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Flexible Mobile Rooms with Interior Equipment

Mobile room systems offer versatile solutions for accommodation and sanitary facilities. They provide function rooms for various events or offices for construction sites at any location quickly and efficiently. We provide different containers and tents in multiple configurations, including multi-story options. Our rental furniture and decorations provide the perfect equipment to set the stage for every event location.

Well-Equipped for Event Teams and Guests

In addition, we provide the right tour equipment to take care of event teams and guests, ranging from freezers to fire extinguishers. Our practical features, such as rollers for easy transportation of heavy refrigerators in boxes, ensure convenience even at short notice.

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A mobile infrastructure ensures the best possible comfort everywhere. Moreover, individually tailored room concepts turn every event into something special. We create tailor-made locations for every occasion. For example, we provide the right setting for a gala dinner or benefit concert, a corporate event or press reception, an exhibition opening, or advanced training. Temporary events require mobile systems, whether festivals, sporting events, automobile exhibitions, and construction sites. These systems should guarantee quick and easy set-up and dismantling.

Ready for Use in No Time At All

From sales tents in exhibition halls to production offices on concert grounds: We plan and procure mobile rooms, including equipment and decoration for indoor and outdoor use. We obtain high-quality products ready for use in the blink of an eye. Moreover, these meet a wide variety of requirements. Innovative tent constructions create a unique atmosphere. Hotel containers with comfortable beds give visitors an enjoyable stay at open-air events.


Mobile room systems offer a quick response to unexpected situations with relatively little effort, even after they have been set up. Container modules can be expanded within a short time, and once they have served their purpose at one location, they can be reused at the next location. This makes mobile space systems a sustainable solution.

Regular Use Is A Win

We can reduce their environmental impact by setting up, changing, and dismantling mobile room systems such as containers or tents in various locations and sharing them among several people. This principle also applies to rental furniture and tour equipment. In addition, using durable materials and ensuring high-quality manufacturing contributes to sustainability.


  • Rental materials are more ecological
  • Frequent use
  • Durable materials
  • High-quality manufacturing


Whether for catering purposes, trade fairs, musicals, large gala events, or smaller company parties, our extensive range of mobile room systems includes catering, party, and theater tents, sanitary facilities, cashier and gatekeeper containers, dressing rooms, dormitories, storage rooms, and offices. We offer many designs, sizes, and colors to choose from.

Weatherproof, Comfortable, and Versatile

Our stable tents are designed with robust, UV-resistant, weatherproof, and winterproof properties to ensure your comfort and safety in any weather. Our lockable containers provide maximum security and come equipped with power connections and electric heating. You can assemble them individually or partially into larger building complexes such as open-plan offices or refugee homes. Multi-story container or tent systems with stairs, terraces, and railings are also available. Another advantage of these flexible room systems is that you can easily make extensions or other adjustments.


Renting room systems and furniture provides excellent flexibility for different events of various sizes. It enables you to quickly redesign the space and match the furniture and decorations to the event’s style, making it a cost-efficient solution.

Indoor and Outdoor Options: Furniture, Decoration, and More

We offer high-quality indoor and outdoor furniture, decorative materials, plants, carpets, and other floor coverings to cater to various needs. Whether for a conference, seminar, office, checkroom, catering, or banquet, our range of furnishings includes tables and chairs in multiple shapes, colors, and designs, as well as rental tableware, upholstered sets, and designer furniture.

Hospitality Areas
Backstage and VIP Areas
Dressing Rooms
Temporary Offices
Box Offices
Temporary Event Spaces
Large Scale Events


Essential tour equipment completes the inventory. This includes fire extinguishers and a first aid kit for necessary safety precautions. Moreover, equipment such as cooling systems, sinks, and fans ensures the best comfort. You can easily roll refrigerators and freezers from one place to another. We also offer all the accessories that comprise comprehensive event equipment, such as power strips, cable drums, brooms, and waste garbage cans.

Perfect Conditions for Events and Construction Sites

Mobile event rooms, furniture, equipment, and much more: We are a full-service provider for all your needs. We are happy to offer transport, set-up, and dismantling upon request. Similarly, we provide professional support even during the preparation phase. Optimally equipped room systems create ideal framework conditions for events, construction sites, or other application areas.


  • CAD-Drawings
  • Processing of local approval and administrative requirements
  • Delivery and removal
  • Assembly and dismantling
  • Cleaning in between and at the end of the event

Special Room Systems request? No problem. Our team will be happy to help you.


Would you instead look on your own first? Our checklist can assist you in selecting the right product. Check it out.
  • How many visitors, artists, and employees do you expect? How many room systems of which type and sizes will ensure enough comfort?
  • What is the size of the event or construction area? Which areas require corresponding superstructures?
  • What room conditions must be considered at the locations, or how much space is available for set-up and dismantling?
  • What room systems may already exist?
  • Are equipment, rental furniture, and other materials needed - for container and tent interiors or exteriors?
  • How many days does the project take?
  • What is the nature of the subsoil at the specific sites, and is additional ground protection necessary?
  • When will the construction or event occur, and is mobile lighting required at the sites?
  • Are outdoor flags and banners and mobile flagpoles needed for better orientation?