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What Are Container Toilets?

A toilet container provides several toilet facilities at one go. Therefore, if necessary, various people can visit a container toilet at the same time. If enough toilet containers are available, you can manage high visitor numbers very well in terms of hygiene and cleanliness.

Fast and clean solution for large events

Moreover, entering a toilet cubicle can become as quickly as possible with good planning. Therefore, people can access each WC container from the outside. Similarly, you can quickly deploy the mobile sanitary system at many different locations. Therefore, these are ideal for large open-air events, such as music festivals lasting several days. Similarly, these offer the best comfort for special sporting events.

It provides sanitary facilities at campsites, in public areas, and backstage areas. However, the portable toilet container is also suitable for setting up temporary clinics or special aid projects. Moreover, it can prove to be a quick and clean solution in this context. We custom design the extremely sturdy Container Toilets for large, multi-day events at venues with limited restroom facilities.

Technical Data
Structural framework: 3.00 mm (1∕8 in) thick
galvanized steel panels separation
Walls: dibond panel
Doors: galvanized steel panel, painted white
Floor: ribbed aluminum
Dimensions (l x w x h)
6.00 x 2.44 x 2.60 m
(19 ft 8 in x 8 ft x 8 ft 6 in)
soap dispensers, holding tanks,
mobile wall-hung urinals
Additional Information
mains power connections:
16 A Cekon blue
water connections:
inlet water: Geka Plus (drinking water)
grey and black water: 2 x sewage pipe 100 mm (4 in)
2 toilet containers per truck (32 toilet cubicles)


Different container toilet models are available. Moreover, these include ladies and men’s containers as well as handicapped-accessible versions. Similarly, if you expect large numbers of spectators, we recommend a model with 16 toilet cabins.

This allows you to create spacious portable sanitary facilities in no time at all. Moreover, people can access the lockable cabins from the outside. Similarly, this container model has a channel-shaped washbasin at the front. Moreover, it provides a total of five washing places. Signs mounted above the sink direct men and women to the right side.

Optimal support and extra accessories

The robust toilet container is 6 meters (19 ft 8 in) long, 2.44 meters (8 ft) wide, and 2.6 meters(8 ft 6 in) high. We make the structural construction frame and the white painted doors from galvanized sheet steel. Moreover, we make the partition walls from special aluminum composite panels. The aluminum checker plate used for the non-slip floor provides optimal grip. Similarly, each WC comes with a toilet paper holder, trash can, and centrally controlled interior lighting.


Every Container Toilet features 16 lockable toilet stalls. Moreover, these come with a toilet paper holder, a trash can, and a water-flush toilet. Other standard features include a centrally controlled interior lighting system. Similarly, a sink module with 5 hand-washing stations is also included. You can easily load all units and position them with a forklift.


Special mobile toilets needed? No problem. Our team has got the right solution for you.


A spacious toilet container opens up the possibility of quickly equipping extensive event sites with many WCs. Moreover, this mobile toilet solution is particularly suitable for open-air events where many guests are expected.

Comfortable equipment

Similarly, anyone who opts for this sturdy steel construction benefits from reliable stability. This is an important argument when it comes to events with large crowds. Moreover, the comfortably equipped portable sanitary facilities are characterized by their direct access to each toilet cubicle and the hand washbasin. This prevents crowding and keeps the flow of visitors moving.

What are the Advantages of Container Toilets?

  • Upon request, we can supply an additional sink module. Moreover, we can offer up to ten hand-washing stations per container. Similarly, we can offer mirrors and soap dispensers.
  • We offer portable solutions such as holding tanks and waste disposal. These are ideal for event sites without an existing water supply or sewage system.
  • eps also offer planning services, delivery, connection, intermediate and final cleaning, and pick up.


You will need an electrical connection for the power supply, also known as a CeKon plug, with a current rating of 16 amps for a voltage of 230 volts. We supply water using a GEKA-plus hose coupling. Moreover, we connect the wastewater using 2 high-temperature pipes, HT pipes for short, of nominal diameter 100.

Optional add-ons

If appropriate (sewer) connections are missing on site, drinking water, and wastewater tanks ensure smooth operation. As an option, we offer soap dispensers for the hand-washing basin. Moreover, this is attached to the front of the container toilets.

Suitable supplements

We provide an optional supplementary wash module per container with additional wash stations, attached mirrors, and soap dispensers for even more convenience. Moreover, the free-standing washing station is available in various designs. Similarly, experience has shown that it is also advisable to install mobile urinals in the immediate vicinity.

This helps to shorten waiting times. Our appropriately printed flags hanging on our mobile flagpoles will guide you safely to your destination. Moreover, we are optimally prepared for the rush. Therefore, we offer modern toilet containers, and everything runs smoothly at events.

What are the Extensions for Container Toilets?


  • Female, Male, Gender Neutral, and Accessibility signage available on request
  • Festivals
  • Greenfield sites
  • Corporate events
  • Sporting events and spectator areas
  • Outdoor events and functions