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Road Mats by vehicle types: for heavy-duty transports, construction machines & forklifts

Temporary roadway mats are available in many designs. Different ground protection systems are suitable for different surfaces. Moreover, it also depends on which construction equipment and vehicles drive over the ground cover. Similarly, their size and weight loads also matter. In the case of exceptionally high loads, the load distribution is crucial.

For heavy-duty transport, construction machinery, or forklifts?

Heavy-duty ground protection solutions such as PistEco or our HD Panels and Box Panels are suitable for unpaved terrain. Moreover, they pave safe paths for excavators, concrete mixers, or low-loading trucks. Similarly, you can also use Remopla as heavy equipment matting. Like the adaptable Easymats and Hexagon systems, the ground protection panels create suitable access paths for forklifts.



You should protect sensitive natural areas as best as possible during construction work. Appropriate soil protection contributes to this. In addition to optimally protecting the covered soil, the focus is also on the fast accessibility of the construction site. Moreover, temporary roadways bring heavily loaded trucks or other transport vehicles and large construction machines, such as wheel loaders or cranes, safely to their destination.

Heavy-duty roads and crane pads

The PistEco plastic flooring and our heavy-duty aluminum systems optimize the load-bearing capacity of soft soils. Moreover, they serve as temporary heavy-duty roads. Similarly, they also serve as crane outrigger pads on meadows, forest soils, sandy and arable land, and other subsoils.

Curves and paths

Ground protection panels can withstand extreme loads, such as the transport of oversized tanks, boilers, or pre-assembled wind turbine components and bridge displacements. This is where self-propelled modular transport vehicles drive. Moreover, you can use them to widen paths and extend curves.

Transport routes and access roads for forklift trucks

Soft Remopla or flexible Easymats are ideal as transport routes and access roads for forklift trucks.


If mobile construction roads allow heavy transports, you will need ground protection matting with a high load-bearing capacity. We stock heavy-duty floors. Moreover, you can drive on these floors with vehicles with axle loads of up to twelve tons. A particularly slip-resistant effect characterizes the aluminum panels by us. You can firmly join them to form even, partly seamless surfaces.

Ideal for solid surfaces, green areas, and swampy areas

Box Panels are highly adaptable in the laying direction. Moreover, you can also use them on asphalt, cobblestones, sensitive tartan tracks, and stadium turf or golf courses. Highly stable, more heavily profiled HD Panels offer the best traction even on higher gradients. Moreover, these are also ideal in wetlands such as bogs, marshes, or floodplains.

On dirt roads or inner-city areas

On rutted dirt roads, PistEco proves to be a suitable companion due to its flexibility. You can lay the temporary roadway mats very quickly and easily using Remopla. You can apply the heavy-duty floor by hand. Moreover, it is ideal as pavement protection in inner-city areas.


The heavy-duty soft panels of the Remopla system are suitable for flat, firmer, and sensitive surfaces and even for indoor sports hall floors or ice surfaces. Moreover, they support wheel loaders or other heavy construction equipment. Similarly, the floor protection plates support forklifts of all types. They open up safe access routes for all-terrain forklifts and telescopic loaders.

Quick to lay by hand

Easymats or Hexagon is also ready for use in the blink of an eye when forklift work is required. You can lay these plastic systems by hand. Moreover, the flexible floor protection mats cope with soft and firm as well as uneven floors. They are suitable for light to medium loads.

Firmly screwable or screw-free

Moreover, Easymats with fixed screws provide stable bases for scissor lifts or other working platforms. You can join Hexagon, honeycomb-shaped hexagonal panels, without screws and even form asymmetrical surfaces.


Combinations of individual cover systems can be helpful. For example, a multilayer installation of HD Panels and Box Panels achieves exceptionally stable and load-bearing paths and surfaces in marsh areas. Whether site installation plans (CAD planning), assembly and dismantling work or final cleaning, you can get everything from a single source.

Ramps, curves, and bases

This also includes on-site support from our experienced project managers. Moreover, we provide the necessary utensils and components. These include curved elements or ramps that enable gentle ascents and descents. Moreover, this includes additional gentle underlays such as PE film, rubber granulate mats, or geotextile.

The safe route to successful construction acceptance

From forklifts to dump trucks to tower cranes: High-quality construction site roads ensure that vehicles and construction machinery of all kinds have easy access to transport routes, access roads, or assembly areas – even on rough terrain. Temporary roadway mats are the safe route to successful construction acceptance.