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Outdoor Banners and Flagpole Flags

Printed signage for an event, fair, stage, and more


Printed banners and flags prove to be a multifunctional asset. Moreover, these are useful in the event sector. Similarly, construction fence banners provide pleasant wind and visual protection at events. At the same time, they serve as a profitable advertising space for organizers and sponsors.

Moreover, these are also ideal as orientation aids to help the crew and visitors find their way around the site. Therefore, anyone who prints a construction fence privacy screen also ensures successful marketing and greater safety. You can print company logos or pictograms.

Outdoor Banners and Flagpole Flags are useful across event sites. Moreover, these offer highly visible safety signage, navigational signs, branding, sponsorship, and information signs. Banners mounted on mobile fences provide high visibility. Similarly, these are widely useful for additional promotional and advertising space. eps is your professional and reliable partner for all print and merchandising products at your event!

Visual protection and orientation on the event site

You can easily screen off camping sites, backstage areas, or sanitary facilities at large open-air festivals with covered site fences. Moreover, lettering, pictures, arrows, or symbols on the fences provide important information. Similarly, these offer information about accessible toilets, paramedics, assembly points, or emergency exits. You can complement a mobile fence banner with a matching construction fence flag. Printed flags hanging from high flagpoles also attract attention from afar.

Technical Data
Dimensions (l x w x h)
Standard flag: 4.00 x 1.50 m (157 x 59 in).
Standard banner for mobile fence: 3.41 x 1.76 m (134 x 69 in)


We offer our high-quality hemmed textile banners and flags. Moreover, we make these from different materials, such as air-permeable gauze or tarpaulin fabric. Similarly, these come in various standard sizes and special formats. The textiles are certified according to building material class B1. Therefore, these are dimensionally stable and weather and UV resistant.

Best visibility with banners and flags

You can easily attach a standard banner with eyelets all around to a 3.41 meter (134 in) wide and 1.76 meter (69 in) high mobile fence. Moreover, the classic flag cloths for poles with outriggers come with eyelets on the pole side. Similarly, these have a hemstitch on the top. A standard flag is 1.5 meters (59 in) wide and 4 meters (157 in) high. Our equally high construction fence flags are 1 meter (40 in) wide. Moreover, these have a hemstitch at the top and sides.


Our printed fence banners and flags are flame retardants per DIN 4102-B1. Therefore, these are suitable for outdoor as well as indoor use. Various options are available.

The Mesh Banner B1 is a very robust and wind-permeable commercial banner. Moreover, it comes with eyelets around its edges. We offer mesh banners B1 in 4 different sizes in multiple size formats. We also offer easy mounting on facades, scaffoldings, and construction fences. The mesh banner offers 4-color digital print in excellent quality.

The Commercial Banner B1 is a robust vinyl banner. Moreover, it comes with eyelets and edge reinforcement. It is DIN 4102 B1-certified as flame-retardant for safe indoor as well as outdoor use.


Need special advertisement displays? No problem. Our Team has the right solution for you.


Our printed banners & flags have the advantage of B1 certification. Therefore, these are classified as a flame retardant. In addition to outdoor use, you can also use them indoors without hesitation. We provide large-scale prints with matching flagpoles, barriers, and complementary flagpoles.

Making grounds more attractive

In addition to delivery and removal, we can also take care of assembly and dismantling on request. Therefore, everything comes from a single source. These large-format tarpaulins and other printed products fulfill many functions. These come with flags and turn event locations, such as high exhibition halls or spacious festival grounds more attractive.

What are the Advantages of Outdoor Banners and Flagpole Flags?

  • All flags have high-quality seams and eyelets on the left side for secure fastening.
  • All textiles used are inherently stable, weather and UV resistant, and can be used under all outdoor conditions.
  • High visibility flags and banners
  • Bespoke banner and flag design and printing
  • Custom Formats available
  • For all flag versions, you can order masts and racks from EPS.


We have suitable poles, stands, and fences ready. Moreover, you can display the flag cloths and fabric banners to their best advantage. In addition to this, our product range also includes the necessary accessories. Moreover, these include the cable ties and rubber tensioners for proper attachment.


We also print the banners and flags optionally with individual motifs or common pictograms. Moreover, these refer to important areas from the box office to the emergency exit. Printed banners are ideal for safety signs, site plans, and visual protections. Moreover, these are ideal as an advertising medium, signpost, or other orientation points.

What are the Extensions for Outdoor Banners and Flagpole Flags?

  • eps can design and custom print banners or flags for signage or branding
  • We offer a wide range of high-quality, high-impact print and merchandising products.
  • Stock commercial logos, safety signs, WC logos, and Medical Services signs available.
  • Portable Flagpoles
  • Temporary Fences
  • eps offers CAD design to help optimize the planning process


  • Entrance routes and walkways
  • Area signage
  • WC Areas
  • Medical Services
  • Navigational signs
  • Advertising
  • Sponsorship
  • Information signage