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Load-Bearing Ground for Construction Sites and Events of All Kinds

Drivable Event Flooring optimizes the load-bearing capacity of ground systems and creates safe routes, foundations, and surfaces on construction sites and at events of all kinds. The ground cover also has a protecting effect – particularly relevant for sensitive stadium turf.

For a Wide Variety of Grounds and Areas of Application

We provide floor protection systems for a wide variety of substrates and areas of application. Our heavy-duty aluminum systems HD Panels, Box Panels, Arena Panels, and Arena Light Panels withstand the highest loads. Moreover, heavy-duty panels such as PistEco, Remopla, Terratrak, Matrax, and ArmorDeck 3 complete the range. For light to medium loads, suitable are LD Rolls – optimal for short-term applications – highly flexible Easymats, easy-to-cut Plywood, or Hexagon, which even allows asymmetrical surfaces.

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Drivable Event Flooring such as heavy-duty aluminum panels perfectly prepares sensitive ground for big shows, like this Rammstein concert at the Rudolf Harbig Stadium in Dresden, Germany

Drivable Event Flooring: Frequently asked questions

How and where can you use the individual drivable event flooring solutions? What are the differences? And how sustainable are they? We provide answers and information on other things to pay attention to.


Depending on the system, you can drive the soil protection over with heavy or less heavy vehicles and machines. Some drivable event flooring systems are available in different designs or colors. Moreover, they differ in material and design.

Lightweight Aluminum Withstands Heavy Loads

Therefore, they have different properties. These influence the possible applications. Aluminum, for example, is much lighter than steel. So, it can withstand heavy loads. Our HD Panels and Box Panels are highly resilient. Therefore, these offer the best traction on soft floors with their profiled surface.

Weatherproof Rubber and Plastic Panels

Rubber and plastic panels are highly resistant to weathering and less at risk of theft. Some are characterized by flexibility. Therefore, these ideally adapt to uneven surfaces. Others are very suitable for sensitive surfaces, such as tartan. Wooden panels such as Plywood are particularly easy to cut to size. So you can lay them down with a precise fit. However, wood is susceptible to weathering and can become slippery.


We offer pedestrian event flooring solutions that are easy to install by hand and form smooth, pedestrian-friendly panels. Thanks to non-slip surface structures, they ensure secure flooring. Anyone planning a multi-day event on stadium turf should also pay attention to light- and air-permeable texture and the recommended laying time. They can use ground protection products such as Matrax, Terratrak, or Pedestrian Event Flooring. Additional note: All heavy-duty flooring solutions can combine with almost any pedestrian event flooring protection system.

For Indoor And Outdoor Use

Remopla stands out as drivable event flooring with special applications. The rubber panels are also suitable for indoor use, sports hall floors, or ice surfaces. Terraktrak is also ideal for indoor use. Besides the load, the choice of a flooring system also depends on the nature of the surface to be covered. Is it a hilly and wet meadow or stadium turf? Is it artificial or natural green? Is it a riding arena, ice rink, or sports hall floor? Therefore, some solutions are more suitable for firm, level ground, and others for soft, uneven terrain.

Highly flexible: Easily mastering unevenness

Drivable Event Flooring PistEco is flexible and suitable for heavy loads. Therefore, it can bend in all directions to create construction roads on uneven terrain and small corners. Highly flexible Easymats are ideal for almost any terrain. The plastic mats can cover gravel bottom run-off zones at racetracks. Moreover, Hexagon also easily withstands unevenness. Similarly, even asymmetrical surfaces can be implemented with the hexagonal ground protection panels – due to their honeycomb design.


Without a doubt, drivable event flooring is good for the environment. After all, protecting the covered subsoil is one of the key tasks in this area. Ground covers prevent damage to the soil, and they reduce soil compaction. Moreover, they help prevent soiling and damage to sensitive surfaces by mechanical impacts. In some cases, you can significantly minimize crop failures in this way. We even offer drivable event flooring solutions that can be ideal in water conservancies. The advantages are obvious if you use drivable event flooring solutions. This avoids the need to remove grounds. Time and cost-intensive renaturation are no longer necessary.

Made From 100 Percent Recyclable Materials

How sustainable are our drivable event flooring products in comparison? Our plastic panels are largely made from recycled, reusable materials. We pay a lot of attention to leaving as small a CO₂ footprint as possible. This is particularly true in producing our specially developed aluminum panels, made from 100 percent recyclable materials. Besides the aspect of recycling, durability, transport efficiency, and other criteria are considered in the product evaluation. For example, our Arena Panels and Arena Light Panels, as well as Easymats and Hexagon, perform very well.


  • Avoids field damage
  • Prevents ground compaction
  • Prevents pollution and damage to sensitive surfaces
  • Minimizes harvest failures
  • Saves expensive renaturation


Drivable Event Flooring can even be used in difficult weather conditions and paves safe roads, paths and logistics areas, here at the 2022 Ski World Cup in Adelboden, Switzerland


The choice of a drivable event flooring system depends on the ground conditions and its intended loads. For example, a heavy-duty panel produced from extruded aluminum can handle extreme loads. HD Panels are ideal in the construction industry and for heavy-duty transport, even on level terrain that is difficult to drive on. Box Panels also guarantee optimum distribution of high loads and are also versatile. Like our Arena Panels and Arena Light Panels, they allow access for heavy vehicles up to a maximum weight of 12 tons per axle.

