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Quickly installed, highly flexible flooring protection panels

Composite mats are ready for use in the blink of an eye. Moreover, you can lay down lightweight plastic ground protection panels faster. Similarly, these panels are easier to install than heavy steel panels. Moreover, plastic surface protection promises flexibility in many ways.

Load-bearing ground and surface protection

Soft forest soils, meadows, and farmland, and firmer subsoils make the adaptable plastic panels passable. Moreover, the flexible material adapts ideally to uneven surfaces. Temporary roadways and composite ground mats create a stable and load-bearing surface. Moreover, this surface offers excellent traction for construction machinery, forklifts, trucks, and cars. Similarly, sensitive surfaces are preserved.

We offer temporary plastic flooring for a wide range of applications. These include PistEco for heavy loads. Moreover, we offer Easymats and Hexagon for light to medium loads.



Composite mats are adaptable, weather-resistant, and durable. Moreover, these are suitable for soft and hard floors. Similarly, plastic floor sheets convince of the high speed. Therefore, you can quickly install and remove them. Moreover, their low weight makes them easy to transport. They are less susceptible to theft because of their relatively low value of resources.

Even surfaces with ideal traction

You can easily join together road mats. Therefore, you can create stable plane surfaces. Rubber tires of heavy trucks or excavators can drive on the plastic cover. Therefore, this guarantees ideal friction and traction. Moreover, it is unlike steel or wood. You can use temporary roadways, assembly platforms, path widening, or curve extensions. Numerous construction subsectors, from road construction to power transmission, benefit from a wide range of applications. Moreover, these also benefit from the positive properties of a plastic flooring protection solution.

Non-conductive flooring

Plastic is used for a construction road. Moreover, the non-conductive flooring provides a safe substrate for any repairs. Similarly, these repairs help the power distribution or wind energy parks and solar power plants.


Heavy-duty PistEco proves to be a plastic floor protection plate. Moreover, it bends in all directions. Similarly, this allows mobile plastic construction roads even on an uneven construction site. Despite a stable connection, the floor plates are still flexible.

Load-bearing and flexible floor protection

One of the main strengths of the PistEco system is to provide load-bearing ground protection on existing forest and field roads. Thanks to its high flexibility, it adapts perfectly to the troughs of such extended paths. The wide plate dimensions also allow cranes to drive comfortably. Moreover, the multi-layer structure of a slab has several advantages. Similarly, if only one layer is damaged, you can replace individual parts. Therefore, it can reduce costs.

Rapid assembly – low rental costs

Rapid assembly creates the conditions for reducing rental costs. In power transmission line construction, you can tailor the amount of material to how many towers need to be accessible simultaneously. For the following construction phase, the material is laid quickly.


Highly flexible, extremely transport-efficient Easymats can also be ideal in various ways. Moreover, these cope with difficult terrain. You can lay them down by hand. Similarly, you can bolt them tightly in all directions. Their nubbed non-slip surface supports safe trafficability in all weather conditions.

Fast, extremely durable cover

The extremely robust composite mats are a good choice. Moreover, these are ideal for short-term access or a temporary car parking lot. Similarly, these are also ideal if you need a quick cover. They create load-bearing surfaces in house construction, gardening, and landscaping. Moreover, these serve as a stable base for lifting or aerial work platforms in tree care or janitor services.

Sustainable construction roads made of plastic

You can lay down Hexagon manually. Therefore, you will not need any screws. Moreover, these are suitable for uneven surfaces. You can easily connect the hexagonal, honeycomb-shaped panels by hooking them all around. Therefore, these can even form asymmetrical surfaces. The plus point of all three plastic floor protection systems is that they are made of recycled, reusable materials.


The choice of ground protection systems always depends on the subsoil conditions and loads. PistEco is conditionally passable by tracked vehicles. We offer alternative heavy-duty aluminum systems. Moreover, these are ideal for soaked or very yielding subsoils, such as marshes, bogs, or freshly tilled fields.

You can also combine these HD Panels or Box Panels with PistEco panels. Therefore, you can connect aluminum crane platforms to the plastic access roads.

Planning and material from one source

Rent composite mats. We are happy to help with this request. If you would like to rent plastic access mats from us, you can get everything from one source. Therefore, we offer planning, final cleaning, and more. We keep the necessary equipment and documents ready for you. Get rid of the pressure of deadlines. Even short-term construction projects can be realized in no time at all with construction roads made of plastic.