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Stable surfaces for work above the floor

Scissor Lift pads enable optimum distribution of loads and stability. If everything is impeccably secured on the ground, you can carry out construction work at dangerous heights easily. Floor protection panels for working platforms of all types and soft and hard substrates create stable foundations. Moreover, the covered ground receives the best possible protection.

Matching the ground conditions and loads

The ground protection solution should match the subsoil conditions. Moreover, it should also match the loads associated with the attachments and chassis. Therefore, our HD Panels and Box Panels, and PistEco can handle the heaviest loads.

Remopla is also suitable for heavy loads. Moreover, it is ideal for indoors. Easymats and Hexagon are ideal for lighter loads, especially when things have to move quickly.



In addition to the precise alignment of the supports, it is also essential to have suitable floor protection systems. Moreover, it ensures that the work surfaces do not tip over. We, at eps, are skilled in offering safe working conditions at all times.

Ground Mats as scissor lift pads contribute to greater safety in various areas. Therefore, these are ideal for gardening and landscaping, forestry, road construction, power transmission, or renewable energy.

Ideal conditions for roofing work and more

For example, you can delimb treetops under ideal conditions. Moreover, you can also carry out repairs, painting, facade, or roof work safely. Similarly, you can maintain traffic lights and street lamps and install solar systems.

Various models are in use on numerous construction sites. Moreover, we offer everything, such as vertically extendable scissor lift pads to long-reach, rotating, and swiveling articulated telescopic lifts, and maneuverable tracked lifts.

Perfect access and parking areas

However, you can reduce the different applications to a common denominator. Moreover, lifting platforms provide easy access to difficult to reach places and obstacles that have to be bridged.

Similarly, floor plates open up perfect access. Moreover, these create temporary parking areas for the mobile platforms and the truck, trailer, or other chassis. Similarly, surface protection prevents damage to the ground, soil compaction, and damage to sensitive surfaces.


Covering systems such as Remopla, flat Easymats, or honeycomb Hexagon are suitable for short-term work assignments. These are also ideal for small quantities. Moreover, you can easily lay these by hand and get these ready for use in a very short time. Similarly, you can avoid noise emissions as far as possible.

Thanks to their high flexibility, Easymats and Hexagon adapt excellently to uneven surfaces. The plastic sheets support light to medium loads on soft and firmer subsoils. Arborists use Easymats as substructures for aerial work platforms, i.e., cherry pickers or climbers.

Ground mats for sensitive and smooth floors

Similarly, the Remopla manual heavy-duty rubber mats protect flat and preferably sensitive surfaces. Moreover, these are ideal for indoors. For example, a lifting platform such as the telescopic mast work platform is often ideal on smooth floors of factory halls.

An access platform is also the method of choice for cleaning large glass facades in shopping malls. Moreover, the same applies to the installation of advertising and decorations or installations on ceilings.


Scissor lift pads: Thorough support techniques are necessary when the floor is highly yielding or very sensitive. Ground Mats, such as our HD Panels and Box Panels, ensure load-bearing capacity and protection.

Moreover, they create the necessary footprints. Similarly, extreme point loads can be better distributed. Like the PistEco heavy-duty floor, we develop and manufacture aluminum panels for soft floors.

Stability and slip-resistance on rough areas

Suppose work has to be carried out on mobile phone towers. In that case, we offer our profiled aluminum panels offer truck-mounted platforms. Moreover, these are ideal for wind turbines or other high installations in impassable or swamp areas. Similarly, these offer the best possible stability and slip resistance. HD Panels are also ideal on slopes.

Box Panels come with a smooth underside. Moreover, these are also suitable for asphalt and paved surfaces. Similarly, these are ideal for surfaces requiring protection, such as tartan or stadium turf. The flexible plastic cover PistEco copes very well with trough-shaped terrains such as rutted forests and field paths.


Construction workers need non-slip standing and storage surfaces on the ground or in the air. These are ideal for workers, their tools, and components. Moreover, you can join floor coverings together in a stable and level manner to provide firm footing. It may be advisable to install multiple layers or even a combination of different floor protection models. Similarly, this combination offers the greatest possible stability and load-bearing capacity.

Achieve higher goals

We keep all the necessary utensils, additional protective underlays, and supplementary construction elements on hand. Moreover, we will take care of comprehensive services, from planning to transport and installation to final cleaning. We want to support you in reaching higher goals: Scissor lift pads.