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Ground mats support climate protection

Ground mats for renewables: Construction projects of renewable energy sources are often subject to extremely high loads. Moreover, these loads require extremely resilient substrates. Therefore, our PistEco, HD Panels, and Box Panels ensure this. The heavy-duty bases guarantee maximum load-bearing capacity, load distribution, and traction. Moreover, for smaller construction measures within a solar park, Easymats create a gentle base on the ground.

Highly stable and safe paths

If electricity is generated from wind power, biogas, hydropower, or solar energy, this contributes to climate and environmental protection. Therefore, the expansion and maintenance of wind farms, hydropower plants, biogas, and solar plants are elementary for a sustainable energy supply.

Mats for solar farms support this by fulfilling the prerequisites for safe construction work. Moreover, they transport as highly stable paths and perfectly passable surfaces.



Renewable energy sources protect resources. Ground mats for renewables preserve natural areas and other subsoils. Moreover, we offer intelligent solutions for various soil types, for soft and firm, level, and bumpy soils. Similarly, these soil protection panels counteract land damage and soil compaction. Moreover, they increase the load-bearing capacity of the respective subsoil and ensure its trafficability.

Temporary roadways for wind turbines

Machine houses weighing tons, massive rotor blades, or other pre-assembled components of wind turbines or other climate-friendly power plants reach their destination undamaged on level, load-bearing construction site roads. Moreover, narrow passages can be mastered by widening roads with heavy-duty panels and extending curves. Similarly, these heavy-duty systems are also the perfect choice when erecting large cranes. For example, these are ideal as part of the construction of a wind power plant.

Footprints for solar parks

If smaller conversions are necessary on an open-space photovoltaic plant or a solar park, ground mats for renewables are suitable for light to medium loads. Moreover, you can dismantle the temporary roadways, access roads, and assembly areas without leaving any residue.


If you use ground mats for renewables, you are on the safe side. Moreover, you need to transport enormous construction elements during wind farm expansion or repowering. These may include replacing old power machines with modern wind turbines. Moreover, these heavy transports require the reinforcement of specific road sections and further traffic control measures.

Curve extensions, traffic islands, and narrow roads

Moreover, you can build narrow freeway exits, narrow roads, and curves or traffic islands in towns and villages with the cover plates. Similarly, there are the extreme heights to which you need to lift the large components. Moreover, you can only reach these by gigantic construction machines,  such as crawler cranes with meter-long jibs.

For extreme loads and vehicles

Heavy-duty roads are also ideal for the assembly of such cranes. Therefore, this means that low-loaders, mobile cranes, or other construction machinery are necessary for the erection of the wind turbines. Similarly, transporting the crane parts needed for this purpose can move around the site without any problems.


Ground mats for renewables: Since many of these power plants are located in meadows, fields, or forest floors, HD Panels or Box Panels are ideal. The aluminum panels we develop and manufacture can withstand the highest loads.

Comfortable with good traction

Even when it comes to wet areas and higher slopes, heavily profiled HD Panels provide good traction. Moreover, Box Panels are also suitable for pavement and asphalt. Similarly, Flexible PistEco adapts perfectly to the hollows of rutted forest and field paths. Therefore, it allows cranes to drive comfortably. Moreover, you can lay down the wide plastic panels remarkably quickly.

Safe on uneven surfaces

Heavy-duty roadway slabs create safe access roads for hydroelectric power plants, solar power stations, or biogas plants. Moreover, large-scale solar power plants often require kilometer-long construction roads. Therefore, Easymats support reconstruction work on the solar park site for lighter loads. Moreover, you can join the highly flexible plastic by hand. Similarly, these are ideal on soft and firmer, and even uneven surfaces.


Recycled, recyclable materials are ideal whenever possible in the manufacture of ground covers. A multi-layer installation provides additional stabilization. Moreover, the addition of a second cover system is also helpful. For example, placing Box Panels on top of HD Panels in marsh areas is ideal.

Protective underlays and ramps

We provide protective underlays, valuable components such as ramps for gentle ascents and descents, and necessary accessories. Moreover, we are happy to support anyone who organizes and carries out heavy-duty transport with temporary road construction if required.

Safe and environmentally friendly

On request, we can take care of comprehensive services. Therefore, we can handle site layout plans, construction and dismantling work, and final cleaning – even for any other project. Mobile construction roads renewable energies: let’s break new, safe, and environmentally friendly ground together.