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Crowd Barriers: Safeguard Your Events Now!

Understanding Crowd Barriers

Crowd barriers are a crucial component of any event management plan. They are a necessary part of large-scale and crowded events. The sole purpose of these barriers is to control the massive crowds attending mega-events. Crowds of hundreds of thousands of people can get out of control under any circumstances. Consequently, the event may turn out to be a complete disaster if the management loses control of the people.

Therefore, it is essential to ensure adequate arrangements to control the crowd. Crowd control is of sheer significance because it can disrupt the peaceful flow of any event. These barriers also find their applications in the construction industry, where you have to keep the public away from construction sites. Furthermore, these barriers also play the role of setting up a demarcation line for a construction site.

The crowd control barriers are of many types and designs. The selection of a specific crowd barrier depends on the kind of event. Barriers play a significant role in controlling the massive crowds of mega-events. These barriers are nowadays part and parcel of every event. They have vast benefits and applicability. The barriers are for the safety of the people and the event. Therefore, a peaceful event must have crowd control barriers.

Types Of Crowd Control Barriers

The crowd management barriers come in different designs and sizes depending upon the event’s requirements. The standard barrier of 2.5 meters in length and is made up of galvanized steel material. Some events require standard crowd barriers, and some may require challenging barriers in case of riots and processions where the crowd can get furious. Therefore, the management should look for the best suitable temporary obstacles.

There are numerous types of crowd barriers. The event management must have in-depth knowledge of each type before choosing the one for the event. Following is the detailed briefing of the kinds of barriers along with their specific benefits:

Crowd Control Barriers


These barriers come in the range of 2 to 2.5 meters in length. The main purpose of these barriers is to confine the movement limits of the crowd and mark the demarcation line of an event. They are effortless to install and light in weight compared to other types of barriers. Moreover, all the barriers are inter-connected to form a chain of stronger crowd barriers.

GIGS Stage Barricades


GIGS barricades are the best performing barriers for events with a higher crowd volume. Moreover, GIGS stage barriers have complex configurations during installation, and therefore, they offer multiple installation patterns. Whether your area is circular, triangular, or rectangle, these barriers can cover almost any type of stage shape. That feature makes them extremely popular in mega-events to control the crowd from disrupting the streamlined flow of an event.

GIGS have aluminum as their major welded constituent, and it adds up to the durability of the product. The length of GIGS barricades is 1.09 meters and has a safety height of 1.18 meters. Each barrier weighs around 40 kg and can be inter-connected to install a chain of barriers that offers a robust resistance to the crowd of thousands of people. The components of this barricade offer installation flexibility. For instance, GIGS can maintain a flexible layout even if there is a curve in the demarcation of barrier installation.

GIGS can even take care of uneven surfaces with their top-notch components. The event managers can cover up almost any area with the special features of GIGS crowd control barricades.

Police Barriers


These barriers are 2 meters in length, and they come in an arrangement of racks. Each rack contains 25 barriers to create a unified resistance for the visitors. Police barriers are best for riots and public processions with higher chances of the public getting out of control. Police barriers play an important role in maintaining peace in the law-and-order situation. Moreover, they are easy to install, and once inter-connected, they become very happy to displace. Therefore, they can withstand the push and load of hundreds of people. Galvanized steel is the manufacturing component of these barriers, and hence, they are very durable.

Advantages Of Crowd Control Barriers

Crowd barriers are the need of every important event. Moreover, they also play an important role in public events and in the demarcation of construction sites to avert any dangerous situation. Following are the key benefits of these barriers:

  • They are cost-effective and reduce the overall cost of event management.
  • These barriers are straightforward to install, and it is a matter of a few hours.
  • They keep the public away from construction sites where there can be deep excavations.
  • The protection of the stage and the event guest is made sure by deploying the stage barriers.
  • These barriers are light in weight.
  • They can even give the best results for uneven surfaces.

Importance Of Crowd Control Barriers

The importance of the crowd control barrier is as much as the chief guest is to an event. It may seem vague, but it is the reality. An event can turn into a disaster if there is no possible means to control the crowd. Therefore, the event managers and planners cannot neglect the importance of crowd barriers in their events.

Moreover, the safety of both guests and the crowd is of sheer importance. These control barriers ensure maximum safety to the event. Furthermore, they minimize any risk of crowd control and management.

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