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Fast, ecological and flexible solutions

We offer ground mats for prefabricated buildings. Moreover, you can use prefabricated soil protection panels instead of gravel, asphalt, or other materials for temporary roads. Therefore, you can save time. Moreover, every contractor knows that time is money.

Similarly, fast, ecological, and flexible solutions are on the rise. Therefore, ground protection and prefabricated and modular construction have a lot in common.

Soil-friendly access roads and parking areas

You can erect modular buildings in the shortest possible time. Moreover, you can enjoy low costs and environmental compatibility. Similarly, you can create load-bearing, soil-friendly access roads and parking areas with cover plates in no time.

Moreover, our ground mats for prefabricated buildings, such as PistEco or our HD Panels and Box Panels, withstand the highest loads. Similarly, these are easy to lay by hand. Remopla, Easymats, and Hexagon are ready for use in no time.



Speed is of the essence when it comes to medical facilities. Moreover, these include mobile vaccination stations and laboratories or refugee accommodation. Therefore, ground mats for prefabricated buildings are ideal for these situations.

Moreover, these open up temporary construction roads, crane outrigger pads, and assembly platforms in the fastest possible way. Similarly, this is necessary for the assembly of containers or building complexes in modular or prefabricated construction. Therefore, they guarantee safe access for low loaders, cranes, or other construction machinery on any ground.

How modules reach their destination safely?

Moreover, the individual containers, modules, or prefabricated components arrive intact at their destination. You can erect and assemble them under optimum conditions.

Modular construction offers almost unlimited possibilities. Similarly, residential buildings, kindergartens, schools or other educational institutions, hospitals and care facilities, showrooms, halls, or other commercial buildings are possible in this way.

Perfect access routes and parking areas

Ground mats for prefabricated buildings assist in setting up multi-story container facilities on large construction sites. Moreover, these provide employees with offices, meeting rooms, accommodations, changing rooms, and sanitary areas.


It often concerns urban areas that require space-saving and flexible space solutions. Therefore, there are hard floors that need protection during transport. Moreover, these need protection during the erection of prefabricated and modular buildings. Similarly, narrow spaces have to be overcome.

Our specially developed and manufactured HD Panels and Box Panels made of aluminum are suitable for heavy transport and crane parking. Moreover, these are ideal for construction site access or crane support panels. Similarly, these heavy-duty panels promise ideal load distribution and traction.

Prevent abrasion of sensitive surfaces

Box Panels are particularly suitable for solid surfaces such as pavement and asphalt. Otherwise, our aluminum panels and PistEco, a floor covering made of plastic, make mainly yielding surfaces passable for heavily loaded vehicles.

Ground Mats for prefabricated buildings prevent dirt and abrasion of sensitive surfaces. Likewise, suitable covers avoid floor damage and compaction.


Easymats or Hexagon are flexible and manually lay-able plastic pathway panels. Moreover, these carry light to medium loads. Similarly, these adapt perfectly to uneven surfaces. Therefore, they are ideal on soft but also firmer floors. Moreover, the honeycomb Hexagon allows asymmetrical surface shapes to be laid.

Choose between different systems

You can also lay Remopla by hand. Moreover, the heavy-duty, soft rubber sheets protect sensitive surfaces. Therefore, they are suitable for even surfaces. Similarly, the heavy-duty flooring is even ideal for ice rinks or other indoor locations.

Sometimes, it is advisable to combine different systems. For example, you can use Remopla to level the floor at the appropriate points. Moreover, you can lay a track made of aluminum panels on top.


Every construction project places different demands on a soil protection solution. Moreover, the subsurface properties of the construction site and the special load requirements play a decisive role in the decision.

Similarly, we provide support with comprehensive services. Therefore, we can handle the planning and preparation of professional site installation plans, transport, assembly, and disassembly. Moreover, we keep all accessories, supplementary documents, and components such as ramps for gentle access and exit in stock.

Crucial: Duration of use of ground protection mats

As a rule, the duration of construction roadways in erecting prefabricated buildings, containers, and modular buildings is relatively short. Therefore, why should you invest in an expensive asphalt haul when the construction and dismantling of our covers only take a short time?

Especially against this background, one thing quickly becomes clear. A quick soil protection solution is worth its weight in gold. Economical and stable: Ground Mats for Prefabricated Buildings.