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Heavy-Duty Protection for Fire Hoses and Large Cables

The Defender XXL cable cover is designed to provide robust protection for large-diameter hoses and cables. It is capable of withstanding heavy loads, making it suitable for pedestrian and heavy vehicle traffic, ensuring safe crossing.


  • Protects cables on the ground, guests, personnel, and equipment
  • Suitable for 2.50 in fire hoses
  • It comes with five cable ducts

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  • USA

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Construction Sites
Cable Routing Across Driveways
Laying Through Audience Areas
Multicore Cable Routing to FOH

Special cable protectors issues? No problem. Our team has got for all your needs the right solution.


The Defender XXL cable cover features five cable ducts, with three of them designed to accommodate power cables and fire hoses up to 6.20 centimeters (2.50 inches) in diameter.

Product Description

Made from durable and recyclable polyurethane, this cable protector is resistant to oil, acid, and gasoline. It comes in black housing with a yellow cover, providing high visibility and a signaling effect with its bright color scheme.

With Channels of Different Sizes

Each cable bridge element is 69.60 centimeters wide (27.20 inches) and 8.70 centimeters high (3.40 inches), weighing approximately 21.30 kilograms (46.90 pounds). It can cover a length of 70 centimeters (27.60 inches) and features channels of different sizes, ranging from 6 to 6.20 centimeters wide (2.36 to 2.48 inches) and 5.90 to 6.50 centimeters high (2.32 to 2.56 inches), depending on the size.

Slip-Resistant Surfaces

The Defender XXL cable cover has a capacity of approximately 6 tons (13,23 pounds) on a 20 by 20 centimeter (7.90 by 7.90 inches) area. Its ribbed surface provides slip resistance, making it suitable for heavy-duty applications.

Technical Data
PU (Polyurethane)
Dimensions (l x w x h)
0.70 × 0.69 × 0.087 m (27.6 × 27.2 × 3.4 in)
21.30 kg (46.9 lbs)
22 per pallet
Optional Extras


Defender XXL offers plenty of space for large cables – here in use at the legendary Rolling Stones concert in Cuba


You can easily connect the individual cable protection elements of Defender XXL together, allowing for optimal routing of resulting cable bridge lines under our GIGS Multicore barricade modules in case barriers are needed.

Advantages and Benefits arrow down
  • Protects cables on the ground, guests, personnel, and equipment
  • Suitable for 2.50 in fire hoses
  • It comes with five cable ducts
  • Highly durable
  • Non-slip
  • It immediately catches the eye thanks to the bright yellow color.
  • Oil, acid, and petrol resistant
Application Details arrow down

Defender XXL cable bridge is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, making it ideal for various applications such as construction sites, concerts, or events. It protects in multiple ways.

Safe Crossing for Passengers and Heavy Vehicles

The cable bridge allows cables and hoses to be covered at short notice, safely enclosing them in orderly paths. This ensures pedestrians do not trip over or come into contact with potentially hazardous power lines. In addition, heavy vehicles can easily cross over the cables without causing damage, providing a safe crossing solution for passengers and vehicles.