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Mobile, quality toilets for event sites

Toilet Trailers prove to be a mobile sanitary solution with special comfort. Whether a smaller outdoor company party, a busy street festival or a larger open-air festival, the two-axle, easy-to-transport toilet trailer always ensures hygiene. Therefore, thanks to its high-quality equipment, visiting the toilet is as pleasant as possible.


  • We offer portable solutions such as holding tanks and waste disposal. These are ideal for event sites without an existing water supply or sewage system
  • High-quality equipment
  • Easy to transport and operate

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  • USA

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Special mobile toilets needed? No problem. Our team has got the right solution for you.


The stable WC trolley is 6.90 meters (271 in) long, 2.49 meters (98 inches) wide, and 2.87 meters (113 inches) high. It offers robust and weather-resistant properties. The structural construction frame and the white-painted doors are galvanized sheet steel. The hard-wearing and non-slip PVC flooring provide optimum grip for users.

Product Description

The transportable sanitary facility has separate men’s and women’s areas. You can reach the entrances via foldout steps. Moreover, three restrooms are available for the ladies. Similarly, there is one toilet cubicle and three urinals for the men.

Water-flushed WCs and hand washbasins

In addition to the water-flushed WCs and urinals, each area comes with sturdy single-lever mixers. Moreover, it comes with a hand-washing sink of high-quality stainless steel. Similarly, it features convenient dispensers for soap and paper towels. We also offer lighting, adjustable electric heating, and a boiler for preparing and storing hot water.

Technical Data
Structural frame: 3 mm thick, galvanized sheet steel
Doors: white, galvanized steel
Ground: PVC
Dimensions (l x w x h)
6.90 × 2.49 × 2.87 m (271 × 98 × 113 in)
Additional Information
Power connections:
16 A CEE
Water connections:
Inlet water: Geka plus (drinking water)
Waste water: 100 HT pipe
Towel and soap dispenser
Ladies: 3 toilets, 1 hand basin
Men: 1 toilet, 3 urinals, 1 hand basin
Passenger vehicle with a standard ball hitch and minimum 1.6 ton (3,528 lbs) towing capacity
Optional Extras

Whether toilet paper holder, towel, or soap dispenser: All necessary utensils are available in the interior. Moreover, the water-flushed toilets make it possible to discreetly and cleanly discharge wastewater into the sewer system. Similarly, we connect to the wastewater pipe via a high-temperature pipe (HT pipe) with a nominal size of 100.

Drinking water and wastewater tanks

We ensure the supply of water with a GEKA-plus hose coupling. Moreover, we also offer drinking water and wastewater tanks if corresponding (sewer) connections are missing at installation. Similarly, an electrical connection with a current rating of 16 amps for 230 volts is necessary to operate the heating system. Moreover, it ensures the supply of light and hot water in the Toilet Trailers.


  • Temporary Fencing and covers for privacy protection
  • Portable Flagpole with Powermoon to highlight the area
  • Crowd Control Barriers
  • eps offers CAD design to help optimize the planning process


Toilet Trailers are a mobile sanitary solution with extra comfort and high-quality equipment


It is a two-axle trailer for cars with a corresponding hitch. Therefore, the transport and the exact placement on site are very easy to implement. So, Toilet Trailers offer an effortless way of providing open-air events with sufficient toilet facilities.

Convenient and safe access

You can optimally adjust the number of trolleys to the requirements. Similarly, the foldout stairs provide convenient and safe access to the ladies’ and men’s toilets. Moreover, the sanitary facility impresses with its high-quality equipment.

Advantages and Benefits arrow down
  • Female, Male, Gender Neutral, and Accessibility signage available on request
  • High-quality equipment
  • Easy to transport and operate
  • Female unit: 3x toilets and 1x hand basin
  • Male unit: 1x toilet, 3x urinals, and 1x hand basin
  • We offer portable solutions such as holding tanks and waste disposal for event sites without an existing water supply or sewage system
  • We also offer planning services, delivery, connection, intermediate, and final cleaning and collection
Application Details arrow down

The mobile toilet trolley is ideal for various locations and events. These are ideal behind the concert stage on a small festival site or in the audience area of a race track.

Easy and quick to set up

You can easily and quickly place toilet trucks anywhere. These are ideal for places with a lack of similar sanitary facilities. Similarly, toilet trucks offer visitors the opportunity to visit the toilet simultaneously. This is possible due to several toilet cabins and urinals. Toilet Trailers can contribute to the guests’ satisfaction, especially with high comfort.