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Complete Guide of Ground Protection Mats

Significance Of Ground Protection Mats

Ground protection is on the top agenda of event managers. Therefore, it is mandatory to use ground protection mats for this purpose. Turf surface is prone to damage under high foot traffic. Most outdoor events have high foot traffic.

Therefore, the grass surface in these events is vulnerable to damage. It is the responsibility of the event managers to protect the grass surface from irreparable damage. Hence, it becomes necessary to have a flooring arrangement to protect the turf surface.

The flooring protects the underlying turf surface from damage. These protection mats can withstand a load of crowds in an event. Moreover, they will also provide a stable walking surface to the attendees of an event.

Moreover, these flooring panels will also prove instrumental for wheelchair attendees. The wheelchair participants face extreme difficulty since crowd control barriers CA have bumpy surfaces. Therefore, they require a stable surface to move their wheelchairs easily.

Trip hazard accidents are trouble in outdoor events. These accidents can cause injuries to the events’ attendees. Therefore, these flooring panels are best to rectify this situation efficiently. The ribbed surface of these protection mats will prevent slip hazard accidents up to a maximum extent.

Ground protection mats are a significant tool in event management. These mats will not only protect the turf surface. They will also provide a stable walking surface to the attendees of an event. In this way, these protection mats have multidimensional benefits.

Accessibility is another key aspect to consider for public events. These protection mats are vital for providing accessibility to all types of participants. Most notably, these flooring panels are best for disabled participants such as wheelchair attendees.

One cannot undermine the importance of these protection mats. They provide a wide range of benefits in terms of event management.

Types Of Ground Protection Mats

Ground Protection Mats in Los Angeles 06.jpg

There are several different types of protective mats. Some of the topmost mats are as follows:

Arena Panels

Strand cast aluminum is the chief constituent of these ground protection mats. These panels are lightweight. Thus, the installation and dismantling processes are quick. These protection mats are also beneficial from an economical point of view.

ArmorDeck 1

Hardened polythene with UV stabilizer is the primary component of these flooring panels. These panels have a high load-bearing capacity. Thus, they provide perfect protection to the underlying turf surface regardless of the load.

Moreover, they are very easy to install over a large area. Similarly, these mats are very straightforward to dismantle. You only have to roll out the panels to disassemble them.

eps Pro

eps Pro is a dynamic ground protection system. It is flexible and has high strength simultaneously. The flexibility of these protection mats will cover uneven surfaces. Therefore, these ground protection mats will enhance stability.


These protection mats use polypropylene with UV stabilizer as the chief manufacturing material. This material is rust-proof. Thus, it increases the durability of these flooring panels significantly. You can use these mats repeatedly.

Moreover, these mats are fire-proof. Hence, they will not cause any fire-related incidents at events.

Pros Of Ground Protection Mats

There are scores of benefits when using ground protection mats in events. The topmost advantage is that they do not let high foot traffic damage the turf surface. These protection mats will also keep the grass fresh at all times.

The porous surface of these mats allows the penetration of air and light. In this way, the grass surface remains fresh regardless of the time it remains buried under the flooring panels. Moreover, the ground mats are lightweight.

The lightweight property of these mats expedites the installation process. Moreover, it also eases the dismantling process of these protection mats. Trip hazard accidents are quite common in public events. Therefore, a stable flooring arrangement is necessary to prevent such accidents.

These ground protection mats have ribbed surfaces. The ribbed surface will prevent trip hazard incidents. Furthermore, these protection mats are highly durable since they use rust-proof material in the manufacturing process.

The protection mats are ideal for uneven surfaces. Thus, they will make the event accessible even for wheelchair attendees. Lastly, these protection mats are fire-proof. Thus, they will not cause any fire accidents.

Relevance Of Ground Protection Mats

Ground protection mats are relevant for all types of public and private events. They are especially applicable when you have a huge number of attendees. These protection mats are a must-have arrangement for outdoor events.

Musical events and carnivals use these protection mats for efficient event management. You can also use these mats for sporting events. They are more favorable for indoor sporting events to provide better stability to the athletes.

Ground protection mats are best to use as roadways on construction sites. They will cover the uneven surfaces. Consequently, they will provide a sturdy surface for the movement of the construction machinery. The following list depicts the relevancy of these protection mats.

  • Public events
  • Private events
  • Indoor sports events
  • Outdoor sports events
  • Construction sites
  • Festivals
  • Musical shows

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