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FORIS Security Line Up Gates ensure safe and controlled public access to high-traffic gatherings of all types. These are ideal for concerts and sporting events, film premieres, and trade fairs.

With our FORIS Security Line-up Gates, you can carry out safety checks professionally in the entrance area. This gate is suitable for the ticket stand to the contents of the bag to the event guest himself. All this is thoroughly checked by the admission staff at the separation system in order to create safe conditions for all event participants.

The entrance gate is part of the barrier system. You can connect it to various barrier grids. It already visually marks the entrance area. SO, anyone who wants to enter a festival area, a stadium, or another event location can use it as a guide. Be it music festivals or individual concerts, film festivals or premieres, sports or industrial events, our model of security gate is suitable for a wide variety of events.

Technical Data
Dimensions (l x w x h)
FORIS Security Line-Up Gate:
Railing height: 1.10 m (43 in)
Culvert width: 0.60 m (24 in)
Width of connecting rails: 0.60 m (24 in)
Width of end rails: 0.30 m (12 in)
Length (installed): approx. 2.90 m (114 in)

FORIS Security Wheelchair Gate:
Railing height: 1.10 m (43 in)
Width of wheelchair gate: 1.00 m (39 in)
Width of connecting rails: 0.60 m (24 in)
Width of end rails: 0.30 m (12 in)
Length (installed): approx. 2.90 m (114 in)
FORIS Security Line-Up Gate: approx. 126 kg (278 lbs)
FORIS Security Wheelchair Gate: 152 kg (335 lbs)
8 gates per (euro) pallet,
48 gates and accessories (6 pallets) per standard trailer


FORIS Security Line Up Gates are highly stable and particularly resistant to frontal pressure. The simple, effective modular system offers a cost-effective solution to site access. You can easily and safely secure the system with temporary fences, demarcation barriers, or police barricades. We designed and built this system at eps’s Italian manufacturing division. The FORIS Security Line-up Gate is constructed per CE Standard.

Our in-house developed and manufactured security line-up gate is available in two versions. You can get a 0.6-meter-wide (24 in) passage or a 1-meter-wide (39 in) passage suitable for wheelchairs. Both versions are 1.10 meters (43 in) high and 2.9 meters (114 in) long. We use galvanized steel for production. It offers the lock robust, fireproof, and durable properties.

In addition to the material itself, the weight of around 126 and 152 kilograms (278 and 335 lbs), respectively. This ensures wheelchair-friendly stability. The solid, unpainted steel gate is delivered on transport racks. These racks come with 8 standard size gates, 16 side gates, and 9 connecting arches.

A packaging unit contains 2 wheelchair gates with wider base plates and corresponding accessories. If required, we can take care of transport, construction, and breakdown.


Special security or line-up issues? No problem. Our team has got for all your needs the right solution.

FORIS Security Line-up Gate: DID YOU KNOW?

Its massive and resistant nature makes the FORIS security line-up gate suitable for events with larger crowds. At the same time, it is a cost-effective alternative to other solid and expensive lock models. Even if it is relatively heavy, its weight is an advantage in terms of stability.

In addition, this gate is convincing with its specific combination possibilities. You can quickly connect it to Bike Racks or mobile fences to ensure that the safety barricade continues to be stable.

As several individual parts are involved in this type of lock, you should allow enough time for construction and breakdown. In total, with this type of airlock, admission staff have a simple system at their fingertips. This system helps with security checks without any hassles.

What are the Advantages of the FORIS Security Line-up Gate?

  • You can expand the modular system to adapt to site requirements.
  • Wheelchair accessible models available
  • The system also features optional bag-check tables.
  • Constructed from 100% recyclable materials


We have all the individual parts and utensils necessary for a complete lock construction-ready. We offer floor plates, side rails, connecting arches, and bolts in various sizes, including corresponding H-connectors. Due to its height of 1.10 meters (43 in), you can extend the gate with barrier elements as high as Bike Racks or mobile fences.

All you need are suitable clamps and just a few hand movements. This way, the entrance area is safely integrated into the barrier. Our FORIS Security Line-up Gates open up several options at the same time to make precisely fitting shut-off solutions possible.

What are the Extensions for FORIS Security Line-up Gate?


  • Site access control
  • Bag check stations
  • Security
  • Festivals
  • Stadium concourses
  • Sporting events
  • Corporate events