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Connect ground mats by truck to create flat surfaces suitable for heavy loads

Trackway mats are the intelligent answer to how heavy trucks and construction machinery can move gently in landscapes worth protecting. Moreover, you can use these to lay temporary roads at a wide variety of job sites.

We know what kind of flooring is necessary to create safely passable heavy-duty roads. Moreover, we offer heavy-duty soil protection systems for fields, meadows, and forests.

Installation by crane truck

Crane trucks carry out road construction. Our trackway panels are ideal for sensitive stadium turf, rutted field paths, and wet meadow surfaces. Therefore, we can find a suitable ground protection system for any surface. Moreover, our HD Panels, Box Panels, or the PistEco ground protection system create highly stable, level surfaces. Similarly, these offer ideal load distribution and traction. Moreover, we also have a solution for sloping construction sites.



Our trackways are ideal for forklift trucks, backhoes, or dump trucks. Moreover, we make our trackway mats from heavy-duty panels. Therefore, these guide transport vehicles and machines safely over the terrain. Similarly, you can lay down ground mats from the trailer using a rear-loading crane. These stand out as suitable for heavy loads.

The best surface for heavy-duty transport

They open up transport routes and access hydroelectric power plants. Moreover, these are ideal for solar parks, biogas plants, or other renewable energy power plants. You can also widen existing roads with heavy-duty systems. Similarly, you can extend curves. This makes it easier to transport heavy loads, such as a vast rotor blade to a wind turbine.

Versatile use

The panels are also ideal for forestry, power transmission, pipeline, and road construction. When crane work is pending, they serve as crane outrigger plates of the highest stability.

Moreover, our trackways are ideal as access roads for construction site traffic, assembly platforms, working and storage areas, pavement protection, or temporary parking spaces. Similarly, the load-distributing cover plates offer a wide range of applications and the best possible protection for the subsoil.


The softer the ground, the more the load distribution becomes essential. Moreover, the aluminum trackway systems HD Panels and Box Panels developed and manufactured by us significantly optimize the load-bearing capacity of unpaved subsoils.

In addition to meadows and forest soils, they are also suitable for arable, sandy, and gravel surfaces. Moreover, they impress with their anti-slip effect. This is particularly evident on the most heavily profiled HD Soil Protection Panels.

Suitable for slopes and marshes

Wet meadows, marshes, bogs, and even higher gradients are easily mastered by carriageways laid with HD Panels and offer vehicles the best possible traction. Long and narrow slab sides can also be applied together, enabling planning to meet specific needs.

Lightweight and seamless

The comparatively lightweight, transport-efficient aluminum trackway panels can be firmly bolted together to form flat surfaces – BoxPanels even seamlessly. Mobile roadway panels such as our Box Panels, which adapt well in the direction of laying, can also be used on asphalt, cobblestones, tartan tracks, or sensitive lawns.


The truck can move on already positioned panels during installation. Moreover, this is possible with heavy-duty aluminum trackway mats and composite mats PistEco. Similarly, this ensures optimum subsoil protection right from the start.

Lay heavy-duty floors at short notice

PistEco floor protection panels are connected with shackles. Therefore, they retain some play despite a stable connection. Moreover, the installation of this heavy-duty floor is speedy. Therefore, short-term conversions can be carried out in no time at all. Similarly, flexible PistEco mats perfectly adapt to uneven surfaces such as the hollows of vast fields and forest paths.

They also have a plate width that allows cranes to drive comfortably on them. Moreover, the structure of a single driving slab is multilayered. Therefore, it means that fewer costs are incurred in the event of damage. If only one layer is affected, individual parts can be replaced.


If required, you can lay down the ground protection solutions by truck. Moreover, you can also combine these. Therefore, you can combine PistEco for access roads and HD Panels or Box Panels for subsequent crane outrigger pads. A multi-layer installation increases the load-bearing capacity.

Combinations with manual cover systems also occur. Similarly, Remopla harmonizes with the height of the aluminum panels. Therefore, you can use it to fill small trenches.

Ramps, underlays, and more

Some systems can be supplemented with curved elements or ramps. Therefore, we keep such components in stock and underlays. Moreover, these provide additional protection for the covered substrate. These include nonwoven geotextile or mats made of rubber granules.

Services from a single source

We offer all services from a single source. Therefore, we can handle professional site layout plans (CAD planning), transport, and final cleaning. On request, our experienced project managers will provide on-site support. You can also connect our options to form firm, level, and non-slip surfaces of considerable load-bearing capacity. Trackway solutions make construction sites safer.