The Proper System for Every Load

Sometimes laying several levels is the solution: Laying multiple layers of ground protection, such as Plywood, increases the load-bearing capacity. So this makes it possible to build a heavy-duty road.. In addition to the height, the type of load also plays a role. Is a container to be parked or a stage to be set up? Do vehicles have to drive on it – and if so, which ones? Large construction vehicles place different demands on the ground than forklifts. We offer the right system for every load.


Drivable event flooring determines the selection of the right system. For example, some aluminum panels can connect with form-fit and force-fit in all directions. The installation of HD Panels, Box Panels, and PistEco requires a crane truck. Moreover, such heavy-duty systems provide highly stable surfaces and roadways. However, many ground protection systems, including our Arena Panels, can be easily installed by hand.

Manual Installation: Quick Assembly and Disassembly

The advantage of manual solutions: They enable particularly fast assembly and disassembly. Therefore, this is important in both the construction and event industries. Similarly, manual installation usually makes less noise. Some panels have elongated all-round recesses. Therefore, these do not require any screws at all. This makes handling particularly easy. You can clip them in or connect them, and you’re done. Other systems have cam locks that you can tighten with special rotary keys. Moreover, you can install rolled products such as our LD Rolls in no time by simply unrolling them.

Ramps, Transitions, and Other Extras

A combination of different systems may be possible in addition to a multi-layer installation of certain ground covers, such as Plywood, to increase the load-bearing capacity. For example, installing Box Panels on top of HD Panels in a rainy area may make sense. On request, we can provide various services such as transport, assembly, and disassembly, including the final cleaning. Moreover, our supervisors can provide on-site support. Various add-ons, such as ramps for smooth transitions, components that serve as expansion, or additional underlays, complete our range of services – to ensure maximum ground protection.


  • CAD-Drawings
  • Implementation of local approval requirements and administrative formalities
  • Delivery and removal
  • Assembly and disassembly
  • Cleaning


Safety is an exceptionally high priority for us, especially when protecting machines and materials from damage. However, people are the main focus of our considerations and measures. Moreover, we want to create a safe environment for everyone involved with our products and safety precautions – whether for employees or visitors.

Walkways And Roads That Are Safe to Walk And Drive On

Drivable Event Flooring contributes to environmental protection. However, it also ensures that walkways and roads are safe for walking and driving. It increases the load-bearing capacity of the ground. Moreover, it ensures perfect load distribution. Similarly, non-slip surfaces provide optimum support for people and vehicles. A solid ground makes stable foundations of all kinds possible. Ground protection panels prevent vehicles from getting stuck on unpaved ground or sinking. They can also reduce dust pollution on dry terrain.


Arena Panels and the lighter Arena Light Panels stand out among the other aluminum panels. Both systems offer high transport efficiency. Also, the heavy-duty plastic cover system PistEco is transport-efficient.

Low Weight Affects The Transport

Lightweight is a factor that influences transport as well as handling. The heavy-duty systems Matrax and Terratrak, which can be laid by hand, stand out as light. Therefore, this simplifies the transport of the ground panels. Plywood comes into play when it must protect floors from light to medium-heavy loads. This ground cover is also extremely transport- and cost-efficient.

Protection of Sensitive Soils
Temporary Event Spaces
Temporary Access Roads
Construction Routes
Under Stages and Grandstands
Parking Lots
Queuing Lanes and Walkways
Path Widening
Temporary Tent and Event Flooring
Sites with Poor Subsurface


Drivable Event Flooring is mostly ideal outdoors and for short-term applications. For example, these are ideal for temporary working and parking areas, access roads, and assembly platforms on construction sites. Mobile construction roads benefit from them, along with transport routes, parking lots, stage foundations, or substructures for seating at temporary events. Similarly, heavy-duty systems provide safe roads for forklifts, trucks, or other heavy transport vehicles and construction equipment.

Prepare Grounds for Large Open-Air Events

Ground protection systems play a significant role in preparing soccer stadiums, festival grounds, or other venues used for concerts to meet the high load requirements of large open-air events. These are ideal on artificial or natural turf of arenas, golf courses, parks, or other green spaces, on race tracks, harness racing tracks, or tartan tracks. There are suitable solutions for every surface type – natural and artificial, soft and hard soils, for level, uneven and rough terrain. Which system is the right one depends on a case-by-case basis? However, with drivable event flooring, you can create roads and walkways with ideal load distribution and improved load-bearing capacity.


Special ground issues, difficult surfaces? No problem. Our team will be happy to help you.


Would you instead look for your own first? Our checklist helps with product selection. Check It Out. 
  • Is the project in an indoor or outdoor area?
  • How much space is available for assembly and disassembly? Is it possible to use a crane truck for the installation, or is it only possible to assemble it by hand?
  • What is the role of noise emission reduction? Is it for example, about a special city center area?
  • What is the substrate's nature to be covered? Is it, for example, firm or flexible, dry or damp, level or uneven?
  • How strong is the load on the soil?
  • Does being pedestrian-friendly play a role?
  • What priority does the protection of the ground have? Is it, for example, a question of sensitive stadium turf, a natural area worthy of protection, or historic cobblestones?
  • How long should the soil protection stay on the ground?
  • Is light and air transmission important?