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For Maximum Transparency with Contactless Controls

The GIGS IO Gate Pro brings security standards in the entrance area to a new level. The entry system combines the GIGS IO Gate with a turnstile – another component of our GIGS series – and an integrated scanner from our partner. This expansion and automated solution is modular and compatible with all common ticketing systems. This turnstile system provides maximum transparency for contactless and hygienic controls.


  • Maximum transparency and security: The GIGS IO Gate Pro detailed, tamper-proof information in real-time
  • An automated solution that enables contactless, hygienic access control and relieves entry and security personnel
  • Particularly cost- and resource-saving

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Stadium Shows
Sporting Events
Limited Escape Route Capacities

Special security or line-up issues? No problem. Our team has got for all your needs the right solution.


Local conditions or other factors often create challenging situations in entry and exit scenarios. That’s why we developed the GIGS IO Gate Pro. With the intelligent integration of a mobile turnstile and a mounted scanner, access can be automatically regulated anywhere. The Realtime system, which can be used both online and offline, meets all requirements for contactless data exchange between tickets and readers. Additionally, the combination with the GIGS IO Gate offers further advantages. With the push of a button, the turnstile system, which features two 57-centimeter-wide passages, can transform into a 1.20-meter-wide, compliant emergency exit. This saves time and personnel since the entrance system does not need to be dismantled. It increases spectator capacities and also enables the utilization of new venues with limited escape route capacities.

Product Description

The GIGS IO Gate Pro is primarily made of durable, recyclable aluminum. It measures 1.09 meters in length and features a comfortable railing height of approximately 1.18 meters. Equipped with two turnstiles, it is approximately 1.90 meters wide. The scanner can be connected to any common ticketing system and reads entry tickets with barcodes, QR codes, and all other common codes. Whether season tickets or tickets on thermal paper, print-at-home tickets, or mobile tickets. As well as cards, wristbands, or other carriers with RFID or NFC chips. The processing of ticket data from multiple service providers within an event is also possible with the GIGS IO Gate Pro.

Turnstile With Emergency Exit Function

Moreover, the built-in two-arm turnstile features an emergency exit function. In the event of a power failure or evacuation, the barrier arm automatically lowers, allowing passage through the barricade. We are happy to support with customized access concepts, take care of permits and technical implementation, facilitate integration with the existing ticketing system, and handle overall logistics.

Technical Data
Aluminum and stainless steel
Dimensions (l x w x h)
GIGS IO Gate Pro including two turnstiles: 1.09 × 1.90 × 1.18 m (43 × 75 × 46 in)
Standard opening of turnstile system: 0.57 m (22 in)
Emergency exit: 1.20 m (47 in)
GIGS IO Gate: Approx. 60 kg (132 lbs)
Turnstile: 38 kg (84 lbs)
Connecting elements
5 GIGS IO Gates per dolly
4 turnstiles per case
Optional Extras

Tailored barrier and access solutions guaranteed: As part of the eps GIGS series, the GIGS IO Gate Pro follows a modular construction principle. It is compatible with both the GIGS barriers and Line-up Gates of this series.

Stable and Seamlessly Integratable into the Barricade

Curved connectors which allow our turnstiles to be bolted together and seamlessly integrated into the barricade line, enclose the turnstile and terminal.


  • Compatible with all entry turnstiles and barriers from the GIGS series
  • Curved connectors that allow the entry turnstiles to be seamlessly bolted together and with GIGS barriers
  • Walkable and drivable ground and turf protection systems for all requirements
  • CAD drawings produced by eps, optimizing the planning process


The GIGS IO Gate Pro with the turnstile and integrated ticket scanner enables maximum transparency for contactless and hygienic controls


The modular design opens up flexible and individual solutions for safe inlets and outlets. Moreover, contactless and significantly hygiene-friendly access control helps protect against covid-19 and other diseases. Similarly, the GIGS IO Gate Pro reduces the workload of entrance personnel and security through automated access control.

Reduce Costs Significantly

Especially when combined with our GIGS IO Gate, costs can be significantly reduced. This is because entry and exit phases require not only workforce but also a lot of time and space for modifications. These are eliminated with the double line-up gate, which can automatically transform into an emergency exit.

Security Forces Deployed Optimally

Moreover, you can optimize processes and the deployment of security forces with this cost- and resource-saving combination. Incidentally, most visitors are drawn back to the entrance in an emergency. Thanks to the emergency exit function of the turnstile, the double gate remains suitable for emergency exits.

Advantages and Benefits arrow down
  • Maximum transparency and security: The GIGS IO Gate Pro provides detailed, tamper-proof information in real-time
  • Automated solution that enables contactless, much more hygienic access control and relieves the burden on admission personnel and security
  • Modular for flexible and custom-fit barrier solutions
  • Compatible with all standard ticketing systems
  • Particularly cost- and resource-saving
Application Details arrow down

The GIGS IO Gate Pro increases security at events of all kinds and contributes to successful crowd management both indoors and outdoors. Crowds and visitor flows can be monitored and controlled more effectively. The digital system can, for example, be used at stadium shows in the first or second wave breakers, for golden and platinum circles. It is also ideal for sports events in the second security ring or in venues with limited escape route capacities.

Employees Coordinate Better – Visitors Evacuate Safely

Tamper-proof information helps to know who, how many and where visitors are on the event site. This contributes significantly to security and is especially essential at large events with many visitors and multiple restricted areas. This information is also crucial for emergencies. Therefore, the GIGS IO Gate Pro is an ideal tool for safely coordinating staff and evacuating visitors.