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Transport goods quickly and on safe ground

Forklift floor mats guide forklifts safely over the terrain. Moreover, the goods also get reliably from A to B. These offer amazing loading, unloading, reloading capabilities. Moreover, the tasks by forklifts are consistent. A wide variety of forklifts are ideal in the construction industry. Similarly, these range from side loaders to rough-terrain forklifts to telescopic forklifts. Moreover, the surfaces on which they travel are varied.

Safe paths for all types of forklift trucks

This requires floor protection systems that are optimally matched to the floors, forklift sizes, and loads. Moreover, this results in safely passable paths and surfaces. Similarly, these forklift truck mats protect the subsoil. In addition, quick coverage is necessary for forklift work. In this respect, floor protection solutions offer optimum support. These include Remopla, Easymats, and Hexagon.



Our options are ideal for industrial trucks from the range of Manitou forklifts or other models. Moreover, the industrial truck should be all-terrain and maneuverable. Similarly, loads, horizontally or vertically,  arrive at their destination undamaged and accurately. With attachments such as forks, wheel loaders can also perform forklift tasks. However, for positive load securing, a forklift model is the transport vehicle of choice.

Non-slip paths for heavy and medium loads

Forklift floor mats play a supporting role in all of this. It increases the load-bearing capacity of the ground. Moreover, these ensure trafficability. Similarly, sensitive surfaces receive the best possible protection. We offer a variety of cover systems. Therefore, these options pave non-slip paths for forklifts. These include Remopla for heavy loads and Easymats and Hexagon for medium loads.

Quick to lay by hand

There are hundreds of advantages of these forklift floor mats. Moreover, you can lay down these floor protection panels quickly and easily by hand. Similarly, a high work rate is necessary on construction sites. In addition to load-bearing roadways for converted shovel loaders, telescopic loaders, or other types of forklifts, the cover plates sometimes also create stable bases. These are ideal for rolling scaffolds, scissor lifts, or other working platforms.


Remopla is the right choice for laying temporary access roads. Moreover, these are ideal when you need flat and firm surfaces. Similarly, the soft, heavy-duty rubber mats can withstand wheel loaders. These can also tolerate other heavier construction equipment. The heavy-duty sheets are suitable for construction sites. Moreover, these are ideal for deliveries in paved inner-city areas.

Heavy-duty, screw-free, and edge-free

The heavy-duty non-slip forklift truck mats also protect sensitive and load-bearing composite floors. These include tartan tracks or even firm lawns. Moreover, you can also use these indoors on sports hall floors or on ice surfaces. Similarly, the comparatively small panels allow efficient loading units. You can join these without screws and form edge-free surfaces.

The choice for extreme loads or soft ground

The choice of forklift floor mats depends on the size of the vehicle. Moreover, it also depends on the dead weight of the forklift truck. Similarly, it also depends on the loads it is carrying and the condition of the ground.

In the case of soft surfaces, the floor covering should ensure high load distribution. You can achieve this with our heavy-duty aluminum panels. You can use these for a place with many trips. Therefore, these are ideal for high-frequency places, such as the construction trackways.


You can easily join our lightweight Hexagon without screws. Moreover, the honeycomb shape allows you to form asymmetrical surfaces. Both these floor panels and flat Easymats are ideal on solid and soft floors. Similarly, our plastic systems adapt well to uneven surfaces. You can easily bolt the sturdy Easymats in all directions using a ratchet.

Safe access routes on difficult terrain

The flexible forklift truck mats quickly master rugged terrain. Moreover, these transform the surfaces into safe access routes for forklift trucks in a few steps. Even less high, lighter wheel loaders can drive on the construction roads with Easymats when transporting humus for gardens or paving stones to redesign a backyard.


We provide complimentary utensils, curved elements, or other components. Suitable ramps ensure gentle ascents and descents. Moreover, they create smooth transitions between the floor covering and the ground. Furthermore, protective underlays are also part of our offer.

Underlay for sensitive surfaces

If Remopla is laid floating on PE film, the panels move on the film during forklift operations. Therefore, it counteracts the abrasion of sensitive surfaces. A combination of different floor covering systems also proves to be an effective solution in some cases.

Full-service support

On request, we can take care of all services from planning to final cleaning. This also includes the active support of our expert project managers. Forklift floor mats offer mobile, short-term, and versatile companions for industrial trucks carrying valuable cargo.