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Ground Mats offer parking facilities in almost any place

You can realize temporary parking lots for cars, trucks, or other transport vehicles at almost any location with little time and effort. Moreover, this solution is called ground protection. Similarly, you can connect floor protection panels to form load-bearing temporary parking areas in no time at all.

Therefore, they provide the necessary parking spaces on construction sites. Moreover, they also protect and stabilize unpaved open areas. Similarly, these areas serve as temporary parking lots for residents during construction work.

A quick remedy for parking space shortage

We stock ground protection mats for different loads and substrates. Moreover, Remopla can create parking spaces for heavy loads. Similarly, PistEco or our HD Panels and Box Panels are also ideal for this. Moreover, it all depends on the subsoil. Hexagon and Easymats provide a speedy remedy for parking space shortages when it comes to light to medium-heavy loads.



Ideally, parking facilities should always be available in sufficient quantity everywhere. Moreover, mobile parking spaces are in demand where there is a shortage of paved parking spaces. Therefore, appropriate covers open up temporary parking lots for motor vehicles of all kinds. They ensure safe access. Moreover, they offer optimum load-bearing capacity at almost any location. These are ideal for meadows, fields, or other unpaved surfaces.

Safe parking for valuable vehicles and construction machinery

You can safely park valuable vehicles and construction machinery on a parking area made of sturdy cover plates. Moreover, this is because the floor panels protect against getting stuck. Similarly, these also protect against sinking into the subsoil in wind and weather. Therefore, they create surfaces with first-class load distribution and traction. At the same time, the covered ground is protected in the best possible way.

Parking on soft and hard surfaces

With suitable soil protection solutions, you can avoid field damage, soil compaction, and crop losses. Moreover, the temporary parking areas guarantee parking possibilities on soft, yielding subsoils. Similarly, they create safe parking areas on hard surfaces. Moreover, they prevent soiling and damage. Therefore, you can optimally protect sensitive surfaces in this way.


Ground Mats from our range prove adequate surface protection. Moreover, these are ideal for smaller parking spaces and large-scale temporary parking lots. Therefore, you can implement any parking space quickly and easily. The construction process is speedy with paving slabs that can be laid by hand.

Easymats or Hexagon is ideal if a car parking space is necessary at short notice. Moreover, the highly flexible and weather-resistant plastic tiles adapt excellently to even uneven surfaces. Similarly, they are ideal on a soft lawn and firmer ground.

Manual system for high loads

Honeycomb hexagon allows for asymmetrical surface shapes. You can lay down temporary parking areas at top speed with Remopla. It is a heavy-duty manual system. Moreover, the soft rubber panels withstand high loads. Similarly, they protect mainly flat and sensitive surfaces.


Heavy-duty panels come into play when temporary parking lots or other parking for heavy vehicles is necessary. These include PistEco, a heavy-duty plastic floor, and HD Panels and Box Panels made of aluminum that we design and manufacture. Moreover, they handle the heaviest loads. Similarly, the aluminum panels are suitable for soft subfloors.

Most excellent possible protection for sensitive floors

The pronounced profiling of the HD Panels promises excellent traction. Moreover, you can use these on very damp or sloping terrain. However, Box Panels have a smooth underside. Therefore, these are ideal on firm asphalt or paved surfaces. Sensitive soils receive the most excellent possible protection.

PistEco panels are very flexible. Therefore, these are the preferred choice when it comes to overcoming hollows or other unevenness.


Providing adequate temporary parking areas ensures safety and an excellent working atmosphere. Therefore, these are ideal on the construction site and elsewhere. Moreover, the floor protection solution must match the nature of the subsoil and the type of load.

You can also lay down several layers on top of each other. Moreover, this can increase the stability and load-bearing capacity. Likewise, a combination of different floor coverings is possible.

Ramps for gentle ascents and descents

We have everything necessary for laying the floor. This includes additional gentle underlays, ramps for gentle ascents and descents, and other components and utensils. Moreover, we can take care of all the necessary services. Therefore, we can handle project planning, transport, laying, and final cleaning. Similarly, we offer our equipment for short-term and long-term rental. Temporary parking lots provide satisfaction.