar, or electronically amplified rock songs from a stadium stage: We support every project with passion.

Similarly, we offer our extensive range of services and globally established network. Therefore, we ensure all-around care for all event participants everywhere, their optimum safety, efficient logistics, and fast setup and dismantling processes. That’s an advantage for all concert formats.