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For Discreet Privacy and Security in And Around Backstage and VIP Areas

Our GIGS Sight Kill is suitable as an additional element for an opaque increase of barricade lines. It is ideal for creating separate private areas for busy sports or large events with big crowds. Moreover, it can protect athletes, artists, other VIPs, security personnel, or crew members.


  • Increases the overall height of the barrier to 2 m (78 in) from the footplate
  • Prevents crowding of access and egress routes by strategically obstructing views
  • Functions in angled configurations with the GIGS Vario

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Privacy Screen for VIP Areas
Supports Security Planning
Stadium and Arena Shows
Sporting Events
Heavy-duty Crowd Control Solutions

Special stage barricade issues? No problem. Our team has got for all your needs the right solution.


The GIGS Sight Kill element is made of a sturdy aluminum frame and an internal plastic plate, making it fire-resistant. We designed and built this fully CE Mark compliant system at eps’ Italian manufacturing division. The element is available in silver or black, just like other barricade modules in the GIGS series.

Product Description

The GIGS Sight Kill element has a width of 1.09 meters (43 inches) and a height of 0.91 meters (36 inches) from the upper edge of the underlying barricade. The darkened tops create an exceptionally high, opaque barrier, increasing the height to 2 meters (78 inches) from the footplate. The lightweight and pressure-resistant unit is compatible with barricades from the GIGS series.

Pressure-Stable, High Barricade Lines for Maximum Privacy

Our GIGS Sight Kill creates pressure-stable, high barricade lines that protect VIPs and other event participants from view. The 16.40-kilogram (36-pound) privacy screen elements are ideal for diagonal placement from above on corresponding barricades and can be securely fastened with extra-long screws. In addition to the standard version, we offer a variant for the GIGS Vario angle element.

Technical Data
Dimensions (l x w x h)
0.09 × 1.09 × 0.915 m (3 × 43 × 36 in)
Total: 0.09 × 1.09 × 2.10 m (3 × 43 × 82 in)
Approx. 16.4 kg (36 lbs)
Silver or Black
Additional Information
GIGS Sight Kills are an add-on that get mounted on top of the standard GIGS barricades. They function as an sight-line blocker of sensitive areas, like backstage VIP areas.
10 per dolly
Optional Extras
  • Compatible GIGS Sight Kill height extensions with GIGS Truck and Pedestrian GIGS Emergency Gates
  • The GIGS High Fence is a see-through element constructed from transparent polycarbonate. Therefore, security staff can constantly monitor and maintain safety and security. This is true regardless of configuration and works across all aspects of an event
  • Crowd Control Barriers
  • Temporary Fencing
  • Police Barriers
  • CAD design to help optimize the planning process


Increased safety: The GIGS Sight Kill creates separate sight protection areas, as shown here at the DFB Cup final in the Olympiastadion Berlin


Strategic sight obstruction with our GIGS Sight Kill can prevent crowding of access and egress routes. Moreover, the barricade attachments convince with high transport efficiency.

Advantages and Benefits arrow down
  • Increases the overall height of the barrier to 2 m (78 in) from the footplate
  • Prevents crowding of access and egress routes by strategically obstructing views
  • Functions in angled configurations with the GIGS Vario
  • Gate options available
  • Secure double-bolt connections
  • Easy and efficient transportation
  • 100 % recyclable materials
Application Details arrow down

You can easily attach the opaque GIGS Sight Kill accessories to compatible barricade modules from the GIGS series. This allows you to quickly set up well-shielded event areas, such as VIP areas or behind the stage.

Preventing Crowding with Sight Obstruction

In addition, these are suitable when the view of the stage must be obstructed at certain positions to prevent crowding and increase safety. GIGS Sight Kill can be essential for successful security concepts and is ideal for sporting events, music festivals, or other major events.