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Design and maintain green areas in a soil-friendly manner

Temporary roads provide the foundation for good traffic connections. Moreover, they allow heavy transport vehicles, earthmoving, and road-building machinery to drive over them safely during road construction work. Similarly, they contribute to the maintenance and expansion of traffic routes.

Growing environmental awareness also has an impact on road and path construction. Therefore, soil-conserving construction measures are becoming increasingly important.

Made for the extremes

We offer ground protection panels and temporary roads for any load and a wide variety of substrates. These include temporary access roads made of plastic or rubber, such as PistEco or Remopla. Moreover, these can withstand the highest loads. Easymats and Hexagon are suitable for lighter loads. Our HD Panels and Box Panels made of aluminum are made for the extremes.



If vehicles, their drivers, and their loads reach their destination safely and as quickly as possible, this also boosts economic progress. Moreover, the requirement for this is a well-developed road network. Therefore, temporary roads are necessary for this.

Temporary access roads are required to keep construction site traffic flowing, sufficient, and viable. Mobile construction roads provide ideal load distribution and traction. Moreover, they create favorable conditions for the smooth delivery and removal of construction materials. The subsoil, soft or firm, is protected in the best possible way.

Safety for all types of road work

Temporary roads provide optimum protection for the site and construction area. Moreover, this is true when it comes to protecting sensitive substrates. Similarly, they prevent soiling and damage caused by mechanical loads and serve. For example, they offer help as pavement protection in innercity areas.

In many places, the cover plates prove to be adequate asphalt protection. Moreover, this is because asphalt roads tend to develop ruts under heavy loads. Similarly, protective plates increase soil load-bearing capacity. Moreover, they increase safety during road work of all kinds. So, these are ideal when it involves repairs, construction of new roads and intersections, drainage, or road equipment.


Temporary Roads reduce dust pollution on dry ground. Similarly, resilient flooring keeps vehicles from getting stuck or sinking in on the unpaved ground. Moreover, our range includes various floor protection solutions made of different materials.

Plastic floor protection panels: These panels offer high flexibility and slip resistance. Moreover, they are used on soft as well as firmer and also uneven surfaces.

Solutions for light and heavy loads

Easymats and Hexagon can withstand light to medium-heavy loads. Moreover, a honeycomb floor protection mat like Hexagon allows for asymmetrical surfaces. Similarly, heavy-duty PistEco conforms excellently to troughs.

Moreover, rubber ground protection mats, such as Remopla, are suitable for heavy loads. Similarly, they are convincing as cobble protection, among other things. The soft cobblestone protection mats are ideal on small pavements in pedestrian zones. Therefore, the temporary roads prevent abrasion of the sensitive surface.


On the one hand, new or upgraded roads serve to improve traffic connections. However, on the other hand, they bring several challenges. These include noise emissions.

If noise barriers exist along freeways or federal highways, our HD Panels and Box Panels provide strong support. Moreover, the aluminum panels create highly stable, non-slip crane parking areas and access roads. Similarly, these are ideal for cranes and other construction machinery that carry out work behind the walls instead of the roadside.

Transport safely large and heavy loads

If temporary roads support excavators, trucks, and other heavy vehicles, the primary requirements are good load-distributing properties. Moreover, these offer a non-slip texture. Our profiled aluminum heavy-duty plates are suitable for soft floors.

Even SPMTs, self-propelled modular transporters,  carry vast and heavy loads during bridge shifts. Moreover, these can move on them without hesitation. Even on sloping terrain, HD Panels ensure trafficability.


Would you like to rent temporary roads? Moreover, we offer different options for a shorter or longer period. Similarly, we offer pure material rental and complete packages.

On request, we can take over comprehensive services. Therefore, we can handle the preparation of professional site installation plans, transport, assembly and dismantling work, and final cleaning.

Get the traffic flowing

To further optimize load-bearing capacity and stability, you can lay down temporary roads in multiple layers. Occasionally, it is advisable to combine different covering systems.

We offer all accessories, ramps, or other components and PE foil, mats made of rubber granulate, or different additional protective underlays required. On construction sites, temporary roads keep the traffic flowing.