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Heavy-duty ground protection – getting bulky goods safely to their destination

Heavy Equipment Mats: Excessively large, heavy, and loaded construction machinery and vehicles are necessary for the industry. Therefore, you must apply suitable soil protection measures. Optimum load distribution and traction play a decisive role. Similarly, soil protection has the task of protecting the covered subsoil as best as possible.

Suitable solutions for loads weighing several tons

For such purposes, we offer various heavy-duty ground protection mats. Moreover, these include HD Panels and Box Panels and PistEco or Remopla. Similarly, you can use these to lay temporary access roads with high load-bearing capacities. Moreover, heavy-duty transports involve carrying massive loads weighing several tons. Bulky goods arrive safely at their destination on these heavy equipment ground protection mats.



Our options are ideal for forestry, road, or pipeline construction. Moreover, transport vehicles and construction equipment from trucks to cranes are necessary on construction sites. Similarly, in the context of bridge shifting and other transports of weighty and bulky loads, the choice often falls on SPMT. It is precisely these self-propelled, modular transport vehicles, which form loading areas of any size. Therefore, our heavy-duty ground protection mats are ideal for this.

Heavy-duty floor protection for vehicles with an axle load of up to 12 tons

Various ground protection solutions in our product range are ideal for heavy-duty roads. Moreover, these roads are suitable for vehicles with axle loads of up to twelve tons. In addition to the requirements of the individual vehicles and loads, there are also different demands. Moreover, these demands are for the respective type of soil places on the cover system.

Load-bearing on soft and solid grounds

High load distribution is essential on unpaved, soft floors. Our aluminum panels and the PistEco heavy-duty mats are ideal on such substrates. Similarly, they improve the load-bearing capacity of forest soils, meadows, and arable land. Some of the cover systems are suitable for paved surfaces. Moreover, these include asphalt and cobblestones or protect sensitive surfaces of tartan tracks and stadium turf.


Heavy-duty applications require road widening or curve extensions. This applies to the transport of tower parts or other wind turbine construction elements. PistEco stabilizes rutted forest and field paths. Moreover, the flexible plastic panels adapt ideally to the hollows of these paths.

Anti-Slip Floors with the best traction

Our options are ideal for marshes, floodplains, swamps, bogs, or other wetlands. Moreover, our aluminum HD Panels handle such terrain with ease. Similarly, the pronounced profiling of the heavy-duty panels guarantees the best traction even on higher inclines.

The Box Panels also have an anti-slip effect. Similarly, you can adjust these aluminum floor panels in the direction of laying. Moreover, these are ideal for cobblestones and asphalt and plastic floors, or green areas. These are also ideal when sports field or gardening and landscaping work is pending.

Highly stable and edge-free roads

Our heavy-duty mats offer panel joints with bolts or shackles. Moreover, these enable level, highly stable temporary roads, crane outrigger pads, and parking lots. The Neo Panel, a lighter box panel variant, even ensures edge-free roadways thanks to retractable bolts.


Heavy-duty mats of aluminum are less suitable for excavators with a steel track undercarriage. Therefore, we recommend using alternative solutions in such cases. Moreover, this depends on the subsoil conditions, vehicle size, and weight. Similarly, you can use discarded Remopla Panels in road works to allow excavators to pass over them.

For medium-heavy loads and inner cities

Easymats, suitable for medium-heavy loads, can serve as a base if excavators perform only slow forward and backward movements. You can well realize heavy transports in inner-city areas with Remopla. Moreover, soft rubber heavy-duty mats prove excellent pavement protection. Similarly, you can lay them down quickly and easily by hand.


A multilayer installation provides additional stability and load-bearing capacity. If new construction, renovation, or demolition of overhead line pylons is pending in marshy areas, Box Panels on HD Panels are ideal for this. Moreover, this allows mobile cranes, excavators, and mobile concrete mixers to move over rough construction terrain without hesitation.

Additional protection and extras

We offer PE film, rubber granulate mats, and geotextile. Moreover, our range includes suitable underlays. Similarly, these provide additional protection for the ground. We also have additional components, such as curve elements or various ramps, and other accessories.

From planning to final cleaning

If you are looking for a heavy-duty mat panel rental for a shorter or longer period, you have found the right partner. We will gladly take care of all services from planning to final cleaning upon request. On request, our experienced project managers will support you on-site. Mobile construction roads, heavy transports: With us, you are on the safe side.