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Build VIP Areas, Golden Circles, And More

Our GIGS T-Barricade is a form-fitting and force-locking element. Therefore, it allows you to quickly and safely set up 90° branches. The T-junctions can branch both inside and outside the barricade line. Therefore, they are stable and ideal for the special requirements of big crowds and large events.


  • Form-fitting and force-locking element for stable T-junctions in barricade lines
  • Suitable for low-pressure areas and seated shows
  • 100 % recyclable materials
North & South America
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Special stage barricade issues? No problem. Our team has got the right solution for all your needs.


We designed and built the GIGS T-Barricade at eps’ Italian manufacturing division, made per CE Standard. Every batch goes through our rigorous tests. Therefore, this barrier element is pressure stable and robust, fire and weather-resistant. Moreover, these valuable properties also characterize this element of our GIGS series.

Product Description

The barricade is available in silver, and we make this from unpainted aluminum. Moreover, it is also available in black, and we make this from powder-coated aluminum. The high-quality and functional T-element is 0,78 meters (31 inches) long and 1.18 meters (46 inches) high.

Comfort During the Construction and the Breakdown

The weight is approximately 17.30 kilograms (38 pounds), making the element relatively light. Moreover, it also offers more comfort during the construction and the breakdown. As a component of the GIGS range, you can optimally combine the GIGS T-Barricade with the other elements of this modular barricade system.

Technical Data
Dimensions (l x w x h)
0.78 × 0.05 × 1.18 m (31 × 2 × 46 in)
 Approx. 17.3 kg (38 lbs)
Silver or black
Additional Information
GIGS T-Corners allow barricade lines to be connected at a 90° angle. They allow to build sections such as VIP areas within a barricade line.
Intended use 90° branch in both directions possible
20 per dolly
Optional Extras
  • The GIGS T-Barricade can be combined with all other components from our GIGS range
  • eps offers CAD design to help optimize the planning process


With the GIGS T-Barricade, interruptions at 90° angles and thus separate areas can be set up quickly and easily


Using our GIGS T-Barricade system, you can quickly create 90° branches with barrier configurations. Moreover, it can help you create smaller and separate subdivisions when dealing with large crowds.

Advantages and Benefits arrow down
  • Form-fitting and force-locking element for stable T-junctions in barricade lines
  • Suitable for low-pressure areas and seated shows
  • 100 % recyclable materials
Application Details arrow down

Our GIGS T-Barricade helps manage security and crowd flows. The T-connection element is ideal for subdividing an event area, such as delimiting the VIP area.

Delimitation Of VIP Areas And Golden Circles

You can also create Golden Circles near stages or other areas at concerts and large shows. This is possible with the help of this specific barricade module. Moreover, you can easily set up separate spaces within a barricade line with the GIGS T-Barricade.