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Support heavy containers and protect sensitive floors

Anyone who relies on ground mats for storage areas benefits in several respects. Moreover, cover panels offer the best slip and stability safety. Similarly, they ensure adequate surface protection.

Container surfaces are gaining importance. These are ideal on yielding or sensitive floors. Moreover, they increase floor load-bearing capacity. Similarly, they protect surfaces. Therefore, they may save time and costs for repairing the damage that has occurred.

Heavy-duty panels for different substrates

Therefore, we carry several heavy-duty floor protection systems. Moreover, you can use these to implement load-bearing parking spaces for heavy load containers. Similarly, we make these from different materials and for various substrates.

Our Box panels are made of aluminum. Moreover, they open up a wide range of applications. PistEco, pathway panels made of plastic, impress with flexibility. Rubber mats like Remopla are ideal for indoors.



Everything has its place. Similarly, this also applies to the construction site equipment. You must store construction materials of all kinds appropriately. Moreover, construction debris, topsoil, gravel, or other bulk materials require appropriate skip containers or skips.

Similarly, each construction waste container or other material container belongs in a logistically suitable position. Mobile storage plates ensure the load-bearing capacity of such locations. Therefore, they contribute to regulated construction work.

Secure containers the best possible way

You can set up sufficient storage areas in no time and almost anywhere with the ground mats for storage areas. The profiled support plates promise ideal load distribution and reliable support. Therefore, they provide the best possible protection for heavy roll-off containers. Moreover, they serve as excellent foundations for temporarily erected promotional containers in inner-city areas or malls.

Prevent land damage and soil compaction

Ground mats for storage areas are ideal for roll-off containers, construction containers, or office containers. Moreover, these offer protection and safety. These are ideal for heavyweight containers on unpaved, soft, or sensitive ground.

A container parking area constructed prevents damage to the ground, soil compaction, and possible sinking. Moreover, soil protection prevents soiling and damage to sensitive surfaces. Therefore, it eliminates the need for time-consuming and costly renaturation or repairs that might otherwise occur.


We have developed our Box Panels for weighty loads. Moreover, they provide highly resilient and non-slip surfaces. Similarly, these are ideal for yielding forest floors, meadows, and farmland. However, the profiled aluminum panels have a smooth underside and are versatile.

For example, you can also use these on asphalt surfaces or sensitive synthetic surfaces, such as tartan. Moreover, they also serve as adequate pavement protection. Therefore, you can join the aluminum panels together with a positive and non-positive fit. This creates even, stable and seamless surfaces.

Good leveling of minor irregularities

PistEco is ideal for creating stable container surfaces on soft substrates. Moreover, the heavy-duty system offers non-slip and weather-resistant properties. Similarly, the flexible and highly adaptable plastic panels can quickly level out minor unevenness.


Containers also stand particularly securely on studded Remopla. Moreover, a significant advantage of this floor protection solution is that you can lay down the soft, robust rubber panels at top speed by hand. Moreover, the heavy-duty floor uses a flame-retardant mat and requires no screws at all.

Applications possible indoors

This results in absolutely edge-free container storage areas. Moreover, you can use them on firm lawns, tartan tracks, or small pavements with this floor covering. The floor protection system primarily protects for even sensitive but still load-bearing surfaces.

Moreover, it is ideal for indoors. Similarly, if local conditions require, the rubber mats can be cut to size.


We support you regardless of the period involved in a planned container installation. Moreover, we offer our ground mats for storage areas for short and long-term rental. Similarly, we are happy to take care of site setup plans, transportation and relocation, and many other services required as part of the project.

Everything stays in place

Depending on the subfloor conditions and load requirements, a multi-layer installation may be appropriate. Moreover, this gives the container storage area additional stability and load-bearing capacity. Therefore, we provide components such as ramps and the necessary accessories.

This also includes PE film, non-woven geotextile, or other supplementary underlays. Moreover, this help protect the subsoil. So everything stays in its place: ground mats for storage areas.