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Comprehensive Overview of Construction Fence Panels

Importance of Construction Fence Panels

Safety is the first aspect that is considered for every construction site. We have come around many news daily where deadly accidents happen at a construction site or event at large scale public events. Construction fence panels are the ultimate savior to prevent these kinds of unwanted and horrible incidents.

Construction sites have deep excavations. Therefore, a proper boundary around the excavated area is of sheer importance. If you keep it open, it will have disastrous effects as anyone can fall down the excavation. Negligence in ensuring safety at construction sites can cause both materialistic and workforce damage.

Previously, the construction companies have used warning tapes as a demarcation line to keep people and machinery away from the dangerous fall. However, this method has not been helpful in cases where a person accidentally slips. Construction fence panels have made their way as protection at a construction site to cope with this matter.

You cannot downsize the importance of these temporary fence panels for construction sites or even mega-events like musical concerts, public rallies, or sporting events. Therefore, construction panels are the first choice for event managers to secure their event from an untoward incident.

These temporary fencing panels will ensure maximum security to both the attendees and the event host. An event or a construction site is incomplete without a proper demarcation of these temporary protection fences.

Features Of Construction Fence Panels


The construction fence panels are made up of galvanized steel. The galvanized steel material has been selected after considering durability, strength, and light-weightiness. Therefore, the panels give the best results and are durable despite being lighter than other materials.

Furthermore, the supporting foundation of these temporary fencing panels is either made up of recycled PVC or concrete blocks. These foundation blocks are heavy enough to collectively withstand the pressure from fence panels.

The weight of a concrete base for fence panels is 35.30 kg. On the other hand, the recycled PVC base weighs 10.50 kg. These bases provide a uniform area to support construction fence panels. A base plate is used to attach fencing panels with the base.

A standard fence panel’s length, width, and height are 3.50 m, 0.04 m, and 2.00 m, respectively. Fence clamps are also included in the standard arrangements of these panels. You can use these clamps to connect the panels.

Advantages of Construction Fence Panels

The safety factor is the critical attribute of fence panels. There are countless benefits of these construction fence panels. First of all, these fences are made up of galvanized steel material which is light in weight and durable at the same time.

These temporary panels are straightforward to install. Furthermore, the dismantling process of these panels is also clear. It does not require any hardcore labor to install these fencing panels. Moreover, it will ultimately protect your event premises from any outside intruder.

The demarcation of construction fence panels at a construction site will secure it and minimize accidents. These fencing panels are interlinked with each other by fence clamps. Therefore, they exhibit greater strength with the unified length of fence panels.

Applications of Fence Paneling


These panels find their use in widespread scenarios. You can use these construction fence panels to protect your outdoor event from the uninvited intervention of intruders. Moreover, these panels find their applications in huge public gatherings to limit the crowd without causing chaos.

Construction sites are incomplete without a boundary demarcation using these temporary fence panels. Therefore, these fencing panels protect people from falling down the deep excavations of a construction site.

Musical events have a countless number of attendees. Therefore, it becomes a daunting task to limit the uninvited guests. Consequently, it is mandatory to use construction fence panels in large-scale musical events so that the outsiders may not intervene to create chaotic violence.

The smooth operation of sporting events also uses construction panels to limit the crowd within their respective boundaries. The players of the sporting event can perform at their best without any hindrance from the crowd.

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