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Flexible, Load-Bearing Solution for Curves in Barricade Lines

You can design direction changes within barricade lines without any hassles with the GIGS Vario angle element. Moreover, you can adapt this system to various stage shapes. Similarly, it is suitable for short, flat, or long curves. Thanks to a hinge in the central axis, you can bend the Vario Barricade to an angle of 60°. Moreover, you can also achieve any desired angle by assembling several variable corner elements.


  • Allows a positive or negative angle of up to 60°
  • Strong enough for main stage runs
  • Flexible enough to deliver unique configurations

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Stadium and Arena Shows
Sporting Events
Heavy-Duty Crowd Control Solutions

Special stage barricade issues? No problem. Our team has got the right solution for all your needs.


The GIGS Vario is available in silver unpainted aluminum or black powder-coated aluminum. We designed and built this system at eps’ Italian manufacturing division and constructed this system to meet CE Standards. Similarly, we regularly check our products’ quality and current condition.

Product Description

This element is stable and offers fireproof metal manufacturing. Therefore, the variable curve element can withstand stresses such as bad weather without any problems. Moreover, flattened floor slabs pointing to the audience prevent visitors from stumbling. It weighs around 44 kilograms (97 pounds). It is 1.09 meters (43 inches) long, 1.25 meters (49 inches) deep, and approximately 1.18 meters (46 inches) high.

Compatible With the Entire GIGS Series

We make our GIGS High Fence from transparent polycarbonate. This serves as a helpful extension. Therefore, the security staff can keep an eye on everything and maintain everything. Furthermore, you can combine the GIGS Vario with all other components in our GIGS range.

Technical Data
Dimensions (l x w x h)
1.09 × 1.25 × 1.18 m (43 × 49 × 46 in)
Approx. 44 kg (97 lbs)
Silver or Black
Additional Information
GIGS Varios are variable angle pieces. They allow to curve barricade lines in high pressure areas without creating trip hazards because of tapered foot plates.
10 per dolly
Optional Extras
  • The GIGS Vario is compatible with all other components from the GIGS range
  • Compatible with the GIGS High Fence made of transparent polycarbonate
  • Security staff can keep a watchful and protected view of all aspects of an event
  • Cable Protectors to safeguard equipment and audiences on the event floor
  • CAD design to help optimize the planning process


With the GIGS Vario, almost any angle can be converted into barricade lines, for example at “Parookaville” or at the P!nk concert in the Olympiastadion Berlin, Germany


You can create any angle right away with our GIGS Vario. Therefore, it will help manage the flow at large events and offer better security.

Advantages and Benefits arrow down
  • Allows a positive or negative angle of up to 60°
  • Strong enough for main stage runs
  • Flexible enough to deliver unique configurations
  • Optimal transport efficiency
  • 100 % recyclable materials
Application Details arrow down

You can build variable angles into barricade lines with the GIGS Vario. Moreover, the barricade element allows for optimal use of space with a high degree of flexibility.

Stable Angles in Barricade Lines

The construction of stable angles in barricade lines at highly frequented sports events, music festivals, or other major events becomes a challenge. The GIGS Vario can help you solve this challenge. Our flexible angle elements are suitable for big crowds.