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ArmorDeck 3

ArmorDeck 3 is ideal for highly stable event floors and optimal turf protection


ArmorDeck 3 is suitable for even surfaces. Moreover, it ensures optimum load distribution on sandy, asphalted, or non-regular surfaces. Similarly, it is also ideal for sensitive natural and artificial turfs. In addition, the heavy-duty ground protection system is ideal for temporary events. It also offers the best protection for less resistant green areas.

Ideal for Green Areas

The application possibilities of the floor protection panels are numerous. Moreover, these applications range from spectator to backstage areas. You can use this on the playing field of a football stadium, on golf fields, in parks, or in other green areas. Moreover, this ground protection is also suitable for festivals and other major events in grass-covered areas.

Use for Substructures and Heavy Vehicles

You can use ArmorDeck 3 as substructures for seating and grandstands. Similarly, you can also use it for delay towers or similar constructions, as stage foundations. The ground protection system is ideal for areas for heavy vehicles such as forklifts and trucks.

Hand-installed and quick to deploy

This hand-installed, heavy-duty flooring system offers superior protection for sports pitches and running tracks. It is quick to deploy. Moreover, ArmorDeck 3 high levels of protection for sensitive surfaces. Therefore, you can use this for natural or synthetic turf. It will ensure that the surfaces remain covered for the shortest amount of time possible.

Technical Data
high-density polyethylene (HDPE)
Dimensions (l x w x h)
1.07 x 1.07 x 0.05 m (42 x 42 x 1.9 in)
approx. 19.50 kg (43 lbs) per panel
sand-blasted non-slip surface with a flat profile and traction nubs
dark green, light grey; custom colors available
ramps for smooth vehicle access, PE foil, geotextile
22 pallets à 40 panels per standard trailer
Approx. 1,003 m² (10,796.20 ft²)


We make the robust plastic sheets from high-density polyethylene. Therefore, you can expect high load-bearing capacity, dimensional stability, and weather resistance. Moreover, a single panel measures around 1.07 by 1.07 meters (42 x 42 in). The cover dimension is 7 centimeters (2.7 in) less on each side. Moreover, these weigh around 19.5 kilograms (43 lbs). The height is around 5 centimeters (1.9 in).

Non-slip Surface with a Flat Profile

The drivable event flooring also has a sandblasted, non-slip surface with a flat profile. Therefore, it is available in grey and green. In-built openings ensure good humidity and air circulation. Moreover, we offer these panels in pairs on pallets. We offer 22 pallets à 40 panels per standard trailer.

The multi-directional locking mechanisms allow for weight dispersal. Similarly, it also minimizes the risk of damage too and compaction of the subsurface. It is capable of protecting the world’s best sports pitches from the heaviest event traffic.

Transport, construction, and breakdown

In addition, our experienced supervisors carry out the transport. Moreover, we can take care of the complete construction and breakdown as well as the final cleaning.


Special ground issues, difficult terrain? No problem. Our team has got the right solution for all your needs.


The installation uses an integrated fastening system of loop-shaped connecting pieces. It also uses locks that make the installation of ArmorDeck 3 easy. Moreover, it enables a precise, highly stable connection of the panels. This prevents slipping and eliminates the need for time-consuming alignment.

Not Permeable to Light and Air

This system aims to achieve the strongest possible connections between the panels. Therefore, it is not very adaptable. Moreover, you should only use this on flat surfaces. In addition, it is important to ensure an exactly straight row at the beginning of the installation. This ground protection system is neither permeable to light nor air. So, it is only suitable for shorter laying times on lawns.

For Heaviest Loads

During this time, it proves to be perfect turf protection. Moreover, it can also withstand the heaviest loads. The panels are suitable for public areas and event areas in the stage and backstage area. Similarly, they cover numerous requirements.

What are the Advantages of ArmorDeck 3?

  • Pedestrian-friendly
  • Unparalleled liquid-spill protection
  • Reinforced panels
  • The weight distribution of load protects the subsurface and reduces compression.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Supports access for heavy vehicles with a maximum limit of 12 tons per axel
  • Optimal performance on flat, firm ground


We offer special keys for locking and unlocking the locks. In addition to this, we also have suitable ramps available. This creates safe transitions from the ground to the laid flooring. It makes it easier for wheelchair users in particular. Moreover, it is also suitable for registered vehicles to drive onto the event area.

Extra Underlays and Combinations

The range also includes additional components that serve as expansion joints. This compensates for the expansion of the slabs at high temperatures. For additional protection, especially under very heavy loads, we provide geotextile.

You can lay down the fleece in advance on the terrain. In principle, you can also enjoy a combination of various turf protection systems. You can also use ArmorDeck 3 to achieve strong and durable event floorings.

What Are the Extensions for ArmorDeck 3?

  • Ramp accessories ensure smooth transitions to the subsurface
  • eps offers an optional range of underlays to protect subsurface, and that can adapt to varying ground conditions
  • Transition products seamlessly connect ArmorDeck 3 with other ground and turf protection systems
  • ArmorDeck 1, a non-drivable turf protection system, can be combined with ArmorDeck 3 to provide a visually contrasted, full-scope flooring system
  • Cable Protectors are available to safeguard equipment and audiences on the event floor
  • eps offers CAD design to help optimize planning processes


  • Stadiums: turf and running-track protection
  • Foundation for stages and grandstands
  • Sensitive ground protection
  • Temporary event spaces
  • Tennis courts