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Systems for smooth construction logistics

Access Mats are the key to efficient construction logistics. Moreover, ground protection panels open up temporary construction roads. Similarly, these offer transport routes for construction site traffic in no time. Lastly, these panels ensure smooth operations.

A mobile construction site access road ensures accessibility to the construction site. This option is the only way for construction machinery and transport vehicles to reach their destination. Moreover, these vehicles reach the destination with their goods. Similarly, you can quickly and easily lay down the mobile driveways and temporary access mats with protective panels.

We offer floor protection systems. Moreover, we make these from different materials for a wide variety of substrates, loads, and applications. PistEco, our HD Panels, and Box Panels and Remopla, Easymats, and Hexagon promise optimum load distribution, traction, floor protection, and more.



How do building materials, components, or other loads reach their destination safely? Which route will bring dump trucks, wheel loaders, or truck-mounted cranes to the site? How do you ensure that the construction work goes on out without any problems? These questions need answers in advance of a construction site installation. Moreover, these answers ensure that logistical processes, such as transport and storage, are successful. Similarly, these answers help you stick to schedules.

Versatile use

You can use mobile moving panels in a variety of ways. Moreover, they serve as access mats, parking, and storage areas. Similarly, they create drive-over possibilities for heavy transports and support construction crane logistics.

In some cases, we make access roads and temporary access matting for kilometer-long sections of the construction site. Moreover, we ensure that you can overcome bottlenecks or other obstacles. Similarly, this also includes the temporary re-functioning of lanes and detours of traffic. Cover slabs enable path widening and the extension of curves.

Safe to drive on and gentle on the ground

Moreover, they protect the soil. Similarly, these access mats increase their load-bearing capacity. A mobile construction road counteracts soil compaction, land damage, or other damage. Therefore, it saves topsoil removal. It also reduces time-consuming and cost-intensive renaturation. Moreover, it causes fewer crop failures. Above all, soil protection paves viable roads that are safe to drive on.


You can select a suitable floor protection solution. Therefore, it is essential to weigh up the primary importance of its function. Does the protection of the subsoil, the trafficability, or the load distribution play a role? Similarly, the decision depends on the nature of the soil. Moreover, the decisions depend on loads on this temporary access matting. As an SCC-certified company, we have developed aluminum plates that can withstand the highest loads.

For soft floors

These HD Panels and Box Panels are excellent on soft floors. Moreover, you can also use these anywhere you want. Highly profiled HD Panels offer effective load-distributing. Moreover, these are outstanding. Similarly, these access mats provide the best traction for the heaviest construction equipment in wetlands or on sloping terrain.

For sensitive soils

Box Panels are also suitable for sensitive tartan tracks, stadium turf, shopping mall floors, or firm paved or asphalt surfaces due to their smooth underside. PistEco, a pliable heavy-duty composite floor, is the way to go when it comes to the troughs of dull driveways.


A firm, level surface characterizes access mats. Composite mats include Easymats and Hexagon. Moreover, these are highly flexible. Similarly, they adapt very well to uneven surfaces. Honeycomb Hexagon also allows asymmetrical surface shapes. Like Easymats, it is suitable for light to medium-heavy loads on soft to firmer substrates.

Quick and manual laying

You can lay down mobile roadway panels by hand in a very short time. Moreover, you can also apply Remopla manually. Similarly, a mobile road is ready for use in a flash. The soft, heavy-duty rubber slabs primarily protect level and sensitive surfaces. Moreover, you can also use these for access mats. These are also ideal for indoors, such as ice surfaces or sports hall floors.


You can lay down access mats in layers. Moreover, this will help achieve stability and higher load-bearing capacity. If the situation requires it, you can also combine different covering systems. We keep the necessary components and utensils on hand. Ramps create smooth transitions between the construction road and the covered subgrade. This guarantees the gentlest possible ascents and descents.

Protective underlays

Additional protective underlays are also part of our range. Moreover, you can optimize the load distribution with the aid of rubber granulate mats. This depends on the subsoil condition and the ground cover.

We offer our floor protection products for short-term and long-term rental. In addition, we can provide comprehensive services. Therefore, these include planning and final cleaning on request. Access Mats: This is how we help you reach any destination.