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How To Use Construction Fence Panels for Events?

Usability of Construction Fence Panels

Construction sites have huge buildings and deep excavations. Often, it is unsafe for unauthorized personnel to enter the premises of a construction site. Therefore, the contracts need to use construction fence panels to mark a demarcation line around the construction site. These fence panels completely protect your property construction site from trespassers.

Furthermore, we have seen that any event may get uninvited intruders. They can ruin the decorum of an event, and things can get violent in a matter of a few seconds. Therefore, event managers must devise proper security measures. The fence panels serve the primary duty of protecting any premise from the forced inclusion of outsiders.

These construction fence panels are the first line of defense for the protection of events and construction sites. One cannot decline the importance of these fence panels. Moreover, these fence panels’ installation and dismantling processes are elementary. They also provide a clear demarcation of an event, property, or construction site.

These fence panels are the best security solution for temporary events like musical concerts, public festivals, or other outdoor functions. It would not be absurd to highlight that these panels are part and parcel of every event from the security point of view.

Properties of Construction Fence Panels

The temporary fence panels are available at a very economical price. Regarding materialistic properties, these construction fence panels are made up of galvanized steel. Galvanized steel is a dynamic material having great strength apart from being lighter in weight than other materials.

Another aspect of choosing galvanized steel is that it is fireproof. Therefore, you do not have to worry about any untoward incident regarding fire hazards. The lightweight of these fence panels makes the installation process hassle-free. Similarly, the dismantling process is also straightforward.

These fence panels come with a pre-fabricated base on which you have to install the panels. The base is either made of recycled PVC or concrete blocks. These bases act as a sturdy and robust foundation for these construction fence panels. The weight of a concrete base is 16 kg, and that of a recycled PVC is 10.5 kg.

The temporary fence panels come in standard sizes. You then have to install them using connection bots and fence clamps. The fence clamps connect these fences making a unified and robust boundary to safeguard any construction site or an event. A standard fence panel’s length, width, and height are 3.50 m, 0.04 m, and 2.0 m, respectively.

Moreover, these temporary fences have a strong steel mesh so that not even animals can infiltrate these barricades. The base material provides a uniform surface for these fence panels. Therefore, the fencing looks extremely precise and accurate owing to these materials.

Advantages of Construction Fence Panels

The advantages of these construction fence panels are countless when reviewed from any perspective. Firstly, they are light in weight. So, their installation and dismantling process does not take time. Moreover, you do not need laborious skills to install these temporary fence panels.

Another significant advantage of using these temporary panels is that they are fireproof. Therefore, you can use them without any risk of fire hazards. Moreover, these fence panels are durable and can withstand any weathering conditions. These panels are the first choice of event managers regarding crowd control solutions.

The galvanized steel material of these construction fence panels makes them lightweight and sturdy at the same time. In addition to fence panels, their bases are of equal length, width, and height. This uniformity of foundation pads of these fences makes a clear demarcation line around a construction site or any mega event.

Installation Process of Panels


The installation process of these dynamic construction fence panels is straightforward and seamless. You will need a few hardware tools and other accessories to install these temporary fence panels. The connection bolts, fence clamps, and footplates accompany these fence panels.

First, you have to place the footings (concrete or recycled PVC) at equidistant. After that, you have to connect these base footings with the fence panels. Footplates are the primary material used to connect a fence panel with the base.

The connection bolts are used to fix construction fence panels with the footings. Simultaneously, you have to connect the panels lateral using a fence clamp. In this way, you can move ahead and complete the whole process of fence demarcation.

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