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Prevention during operations in protectable woodlands

People are moving towards sustainable forest management. Moreover, special protection is also necessary for the soil. Therefore, we offer practical swamp mats to prevent soil compaction and field damage.

Forestry work means heavy labor. Moreover, heavy construction machinery has to cope with heavy loads. Therefore, mobile ground protection plates and root protection panels should withstand a lot.

They are ideally suited for unpaved, soft subsoils.

We offer HD Panels, Box Panels, and the PistEco ground protection system. These can withstand extreme point loads. Moreover, they are also suitable for unpaved, soft subsoils.

The heavy-duty wetland mats ensure ideal load distribution and traction. Remopla can also withstand the highest loads. Moreover, we offer flexible Easymats and honeycomb Hexagon for lighter loads.



Intense storms in the fall or spring often cause extensive damage in forests. Moreover, these fallen or broken trees are removed later on. So, heavy-duty soils create non-slip, heavy-duty paths for construction machinery and vehicles.

Moreover, forest soils receive the best possible protection. Therefore, it ensures an intact water balance. Similarly, it also offers good aeration for healthy root growth.

Safe paths for heavily loaded trucks

Silviculture involves many operations. Moreover, these often require heavy timber harvesters, logging tractors, or other forestry machinery. For example, these are ideal for felling, delimbing and cutting, or moving logs to collection sites.

In addition to timber harvesting, the establishment, regeneration, and maintenance of tree stands, road construction also places high demands on soil protection. Moreover, one of the purposes of creating and paving forest roads is to pave safe removal routes for heavily loaded logging trucks. This is also popular with walkers.

Ground protection systems provide stability

In short, swamp mats provide stability. Moreover, these are also ideal for the construction and maintenance of refuges. Similarly, these work well for forest recreation facilities, forest adventure centers, or other forest educational facilities from the forestry technology sector.


Safety for people and machines is a top priority for us. Moreover, the transport of long logs is a particular challenge in mountainous regions. Similarly, heavy transport usually leads over twisting roads. Therefore, semi-trailers or long log trucks have to drive through narrow curves. Moreover, they also have to drive over other constrictions in the valley.

Widening curves and roads

Swamp mats: With PistEco or the aluminum panels by eps, you can extend curves and paths widened. At the same time, the heavy-duty panels ensure trafficability—even soggy and muddy trails.

Our strongly profiled HD Panels can even cope with higher gradients. In addition, special attention is paid to floodplain forests, bogs, or similar biotopes in near-natural forestry. If the use of machines in wetlands is unavoidable, HD Panels can help there as well.


Wetland mats open up temporary walkways, access roads, work and parking areas, or parking lots. Moreover, they also support the creation of treetop trails, high ropes courses, or other construction projects that serve leisure and recreation.

Similarly, you can firmly connect the roadway slabs to create level surfaces and construction site roads. Therefore, the selection of a ground protection solution must be based on the specific nature of the ground. It should also be based upon the forces acting on it.

Stable foundations and outrigger pads for lifting platforms

Remopla is also ideal for implementing heavy-duty roads. Moreover, the rubber is ideal for level, solid ground. Similarly, you can lay these down quickly and easily by hand. The same applies to Easymats and Hexagon.

These flexible plastic wetland mats can withstand medium-heavy loads. Moreover, they adapt perfectly to both soft and hard surfaces and uneven surfaces. In some cases, they even allow asymmetrical surfaces. Therefore, Easymats serve as stable foundations for lifting platforms for arborists working in agriculture and forestry.


We carry various floor covers. Moreover, these are made from recycled, recyclable materials. A multi-layer installation provides additional stability and load-bearing capacity. Therefore, a combination of different floor cover systems also proves to be a sensible solution in some cases.

If desired, we can support you with comprehensive services ranging from planning to transport, assembly and disassembly, and final cleaning. Moreover, we also offer our floor protection material for short-term or long-term rental. Similarly, we also offer swamp mats for self-collectors.

Support sustainable raw material production

Moreover, we also provide additional protective underlays, additional components such as curve elements or ramps, and all other necessary utensils. Together, we can support sustainable raw material production under soil-conserving conditions and wood as a renewable energy source—our solution for you: swamp mats.