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Load distributing foundations for stable cranes and more

Cranes or other construction machines that need appropriate support can stand securely with outrigger pads. Moreover, flawless support technology ensures smooth crane and construction work. Therefore, mobile crane footprints and outrigger pads provide the necessary foundation. Similarly, this foundation is essential for the successful erection of structures and plants of all kinds.

Optimum distribution of extreme point loads

Stable and load-bearing crane mats are necessary for installation on yielding or sensitive substrates. Moreover, you can optimally distribute extreme point loads with our heavy-duty HD Panels and Box Panels. Similarly, we make these from continuously cast aluminum. These can also protect floors.

The aluminum panels are ideal on many different substrates. However, these are especially ideal on soft ones. Moreover, these offer a wide range of applications.



The correct securing of a construction site is a top priority. Moreover, this includes a stable installation of mobile crane pads or other construction equipment. These outrigger pads are ideal for renewable energies, power transmission, or the construction of prefabricated buildings. Moreover, cranes are ideal for diverse areas. Therefore, we want to ensure adequate stabilization of these large, heavy machines.

Load distribution reduces pressure

We design and manufacture aluminum plates. Moreover, these increase the stability of cranes by guaranteeing ideal load distribution and traction. Similarly, you can firmly join these to form flat surfaces. You can also distribute the point loads emanating from the crane support over a larger area on such heavy-duty panels. Therefore, this reduces the pressure on the ground. Moreover, it counteracts compaction.

Safe working conditions for substructures

Ground protection panels provide crane support with a secure hold on soft subsoils such as lawns and forest floors. Moreover, these prevent slipping, sinking, or similar scenarios. Similarly, they also serve as a heavy-duty base for temporary structures. Moreover, they create stable access roads, compound areas, and temporary parking lots. Outrigger pads also create safe working conditions for heavy transporters and mobile cranes when giant crawler cranes are erected.


Temporary Roadway mats and outrigger pads are essential accessories for crane work. Moreover, our soil protection makes unpaved and paved soils passable without any problems. Similarly, it protects sensitive surfaces, avoids crop damage, and keeps crop losses to a minimum. Therefore, our HD Panels and Box Panels can be laid in a short time at almost any location. These can withstand the highest loads.

Best traction even in wet areas

HD panels promise particular stability. Moreover, they offer the best traction on freshly tilled fields, damp meadows, moorland, and other wetlands. This is possible due to their pronounced profiling. Moreover, they are ideal in water protection areas.

You can also lay down long and narrow plate sides together with this heavy-duty system. This allows the cover plates to be optimally matched to requirements.


Our less heavily profiled Box panels come with a smooth underside. Moreover, they have a convincing anti-slip effect. Similarly, the heavy-duty flooring stands out as highly adaptable in the direction of installation.

You can join Box panels together positively and non-positively and even seamlessly. Moreover, they are also ideal on firm and sensitive grounds. Similarly, they protect cobblestones and asphalt, tartan tracks, or stadium lawns.

Stability and load-bearing capacity

Like HD Panels, you can lay down Box Panels in multiple layers. Moreover, this allows you to improve stability and load-bearing capacity further. Our heavy-duty bases are also a helpful addition to other support panels. Similarly, these fully meet local conditions and individual requirements.


Under certain circumstances, a combination of both aluminum systems is also recommended. For example, if crane work involved in the refurbishment of overhead transmission line towers occurs in a marshy area. Therefore, it may be helpful to lay Box Panels on HD Panels. We have all the necessary accessories ready.

Our crane pads include additional protective underlays and various components. Moreover, these complement the ground protection solutions. These include, among others, ramps that allow for gentle ascents and descents.

Everything from a single source

Furthermore, we support you on request with all services from the preparation of professional construction site installation plans to assembly and dismantling work and final cleaning. Therefore, everything comes from a single source. You can only build many structures with cranes. Our strong outrigger pads and crane pads are ideal for all your requirements.