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The ideal solution for construction sites and events applications of all kinds

Drivable event flooring systems improve the load-bearing capacity of ground surfaces. Moreover, these create robust and effective paths. These also offer powerful foundations and surfaces. These are ideal for construction sites and events of all kinds. The heavy-duty temporary ground protection also offers a gentle effect — particularly relevant for sensitive stadium turf.

Wide range of ground protection systems

We provide ground protection systems for a wide range of surfaces and applications. Natural or Artificial. HD Panels, Box Panels or Arena Panels, and heavy-duty aluminum systems can withstand the heaviest loads. PistEco, Remopla, or ArmorDeck 3 complete the lineup.

LD Rolls are suitable for light to medium-heavy loads. Moreover, you can quickly and easily deploy these. Highly flexible Easymats are suitable for asymmetrical surfaces. The same goes for easy to cut Plywood or Hexagon . Translucent, plastic solutions provide special protection for sensitive natural surfaces. These solutions include Matrax or Terratrak.



Temporary ground protection systems are ideal for outdoor settings. These are also ideal for shorter periods. For example, these are suitable for creating temporary working and storage areas. Similarly, you can also use these for access roads and construction platforms. These are ideal along with applications like:

  • Transport Routes
  • Parking Lots
  • Stage Foundations
  • Seating Substructures During Temporary Events

Safe access roads for vehicles

Heavy-duty systems provide safe access roads for:

  • Forklifts
  • Cranes
  • Trucks
  • Heavy Transport Vehicles
  • Construction Machinery

Suitable solutions for every surface

Drivable event flooring is required in preparing sports stadiums for concerts and other events. It is also ideal for outdoor festival grounds. Similarly, drivable event flooring is also ideal for venues with high load requirements. Other suitable solutions for every type of surface, such as:

  • Grassy Meadows
  • Outdoor Fields
  • Sandy Beaches
  • Artificial or Natural grass surfaces in Stadiums
  • Golf Courses
  • Parks and conservation areas
  • Green Spaces
  • Racetracks
  • Polo & Cricket Fields
  • Ice Rinks

Whether it’s laying individual panels or connecting individual sheets, you can create paths. This can generate ideal load distribution. Moreover, it offers increased load-bearing capacity.


The choice of the ground protection system depends on the characteristics of the sub-surface. Moreover, it also depends upon the weight load required. For example, a continuous-cast aluminum heavy-duty plate can support extreme load points. HD Panels are ideal in construction applications. Similarly, these are perfect for heavy-duty transport trucks. Moreover, these work smoothly on un-level and difficult surfaces.

Highly loadable and flexible

Box Panels are also used for heavy loads and can be used in a variety of ways. Moreover, professionals can install Arena Panels manually. PistEco is a ground protection panel. It is flexible in all directions. Moreover, it is capable of withstanding construction roads on uneven surfaces. This is also suitable for heavy loads while remaining flexible.

Connectable with turf protection systems

Professionals can combine Remopla with Plywood. It stands out as a temporary ground protection system. Moreover, it offers specialized features. The rubber panels are also suitable for indoor use or icy surfaces. Generally, professionals can combine heavy-duty ground protection systems with a turf protection system. This creates a comprehensive ground cover solution.


With our LD Rolls, you can quickly deploy temporary transport paths. You can also roll out the aluminum tracks easily. These are capable of supporting heavier loads than competitive systems. Competitive systems can only take light to medium loads. Plywood is particularly transport and cost-efficient. The wooden panels can easily be cut to size. Moreover, these can also be laid to fit for a seamless pad.

Suitable for almost any surface

Multi-layer installation increases Plywood’s load-bearing capacity. Moreover, it makes it possible to build a heavy-duty road. Highly flexible Easymats are suitable for almost any surface. The plastic mats are used for a variety of applications. These applications include covering gravel bed run-out zones on racetracks. Hexagon is a master at accommodating uneven surfaces. Additionally, the hexagonal ground protection panels can create asymmetrical surfaces. This is due to the honeycomb design.


You can use a single ground protection system for heavy-duty equipment access. This extends from the spectator area to backstage. It delivers protection to the underlying turf or surface. We offer a variety of systems. These systems are capable of achieving this objective.

Light and air-permeable

For example, ArmorDeck 3 is light and air-permeable. Terratrak is also light. These are suitable for sensitive stadium turf. Moreover, these are also suitable for heavy vehicles. Matrax is a system with translucent panels. These are important to preserving healthy, green growing conditions to the turf.

Made of recyclable materials

Some drivable event flooring products are available in different colors. Plastic sheets are often made of recyclable materials. Many systems form seamless, pedestrian-friendly surfaces. These are also easy to install by hand. Non-slip surface structures provide excellent grip.

Additional supports

We offer complete services. Our services include:

  • Logistics
  • Transport
  • Assembly
  • Breakdown
  • Final Cleaning
  • Trained Supervisors for On-Site Consulting
  • Support

We also offer other accessories, such as ramps. These offer smooth transitions. These also serve as expansion joints or additional supports. Therefore, we offer maximum ground protection effectiveness.