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Implementing easy and efficient secure access controls at temporary events

Access control made easy! The GIGS Turnstile Pro offers high logistical efficiency. This mobile entry system, comprising a turnstile, a scanner, and a non-slip base plate, is notably lightweight compared to similar turnstile systems. The integrated scanner from our partner enables digitized and automated access controls. As part of our eps GIGS series, the GIGS Turnstile Pro is modular and adaptable, providing flexible and tailored access solutions for various temporary events. It is suitable for numerous entry scenarios, swiftly managing visitor flows through the control points.


  • Lightweight mobile entry solution for temporary use
  • Quick and easy to set up and dismantle manually
  • Modular for flexible and tailored access solutions

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Site Access Control
Bag Check Stations
Security Checkpoints
Stadium Concourses
Sporting Events
Corporate Events

Special security or line-up issues? No problem. Our team has got for all your needs the right solution.


When we think of past events and entry and exit areas with mobile turnstiles, many people will likely recall more than one quick, rather temporary solution. That is what eps aims to – and can – change. With the GIGS Turnstile Pro developed by us, we offer a mobile turnstile system in an attractive, slim design with thoughtful features. These include modular assembly options and a useful emergency exit function.

Product Description

The GIGS Turnstile Pro is primarily made of aluminum, with stainless steel components, making it a highly robust, durable, and recyclable material. It consists of a two-arm turnstile with legs, a mounted scanner, known as the Head Unit, and a profiled, non-slip basement or footplate. The turnstile with legs weighs 38 kilograms (without the Head Unit), measuring 0.80 meters in length, 0.28 meters in width, and 1.17 meters in height. The footplate, weighing 17 kilograms, measures 0.86 meters in length, 0.86 meters in width, and 0.04 meters in height. The total weight of the mobile turnstile is 55 kilograms. This makes it significantly lighter and more logistically efficient compared to similar entry systems.

Emergency exit function and proven modular construction principle

As part of the eps GIGS series, the turnstile is built on our proven modular construction principle. This means the turnstile system is expandable as needed and can be easily modified, for example, moved from left to right or rearranged. With the integrated scanner from our partner, event organizers benefit from a turnstile system that automatically counts and validates tickets while controlling the flow rate. Additionally, the system includes an emergency exit function, allowing it to be easily activated in case of emergency—such as evacuation—and the barrier arm automatically lowers.

Integrated cable duct and water-resistant connectors

The system comes pre-wired, featuring an integrated cable duct and water-resistant connectors. We are happy to take care of necessary permits, setup and teardown, and the entire logistics process. Upon request, we can develop a customized entry and exit concept in advance, precisely tailored to the spatial conditions and specific requirements of each event.

Technical Data
Aluminum and stainless steel
Dimensions (l x w x h)
Turnstile with legs (without Head Unit): 0.80 × 0.28 × 1.17 m
Basement (footplate): 0.86 × 0.86 × 0.04 m
Turnstile with legs: 38 kg
Basement: 17 kg
Total: 55 kg
Final element
4 pieces per dolly
Optional Extras

Our portable turnstile is part of our GIGS series, known for its utmost flexibility and tailored barrier solutions. Thanks to its slim design and relatively low weight, it can be easily set up and dismantled by hand without heavy machinery.

Final elements for necessary transitions

Furthermore, we provide suitable final elements for the GIGS Turnstile Pro. These allow for the necessary transitions to additional barriers to be implemented.


  • Final element
  • A range of pedestrian and drivable flooring to service all site access requirements
  • CAD design to help optimize the planning process


Turn! Turn! Turn! The GIGS Turnstile Pro enables quick and easy secure access control, as seen here at the “OMR Festival” in Hamburg


Thanks to its modular construction principle, the GIGS Turnstile Pro offers flexible and individual entry and exit solutions. But it offers even more. Through our partner’s scanner, the entry system enables automatic ticket checks. Such checks significantly simplify and speed up processes, relieving security personnel.

Various intelligent entry systems

We can provide support, if needed, for the technical implementation and integration into existing ticketing systems together with our partner. The scanner can typically be integrated with any common ticketing system and reads all common access control systems and codes. Processing ticket data from multiple service providers within one event is also possible.

Advantages and Benefits arrow down
  • Lightweight mobile entry solution for temporary use
  • Logistically efficient
  • Quick and easy to set up and dismantle manually
  • Emergency exit function
  • Modular for flexible and tailored access solutions
Application Details arrow down

The GIGS Turnstile Pro is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, catering to various entry situations at different types of temporary events. These include sports events, festivals, conferences, as well as trade shows and company parties. It is ideal for areas with low pedestrian traffic, typically seen at employee entrances, backstage and catering areas, as well as visitor entrances at such events.

Clear logistical and practical advantages

However, for higher pedestrian traffic, we recommend a more robust alternative from our entry turnstile offerings. With the GIGS Turnstile Pro, we provide a mobile turnstile design that offers clear logistical and practical advantages.