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Safely hold festivals - tailor-made infrastructure for every location

A good organizational foundation is the reliable care of guests and crew members. Therefore, this is the starting point for unique event experiences. We offer mobile infrastructure for festivals. Moreover, we design a safe place for exuberant celebrations, great emotions, and special encounters.

The occasion is important

Similarly, our products and services stand for speed and flexibility. Therefore, we have been looking after the most diverse types of festivals for decades. We take care of music festivals, film festivals, or street festivals. The occasion plays an important role in event equipment.

Tailor-made concepts

The location also plays an important role, such as open-air locations in the countryside, beach, or city festivals. So, we develop customized concepts and supply festival venues with barriers, ground protection, and more.



There are always reasons to celebrate. You can enjoy premieres, anniversaries and commemorations or simply good music. Therefore, we know the variety of festivals and their differences. Moreover, we provide comfortable seating for classical music fans in arenas, halls, or squares. We also erect standing stands for parades in city centers.

The equipment depends on the venue

Our team creates solid bases for food trucks. Moreover, we secure neighborhood festivals, outdoor cinemas, or other outdoor events. What is necessary depends on the venue. Every location is different. Therefore, it requires precisely tailored equipment to the local characteristics and individual requirements.

Our rental equipment covers all festival areas

It starts with the floor. Information about what the particular subsoil is like and what loads it has to bear is crucial for selecting a ground or turf protection system. So, our rental material covers all festival areas, such as fenced-off areas, entrance and exit points, temporary parking lots, campsites, and glamping areas or the spectator, stage, or backstage area.


Safety and sustainability, innovation, and efficiency drive us. With this in mind, we select our products. Moreover, we develop our product lines, such as our GIGS barricades. Some of the functions of our entry gates, including the GIGS IO Gate and Intelligent Access Gate, go far beyond regulated access control.

Central elements of professional festival organization

Admission systems and barricades or mobile fences delimit and divide the festival area. These are the central elements of a professional festival organization. Moreover, the choice also depends on the size of the event.

Therefore, high visitor numbers require particularly stable barrier systems. Our pressure-resistant GIGS stage barricades are ideal for large events. The modular system enables maximum flexibility. Moreover, it creates the best conditions for effective crowd management.


The festival landscape is almost limitless. Elaborate and original stage constructions reflect the broad spectrum of festivals. Moreover, these require particularly adaptable barrier and floor protection solutions. Does it all take place on a meadow, in the forest, or on the beach? Does it need to protect a paved area in the city center or the marble floor of a festival hall? This is where turf protection and floor protection come into play.

Safe foundation for pedestrians and vehicles

Firmly bonded panels or rolls protect the subsoil and increase its load-bearing capacity. Depending on their load-bearing capacity, they provide secure footing for pedestrians and vehicles. Ground protection systems, such as our aluminum panels or Remopla, play this role. Moreover, we also offer stable substructures for stages or mobile sanitary facilities.

Walkways, access roads, and parking lots

Turf protection systems are ideal in spectator areas. Moreover, they create safe walkways, access roads, and parking spaces. Therefore, you can drive over our eps Pro turf protection solution with production vehicles. It also supports FOHs and delay towers.


We procure what is necessary. Indoor festivals present different challenges than outdoor festival events. Mobile space systems, such as tents or lodges, may be necessary. The genre also influences festival equipment. Therefore, opera festivals have different requirements than rock festivals.

Tick off the festival checklist

We have useful site material, such as cable protection bridges, mobile lighting, and banners. These banners offer visual protection and mark escape routes. On request, we can produce clear CAD plans. Moreover, we can take care of many other services, such as transport, assembly, and dismantling or final cleaning. Therefore, we help you to tick off the festival checklist step by step.

Quick plan changes, short response times

Short-term adjustments are part of our daily business. We know that plans often change with short reaction times. Whether it’s a tranquil town festival or a major event, we make festivals great.