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Black Line protects cables from damage and passers-by from stumbling. Therefore, these offer many advantages and serve as a light cable bridge. Black Line is our standard model. Moreover, it provides reliable protection for cables and hoses of the appropriate diameter. The cable protection is ideal during events or at filming locations. Similarly, it is suitable for lighter loads. For example, you can use it for places where pedestrians walk along or with moderate car traffic.

Protects From Abrasion, Crushing, or Other Damage

The cable bridges protect the cables from abrasion, crushing, or other damage. Similarly, Black Line keeps passers-by from tripping over the temporarily installed obstacles.

Easy Installation and Higher Charging Capacity

The individual elements come with five cable channels. You can easily plug them together. Moreover, laying the cable protection bridge requires less effort. Similarly, Black Line is rather light compared to similar models. Moreover, the low weight allows higher loading capacity and transport efficiency.

Technical Data
PU (polyurethane)
Dimensions (l x w x h)
0.91 x 0.45 x 0.05 m (36 x 18 x 2 in)
10.20 kg (22.5 lbs)
33 per pallet


We make Black Line from durable polyurethane. Each 5 cm high (2 in) and about 45 cm wide (18 in) element weighs about 10 kilograms (22.5 lbs). Moreover, it covers a length of 91 centimeters (36 in). The red case tapers flat on both sides. Similarly, it has a black hinged lid.

Robust and Durable

Black Line has a nubbed and ribbed surface on the ramps and lid. Therefore, it makes the rugged plastic cable bridge slip-resistant and slip-proof. Similarly, it supports a maximum axle load of approximately 4.7 tons (10362 lbs) at 20 degrees Celsius (68 °F). The five channels are each 3.4 centimeters wide (1.34 in) and 3.2 centimeters high (1.26 in).

Intermediate Heading Safely Through Cable Covers

We recommend our GIGS Multicore Barricade Modules. Moreover, these are ideal for safely passing cable covers through barriers at concerts, sporting events, or other events. Moreover, these have suitable passages. You can also lay Black Line under our GIGS Flex, which comes without a base plate.


Special cable protectors issues? No problem. Our team has got for all your needs the right solution.