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The secure basis for general network expansion

Ground Mats Power Transmission: High-performance ground protection panels support the conversion and extension of power lines. Moreover, these lead the energy turnaround to success. Similarly, electricity from renewable energies has to travel long distances to reach the sockets in your homes. Our transmission and telecom line work help with that.

Power Transmission lines or underground cables ensure the supply of electricity. Moreover, cranes, excavators, and other construction machinery are running at full speed to drive forward the power grid expansion. Therefore, our Pipeline Mats Midstream Construction is an ideal solution.

Stabilizing and protecting the ground

Sometimes, less heavy equipment is in use. Therefore, our Ground Mats Power Transmission stabilizes and protects the subsoil. Our HD Panels and Box Panels are suitable for heavy loads. PistEco can withstand the heaviest loads. Moreover, it also makes speedy and cost-effective conversions possible.



The same applies to transmission line construction and pipeline mats midstream construction. Moreover, a large proportion of construction projects pose extreme challenges for people and machinery. Therefore, people have to pull oversized and heavy components of overhead line towers into the air. Similarly, they have to lay long pipes and cables underground.

For such and similar tasks, a well-thought-out ground protection solution creates safe framework and working conditions. Moreover, this is because it provides a load-bearing surface. Similarly, it offers the best possible protection for the ground.

Optimum traction even on wet soil

As part of a complex sewer rehabilitation project, cover systems can help maintain drainage channels. Moreover, these ensure optimal load distribution and traction even on wet or sloping terrain.

Construction projects in pipeline buildings require extensive earthworks or drilling. Moreover, this ensures that oil or gas transport, water, sewage, electricity, telecommunications, or district heating pipelines run efficiently. Therefore, the roadways provide temporary access routes along the often long sections of the construction site.

Stable, even access roads and assembly areas

Road construction also plays a crucial role in the construction of high-voltage pylons. Ground mats power transmission creates stable access roads and assembly areas. Moreover, it offers optimum conditions for heavy transports.


Our options are ideal for huge cable bundles, tower elements, or construction machinery. Heavy loads reach their destination more easily on heavy-duty floors. Moreover, you can use heavy-duty plates to widen paths and extend curves.

Moreover, ground mats power transmission that bends in all directions, such as PistEco, adapt excellently to unevenness, such as the hollows of extended dirt roads. Similarly, the wide plastic panels also allow cranes to travel comfortably.

Non-conductive floors for power line maintenance work

Non-conductive ground mats power transmission provides a safe surface for power transmission or pipeline work. A particular advantage of PistEco is the high speed of installation.

Rapid rebuilds in successive construction phases happen without difficulty. Moreover, it will reduce rental costs. Therefore, the material scope can be adapted to transmission line towers that have to be accessible simultaneously.


For tower installations or other construction projects that are part of line construction, the surrounding area must always be considered. Construction work in forests or mountains often requires logistical master accomplishments.

Ground mats power transmission for power transmission also have to be adapted to the nature of the respective subsoil. The heavy-duty aluminum systems offer a strong grip on the unpaved ground. Moreover, eps develops and manufactures this option.

Non-slip roadways and crane outrigger pads

Our profiled HD Panels and Box Panels offer the best traction on meadows and forest floors, among other things. Moreover, this creates non-slip access roads and crane parking areas. Similarly, HD Panels are suitable for freshly tilled or wet fields, swamps, and other wetlands. They also master higher gradients effortlessly.

When it comes to concrete or wooden poles in villages or other construction work for which lighter construction equipment is sufficient, Easymats again come into question. Moreover, the highly flexible plastic mats adapt ideally to uneven surfaces. Similarly, these are ideal for soft and firmer ground.


The individual systems offer various combination options. Moreover, these include crane outrigger pads made of aluminum panels and subsequent access roads made of PistEco. Similarly, the multi-layer installation provides additional stability. Therefore, it is also possible with different covers, such as Box Panels on HD Panels in swamp areas. On request, we can take care of all services such as laying or final cleaning. Moreover, we provide additional tools, underlays, and components such as ramps for gentle access and exit.

Smooth supply

Our environment and safe working conditions are the keys to our work. Moreover, ground protection systems make even difficult subsoils passable. Similarly, they counteract land damage and soil compaction. Therefore, we provide support for the expansion of power grids and more. Ground mats power transmission: Let’s ensure a smooth supply together.