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Stable ground protection solutions for outdoor storage areas, outrigger pads, and temporary parking lots

Ground Mats for compound areas protect the floor and increases its load-bearing capacity. The sturdy floor protection panels can be joined together to form firm, level parking and compound areas.

Among other things, they are used as temporary parking spaces or storage areas for containers. They also increase the stability of cranes, working platforms, and other construction equipment.

Optimally distribute loads

We offer temporary floor protection systems that distribute loads optimally and ensure a high degree of slip resistance at a wide variety of locations. PistEco, our HD Panels, and Box Panels are the ideal choice for heavy point loads on unpaved ground.

Quick covers for lighter loads can be implemented with manual ground protection solutions such as Easymats and Hexagon. Suitable for heavy loads and can also be laid by hand: Sensitive substrates receive special protection with Remopla.



Temporary parking lots for cars, trucks, other transport vehicles, crane and scissor lift outrigger pads, or storage areas: Ground protection mats offer a wide range of applications. And the substrates on which they lie are also diverse.

That’s why we have a wide range of cover systems for soft and hard, natural and artificial, level and bumpy ground. The more yielding the construction site, the more crucial stabilizing soil protection becomes.

Load-bearing substructures, compound and storage areas

For example, on meadows and fields, the panels open up load-bearing assembly and fallback areas for the heavy and oversized components needed for crane superstructures in front of wind turbines. The mats create optimum working conditions for assembly work that requires a clean substrate.

Furthermore, they open up new space for versatile logistics areas. Or they serve as solid foundations for office and construction containers or other temporary structures.

Safety and environmental awareness

Ground covers ensure slip resistance and stability. And safety is a crucial principle of our company.

However, this principle guides our actions just as much as our solid environmental awareness. And ground cover systems effectively counteract land damage and soil compaction at the same time.


Asphalt or concrete, tartan or stadium turf, forest or arable land? In addition to the type of load, it is above all the subsoil condition that provides an answer to which ground protection system is suitable.

The HD Panels and Box Panels developed and manufactured by eps are especially suitable for soft soils, and in some cases, also for sloping terrain. The relatively light aluminum panels perform heavy-duty work. Cranes used to erect large containers, for example, benefit from the first-class traction.

The nuts and bolts of crane operation

Stable erection and support are the be-all and end-all of crane operation. The profiled crane support plates provide the supports with more surface area on which the point loads can be better distributed. In this way, the heavy-duty plates reduce ground pressure and protect the ground.

In addition, non-slip PistEco is also convincing as surface protection suitable for heavy loads. The flexible plastic floor covering adapts perfectly to uneven surfaces.


When things have to be done remarkably quickly, manual ground mats are the ideal solution. Easymats or Hexagon are easy to lay by hand. The flexible plastic paving slabs adapt very well to soft but also firmer and uneven ground. They are suitable for light to medium loads.

Easymats create resilient foundations for lifting work or lifting platforms. Honeycomb Hexagon, which can even create asymmetrical surface shapes, is often used for car parking.

The safe base for riskier activities

Remopla proves to be a manual solution of the highest load-bearing capacity for flat surfaces. The soft rubber mats protect the sensitive surfaces of tartan tracks or small pavements and can even be used on ice surfaces or indoor sports hall floors.

Work with chemicals or similarly risky activities such as welding can be carried out well on the robust, heavy-duty floor, considered flame-retardant.


For very heavy loads and difficult subsoil, a multi-layer installation can increase stability and floor load-bearing capacity. A combination of different floor protection models can also be helpful.

We have curved elements, bridge elements, or ramps that enable gentle ascents and descents. In addition to the additional components, we also provide protective underlays such as PE film or mats made of rubber granulate.

Recycled, recyclable materials

We offer our floor protection products for both short-term and long-term rental. Moreover, they are mostly made of recycled, recyclable materials.

In addition, we take care of comprehensive services upon request, from project planning to transport, installation, dismantling, and final cleaning. A good foundation is everything: surface protection.