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Planning, logistics, and infrastructure for events

In today’s live entertainment industry, touring logistics play a critical role in successful tour planning. With artists relying heavily on live performances for their income, tours demand greater efficiency than ever before.

Maintaining Consistent Quality

Effective tour routings require top-notch project management and consistent quality in infrastructure, including floor/turf protection, barriers, seating, and site materials. As tour productions become more elaborate and shows are strictly timed, high-quality infrastructure is crucial for fast set-up and dismantling, ensuring safety and increasing efficiency.


Tour planning required for your band or project? No problem. Our team has got the right solution for you.


Thanks to our extensive global network, we provide consistent, high-quality infrastructure for every stage of your entire tour. We also work to minimize transport and touring logistics costs, eliminating the need for long transport routes with our effective network.

Tailored Solutions Anywhere

Our experienced staff, with years of touring experience, actively supports your productions from the start. This allows us to customize the best solutions for local requirements, comply with regional laws and regulations, and ensure efficient transport and tour logistics at any location.


All around the world with eps: Global touring logistics for The Rolling Stones concert in Cuba and the Ed Sheeran concert at Hockenheimring


Look no further for all your touring logistics needs. Our extensive portfolio of pedestrian event flooring is designed to meet the diverse requirements of local venues, including turf protection properties and heavy-duty capability. Our equipment is compliant with official requirements such as fire protection and skid resistance and can be adapted to the unique needs of tour productions.

Cost-effective and Time-efficient

Our certified GIGS stage barricades and crowd control solutions meet safety standards in all countries, serving as a benchmark of quality. They enable our team and event organizers to plan with confidence, ensuring safe and efficient routing plans, set-up, and dismantling timings for strictly timed concerts. Our modular systems, complete with ADA ramps and XXL sizes, are ideally suited for cable protection during tours.


In addition to our flooring and barricades, eps offers other essential site materials for catering and cloakroom areas, maintaining the same high standard for every set-up. Our everyday use products make the work of tour catering and crew much easier, all packed in robust road cases to withstand the demands of touring.

A highlight for stage managers

As a special highlight, we offer tour cases that contain all the consumables needed on tour from one source, including fluorescent gaffa tape and cable ties. We even provide a 24-hour re-fill service, available Europe-wide. With eps, worldwide touring logistics become a plug-and-play reality for every stage manager.